Do You Want Me To Stop? [JuriNyan OS]


Do You Want Me To Stop?

After our class ended, I walked up to her. She was sitting in a swivel chair behind her desk, looking down at some papers she was grading.
She didn’t seem to noticed me, at least not acknowledging my presence. Until I walked around the front of her desk then she looked up with a confused look. I gripped the edge of the chair and bent down to the right side of her neck. I moved her loosed curls aside and started gently kissing her neck.

She gasped then sharply whispered, “What are you doing?”

I slowly moved up to her ear then in a husky voice said, “Shhh… do you want me to stop?”

Lost in her own thoughts, she’s idly staring at nothing in particular while sitting inside the classroom. Since her freshman year, the person that had dominated her thoughts and fantasies was– Miss Kojima Haruna. The History teacher of the class that she was now attending as a sophomore student. Along with the incident that happened between them yesterday.

Unfortunately, the young and beautiful teacher wasn’t there, and this put the student– Matsui Jurina in a state of panic. She hoped Haruna Sensei wasn’t ducking out on account of her. But much to her relief, the tall and gorgeous woman breezed into the room and quickly walked to her desk a couple minutes after the late bell rang. Seeing the bespectacled teacher behind the same desk where they ravaged each others’ bodies, was almost too much to bear. Jurina had began breathing faster without even realizing it. Shaking her head trying to rid those intimate thoughts, hoping that none of her classmates had heard her irregular breathing.

The class seemed to roll on as usual, except Haruna never even glanced in Jurina’s direction. When Jurina raised her hand to answer a question, Haruna didn’t even try to hide how uncomfortable it was to look at her. But luckily, no one appeared to noticed the tension between them, differing from their usual friendly conversation and often looks at one another.

Jurina eventually took the hint and halfway through the period. She solemnly accepted she would never speak to, possibly not even look at– her ever again. She was heartbroken to say the least and longed to make everything better by caressing her face and kissing her lips to the point she almost did despite the fact they’d have a full audience. The only things Jurina cared about were if Haruna, in truth had abandoned her and didn’t feel any scope of emotion for her besides regret. With this in mind, Jurina began to feel nauseous and her stomach felt as though a rock was pulling down on it.

“Class was pure torture!”

Screamed her thoughts, and awaited for the dismissal bell to ring. But with a minute or two to spare she heard Haruna’s voice called her name.

“Matsui-san, I’d like to speak with you after class.” Haruna said, making a habit of pushing her glasses up onto the bridge of her nose.

Upon hearing this, Jurina’s heart soared as her stomach was doing somersaults. She couldn’t help but hope with all her might that this could be the teacher was about to ask for more, but it all crashed down when Jurina figured that Haruna Sensei could be a decent enough person to tell her alone that she didn’t reciprocated the same feelings.

When the dismissal bell at last rang. Jurina gathered her belongings and trudged her way, past fellow students, to the teacher’s desk. The young student prepared herself for the worst and demanded of herself not to cry in front of her teacher.

As the last students shuffled out of the classroom, Haruna walked behind them and shut the door before clicking the lock. She even went as far looking around in the classroom until she asked,

“Are you okay?… with what happened yesterday?”

Jurina stammered like an idiot and fidgeted with her hands, but it was all she could do to not dropped her jaw at the question.

“Of course I’m okay with what we did yesterday! It was absolutely amazing and I don’t know about you but I’ve never felt that way before!” She started running to Haruna and threw her arms around the young teacher. But was disappointed by a sudden push on her chest, then a very serious face looking back at her.

“OH! I wasn’t out of the danger zone quite yet…”

Jurina told herself and knew some persuasion was in order to convinced this was the right thing to do. Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she was impressed with Haruna’s calmness, as she was expecting a more emotional confrontation. Standing there looking at each other, though admiring was more accurately describes Jurina’s glances over her. Because of the teacher’s self-control Jurina decided it’d be best to do the same.

Clearing her throat as she proceeded, “Okay, I understand if you don’t want to continue our “relationship”, but I do think we should at least see where it goes. I feel the passion that you’ve been forced to keep inside, I can tell you’re not happy and I’d like to change that. I don’t mean to come off as cocky, but I don’t think anyone else has or can make you feel like I did yesterday; and the same goes for how you make me feel, it was so intensed and I don’t think we can ignore it.” Obviously she was rooting for their highly sensual encounters to become a continuous affair

Haruna didn’t immediately respond to Jurina’s proposition, but it looked like the wall she built to not show emotion was quickly breaking down as her eyes started to water and her face got a little more pink.

Minutes later, Jurina was warming up to the idea and took this small window of opportunity to reached out and caresses Haruna’s cheek, she even tiptoed and pecked her forehead. Jurina’s lips descending and planting delicate kisses on Haruna’s nose to her virtually velvety lips, then Jurina’s arms moved to the nape of Haruna’s back, pulling the teacher against her body.

