What if… [MariHaru, OneShot]


What if…

‘I knew I was signing up for an exquisite form of torture when I said yes…’

Mariko’s simple question,

“Do you want to be my roommate?”

Had unleashed such torrents emotion that I stood speechless, groping for words as her face tensed, then fell as my silence extended beyond the reasonable and reach the awkward.

“Oh well, then,” She said in a low voice, “maybe you want somebody else to be your roommate, instead of me. Yeah, its fine, don’t worry about it. ”

Suddenly the confusing mix of fear, hope, desire and panic that I was feeling increases. I was worried leaving together with her not i want to live with anyone else. What if she found out that I was aware of the warmth of her nearness when we sat closer to each other or that my skin tingled achingly under her fingertips when she gave me a friendly touch in the arm?
“Yes!” that was a bit too loud, but she just blinked and smiled uncertainly.

“Roommates then?” She asked, her smile broadening.

“Un…” I returned her smile, but something inside me groaned as I realized that she would be so temptingly close, but indescribably out of reach.

I had not; however anticipate the strain that living so near to such a beautiful woman would place on my resolve.
It was excruciating to see her in all parts of the day without being able to touch, kiss and hold her. I saw her in the morning with bleary eyes and tousled hair, she was never more gorgeous. I saw her shake her damp short hair after she came back from showering, and I trembled everyday from all the little brushes and innocent touches that came from Mariko.

I wanted so desperately something more, but it never was. To her, I was just a best friend and roommate.
I accepted that, I would never be anything more in her eyes than a friend but that knowledge didn’t do anything to dislodge the yearning for her that I harbored deep within. I learned to live with the sudden rushes of pleasure that accompanied our occasional encounters. Brushing past each other, as we cooked dinner. Sometimes would arise that would drive me to the brink of insanity with unexpressed desire.

It came to a head one cool afternoon. We had both gotten off work and were lazing around before dinner. I was tired and decided to take a nap on the couch while Mariko sat on the floor and watching random shows on TV. I was almost asleep when Mariko shifted positions and leaned back against my toes, which were dangling over the edge of the couch. I twitched involuntarily as the textured cotton of her shirt grated softly against my big toe. She tilted her head back and chuckled softly at something in the TV show, her silky short hair washing over my ankle and the top of my foot.

My breath was caught in my throat, my eyes still shut tightly, but I couldn’t have been farther from sleep. A slow tingling that became a raging warmth was growing in my foot and spreading up my leg. I felt the first isolated throbs of desire within me as I willed myself to be still, calm.

She shifted again, and her bra clasp rubbed against my toes through her shirt. I gave a little moan that I hoped she would take for a sleep noise as I tried to gently extricate my foot without alerting her, for I knew that if she looked at my face, she would guess that something was going on. I failed. She looked up, and her face grew puzzled.

“Nyaro?” She asked, called me by the nickname she’d gave me with a concerned tone.

I just shook my head, and sat up, praying that the warm weakness of my legs would not prevent me from walking away, away from the couch, from Mariko’s warmth, from all the things I could never have. But she reached up and put her hand on my knee, holding me motionless and aching before her. Her eyes met mine, and they were full of what looked like pity. She withdrew her hand, and looked away, saying

“I know Haruna… I already knew. But…it couldn’t be.”

She paused for a moment. I don’t know but, the way she’d said my name cause a pinch of  pain in my chest. Mariko faced away from me, then switched off the TV, stood, and walked out of the apartment. I shuddered as the door shut noisily behind her, and I was alone, completely alone in our apartment. Mariko still hadn’t returned by midnight.

“Maybe she stayed at miichan’s place.” I thought as I laid on my bed in my sleeping outfit, a pair of comfy cotton shirt and shorts. But my body and mind were far too active to allow sleep. I kept running over the last things she had said before she left, trying to find some way to make them something other than a complete, crushing denial of everything that I felt. I silently rocked as quiet tears ran down my face, not bothering to wipe them away since there was no one around to see.

I was lying prone but still wakeful on the bed when I heard her key in the lock. I tensed, praying she would walk into the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, anyway but our bedroom. She hesitated in the door, the hall light illuminating her gloriously from behind. She took a few steps into the room, shutting the door behind her.


She called me by nickname again, tentatively, but I cut her off with a simple,

“Please don’t.”

I rolled away from her to face the wall, my arms hugged tightly to my chest, trying to ward off the pain of her rejection. But then she did the last thing that could have been expected. She stepped closer to my bed… she lay down beside me, her legs fitting snugly into mine, her left arm holding me firmly around my waist, her right arm arching on the pillow above my head, her fingers hanging gently near my face. I began to cry then, from fear, from disbelief, and, most of all, from the wanting of her.


She breathed gently against the nape of my neck, the sensitive hairs there waving and prickling. I could smell scent of alcohol from her warm breath.

Is she drunk or something?

“I was thinking,” She began as her left thumb began rubbing
slow circles on my belly. “Thinking of how much I wanted you and how much you were ever out of reach when you were reaching for me the whole time…”

From what I’ve heard Mariko is completely sober, I’m sure of that. I guessed she only took a few shots just to strengthen herself. I giggled through my tears at how silly we’d been, but it was cut short by a gasp. Mariko’s hand had found the gap between my shirt and my short and was slowly moving its way up my abdomen, her small fingers leaving no patch of skin unexplored, un-caressed. I moaned as her hand gently moved towards the soft roundness of my uncovered breasts, I often didn’t wear anything under my shirt when I used to go to sleep ’cause it’s inconvenient for me.

Their breast peaks already hard in anticipation of her hand. She stroked their peaks gently as she laughed gently in my ear. I could feel her thinking how foolish we’d been, all the time we’d passed wanting each other and being too afraid to admit it. Softly, she eased my upper clothing over my head and pushed it aside.

I smiled, then rolling onto my back as she half crouched, half kneeled above me. I ran my hand beneath her shirt, pulling it over her, exposing her slender frame. I looked into her as she unclasp the tiny cloth that’s covering her perfect breasts then to her face and saw, for the first time a glimpse of fear and the awareness of our nakedness, our vulnerability, of what we were risking together this night.

In answer, I lifted one of my legs and pulled her gently, but insistently, down against me, spreading my legs ever so slightly so that one of my bare legs pressed between hers and one of her denim-covered thighs pressed tightly against the part of me that wanted her most. Her head was still up, but as I reached down and tenderly squeezed one of her hands, her head fell to my shoulder in acceptance, then lifted, her lips searching, as my desire began to kindle her own. Her mouth found mine, and for a moment, we were completely still, gazing into each other’s eyes, gloriously amazed at the new found beauty we suddenly saw in each other. Her tongue parted my willing lips, and we savored the kisses for along time, needing nothing else but to feel each other’s closeness.

Then, subtly, gently, her hips rocked, pressing her clothed thigh firmly into my damp warmth. I jerked, for she had brushed my pearl of pleasures, which was already aching for attention. Our kisses went from beautiful to ravenous as we devoured each other, hot mouths tasting shoulders and necks as our fingers raked though hair, becoming snarled and then freed to explore breasts, chests, backs, legs. Her mouth left mine, kissing and biting my neck, my shoulder.

I raised my arms over my head in surrender as she took one of my breast, then the other in her teeth, a primal growl of unbridled lust rising in my throat. She moved rapidly down my belly to my wet, aching depths, wrenching my legs wide apart almost painfully. She lowered her head, her hand tightly gripping my thighs, her hair rubbing against my painfully aware skin. I could feel her breath hot against my sacred entrance, but she paused. I moaned, unable to even form words. She looked up mischievously.

“Well,” She said, “did you want something from me?”

She smiled as I writhed beneath her firm grip. My hands waved as I moaned plaintively,
begging for release but also hoping it would never come.

“Sorry, didn’t catch that!” she chirped.

“Oh god, M-Mari-chan, please, touch… I need… please” I pleaded, the urgency of my needs erasing all other thoughts from my mind.