Only at first did Haruna try and retreated out of Jurina’s arms, making Jurina’s grip on her body all the more tight. But sometimes in between the third and fourth kiss, Haruna looked up to her to which she responded with the words,

“Do you want me to stop?” As her lips curled into a Cheshire grin

Discarding her glasses, Haruna softly chuckled and looked down in either embarrassment, shame or perhaps both. Again, Jurina lingered her lips over Haruna’s lips waiting for her to decide when she was ready to accept their affair, and eventually the teacher did! She rewarded Jurina with a sweet smile and initiated a slow but deep kiss on her lips, that emphasized fear and inner desire.

Jurina viewed this kiss as a milestone of her teacher releasing some anxiety and giving into her longings. Inspiring a wide grin to sprawl over the younger girls face. Jurina’s kiss turned into light pecks that left Haruna’s mouth and traveled to her elegant and creamy neck that made her gasped,


Jurina couldn’t help but moan and lick along Haruna’s entire neck. At this point, Jurina couldn’t begin to fathom how much she absolutely adored Haruna Sensei, she couldn’t comprehend how this adoration would grow into a deep love and respect. She’s sure she didn’t even know the emotions they were feeling. The only thing Jurina did know was, Haruna Sensei’s hand was now traveling farther down her body as their make-out session became more aggressive and passionate

All of which brought a gasped to escape from Jurina’s mouth, as Haruna’s hand continued searching her body then ventured to pull her lips from Jurina and start kissing down her neck.

Haruna’s hands were in heaven exploring Jurina’s upper body and undid the buttons of her upper shirt one by one, exposing the girl’s radiant skin. Taking the next step of unsnapping the girl’s simple white bra, as it went slacked then fell on the floor. She leaned and stopped just short of Jurina’s mouth, simply breathing in and taking a quick glance to her eyes, then Jurina kissed her.

After a few moments, their kiss quickly grew much more passionate than they imagined possible. The rest of their bodies remained still; She practically rammed Jurina into the nearby wall, while still kissing her.

This new position still allowed Jurina to tugged as well as stroked Haruna’s body. Too dazed to read the clock mounted right in front of her, Jurina had no idea how long they remained in this position before Haruna was gasping for more.

She grabbed Jurina’s wrist, not to interrupt her, but rather she raised them above her head and pinned them against the wall while rolling her body against her. Haruna was completely in control. Jurina’s body was hers for the taking, and now she took it! As Jurina tried stifled her moans and arching her back up in response. Haruna took the opportunity and seized the younger girls virgin breasts. Suckled and nibbled all around the perky peaks, and when she finally bit down directly on the left tip Jurina groaned out her name.

“H-Haruna Sensei!”

Jurina felt as though she had no control of her own body and the sounds it produced, the beautiful teacher had taken over not only her thoughts, but her body as well. She couldn’t understand the vast emotions that dominated her entire being and she almost screamed from the surreal pleasure that swept over her entire body.

After minutes of this constant teasing Haruna released Jurina’s hands. Lips went further down gliding to Jurina’s stomach then lowered her mouth and ripped off the hindering skirt before kissing over Jurina’s undies. Haruna had to have noticed how drenched Jurina had become as she giggled while slipping the tiny cloth down off Jurina’s knees, leaving them dangling around her ankles.

Knowing what was going to happen, Jurina inhaled sharply gasping as she felt Haruna fluttered her tongue parted the petals of her flesh and unerringly found her center. Then suck on that precious little bud of hers. Jurina shrieked in delight and ecstasy as she takes a deep breath, moans and squirmed causing Haruna to grip her thighs to keep her in place. As the girl sighed and shuddered at her breath, Haruna expertly used her fingers to explored Jurina’s sensitive treasure between her thighs.

Jurina tried to hold back her cries of ecstasy as she enjoyed being the very center of this beautiful woman’s attention. The pleasure had built up inside her like water builds up against a dam. She was aching for it to be released.

Finally, Haruna came back up to face Jurina claiming her mouth once again. Lean digits continuously thrusting deep her warmth inside. Jurina was as-quietly-as she could screaming, needed the sweet relief that she was so anxiously awaiting. She began shuddering violently. Quickly, Jurina moved her hand so it was against Haruna’s lower back, using it to pull the teacher harder and pressed their hips against each other. For Jurina, it was becoming too much– as her mouth trembled wordlessly, holding onto Haruna tightly as she came, burying her face in the older woman’s neck while she cried helplessly.

Jurina’s body was drained, but she desperately wanted to return the favor by pulling Haruna’s face for a deep kiss.

As if Haruna read her mind, “I have a meeting in five, but tomorrow I want a proper thank you,” Haruna whispered followed by a seductive grin.

Moments later, Haruna Sensei was out the door and on her way down the stairs. Jurina straightened herself up and put the few clothes that came off back on. She was in disbelief at what just transpired and optimistic about tomorrow’s after school session.

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