I lifted my hips, looking for friction, but she had already lowered her head, her trolling at an end, and I felt her tongue caressing me, drawing essences from me that I never knew I had. My breathing became labored as my hands clutched for purchase on her shoulders. She would bring me so close to the brink of ecstasy, but each time, just before I reached it, she would subtly alter her rhythm so that a whole new level of pleasure opened, all the while keeping the ultimate release tantalizingly out of reach.

By this time, I was practically sitting up my hands bracing me out to the sides, my head thrown back as each moment I thought I couldn’t take any more, my spine jutting out with each new spasm of joy as she seemed to find and individually stimulate every nerve I had. She was kneeling now, her head low between my legs, and I saw how hard and full her own breasts had become. I realized how she was neglecting her needs for my pleasure. An audible moan escaped through my mouth, and thrown my head back as she continued her beautiful torture between my legs.

“Mari— aaah…!”

I swooned with pleasure as Mariko gently probe my hot pocket with a couple of fingers and soon after buried them deep inside. I feel a surge of juices crept out to coat her fingers just as they had found the sweet spot. Doing come here motions with her fingers and using a firmer tongue notation move. I began to whimper begging her to end it before I died of all the pleasure she was giving me, In reply she gave my sensitive button a quick nip, making me groan and turning my head straight to her.

Unable to bare it any longer, I could feel the explosion began to build inside me. I am almost there, on the edge of the cliff, desperately needing release, she glance up and I
nodded. My hands clenched the sheets, and my eyes tightly shut.
She sucked me hard, flicking her tongue rapid over it as her
fingers kept on pushing and pulling within me. Soon after, I came with spasms and jerks and a wild scream then collapse under waves of

I could not breathe or think for what seemed like an eternity. Mariko withdraw her dripping fingers and took it to her mouth tasting my sex. Then, began to kiss her way back up my body. Leaving wet traces on my bare skin. Stopping when she reached my mouth.
“Are you ok?” She asks me softly

“Un… very okay,” I answered pulling her mouth down to mine reveling in my taste on her tongue.

I sucked her tongue into my mouth, slowly moving my own against hers. Running it across her sexy full bottom lip.

“No one does that to me, without getting something in return” I smirked, reached down her waist band unzipping and yanked off her jeans along with her undies.

I slid my hand down, down to her behind, pulling her into me as far as possible. I could feel how hot and wet she was. I rolled her over as I settled on top of her silky firm body. Mariko chuckles softly maybe she’s amuse by my sudden bold actions. It’s time to return the pleasure she’d offered me with full effort. I devoured the flesh of her neck it was slick with perspiration as our body temperatures soaring through the roof.

“Nyaro…” She moaned my nickname again, and the way she sexily utter it
turns me on. It’s like she’s begging me to make love to her.

Slowly, I ran my fingers up her moist center of enjoyment and stroking circles around it. This made her squirm a little underneath me. Her hips were meeting mine in an almost frantic way. I began to rub her harder and harder, my finger slipping easily in and over her wet places while my thumb rub her swollen love button. Still, kissing down her neck, down, down, to stop at her cleavage which was heaving.

Mariko wrapped her arms around my back pulling me against her as my fingers continued their passionate thrusting deeply inside her.

“Haruunnaa… hmmp… please…”

Her voice were now husky and sexy, I know she was closer to the edge, as she buried her face on my shoulder. I increased my paced feeling her shaking, panting and begging. plunge my fingers swiftly and with one last thrust. I sent her screaming into an orgasm that almost made her loose consciousness.

(I didn’t know that the two of us could be so loud when having sex.)


Mariko turned around in the bed and held me close.

“Do you think somebody heard us out there?” She whispered into my ear, and we laughed.

Remembering how only hours before we’d been so lonely and alone. It seemed impossible now, that dreadful solitude, as we lay pressed together breast to breast, hip to hip, and thigh to thigh. I felt her smiling again on my neck, and I laughed for the pure joy and new expression of friendship and love we had found.

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