One More Night…


One More Night…

There you go again, making me love you…
I stopped using my head, let it all go…

“I-I’m sorry…” Rena said, in a low almost bemused voice.

Jurina stared at her, with somber brown eyes hardened like flint that Rena found herself taking an involuntary step back.

“You’re sorry!?” Jurina asked, incredulously. “That’s all you have to say?”

Rena fell silent, not sure what to say or do as her eyes drifted lower, unable to meet Jurina’s piercing gaze. Jurina turned away from her and walked to the window of their bedroom, folding her arms across her chest.

“When did you decide this?” Jurina asked again.

Rena sighed deeply at the question. The truth was, she had realized for months that their relationship would never work. They already discussed it— at great length. But Jurina had always convinced her to hang on, even when all her instincts screamed against it.

Finally, Rena managed to find her voice and answered back.
“Oh come on Jurina, It’s not like this is coming from left field.”

Upon hearing this, Jurina turned to looked at her and Rena was taken aback by the look in her eyes. She looked utterly lost. Although Rena knew it was her fault, she also knew there was nothing she could do about it.

“You promised me, you would try…” Jurina said, her chest heaved as a sob escaped from between her clenched teeth.

Rena flinched at the bite in her voice; she supposed it was a measure of how things had deteriorated— for her at least. Although her heart wrenched painfully, she had no desire to walk over and comfort Jurina. Heaven knows she had done enough of that throughout the course of their relationship. Rena walked to the other side of the bed opposite to Jurina, and leaned against the dresser behind her.

“I did try; I’ve been trying for months. But I can’t go on this way. I can’t stay with you Jurina, not anymore.” Rena tried to sound as calm as possible while explaining.

Jurina lowered her eyes and then her shoulders slumped. She knew the state of things, as little as she wanted to admit it. These days, the space between them in their bed, felt like the distance between “Tokyo to Nagoya”. Compared to how they used to be. So completely entwined that it was hard to tell where one began and the other ended.

Devotion to their careers and the long hours of working has led them to spend less time together as well. When they did, they were always too tired or stressed to do anything other than sleep. Their relationship had become a wasteland— barren and unattended.

“Do you have to leave now?” Jurina asked in a small, trembling voice.

In that very moment, Rena knew in spite of what the consequences would be that she would end up staying with Jurina for one more night.

So I cross my heart, and I hope to die. That I’ll only stay with you one more night.
I know I said it a million times, but I’ll only stay with you one more night.

‘One more night…’

Rena promised herself, as she walked beside Jurina and took the girl in her arms. Jurina immediately wrapped herself around, like a child scared to be left alone. Her head on Rena’s shoulder, her hair which smelled faintly of citrus, pressing on Rena’s cheek. As Rena held Jurina closer and her hand running through her hair, she thought.

‘One more night, then it’s over and I’ll leave.’

Rena almost convinced herself it was true. She got Jurina into bed and excused herself to the kitchen, switching off the light and went out into the hall. As she walked her mind rushed, trying to think of a way on how to leave Jurina without feeling guilty.

Rena got a glass of water and drank deeply. She knew Jurina was waiting for her and would cling to her tightly as she sensed her departure and probably try to make love to her. Rena felt exhausted at the thought, not only physically but also emotionally. She emptied the glass and set it in the sink, then walked back down the hall to the bedroom.

Once again, Rena’s instincts were screaming at her. She knew she must leave now, and even briefly envisioned a scene in which she walked in, turned on the light, grabbed a suitcase and ran out before Jurina could stop her. She actually paused just inside the doorway and felt her heart pounding at the possibilities…


Rena heard Jurina’s soft and gentle voice called out to her in the engulfing darkness. She stood in blackness for a minute or so, slowly her eyes adjusted themselves to it, then mindlessly went inside, crawling into bed and carefully laid her body next to Jurina. Feeling Rena’s warm skin against her own, Jurina instantly turned molding their bodies and letting their heat touched.

She clenched one fist at the shirt, Rena was wearing and put her other hand on her face, tracing along her jaw and cheek. There was a time Jurina’s touched made Rena shiver and ached with desire but now, all it did was making her sad. Rena reached up and took Jurina’s hand into hers, holding it still.

Got you stuck on my body like a tattoo.
And now I’m feeling stupid, crawling back to you.

“Jurina…” Rena whispered softly, “please don’t—”

Jurina made a tiny noise in her throat and let her hand fall between them, but she was still holding the shirt. Rena knew Jurina was going to cry before she started, and braced herself for the loud, wracking sobs she had come to expect. But Rena was startled when Jurina cried almost silently.

“I need you— so fucking bad…” She cried, her whole body was clenched so hard that Rena was afraid she’d pulled every muscle in her body. Before Rena knew it, she had wrapped both of her arms around her girlfriend and work-partner for almost five years. Rocking her, rubbing her back and trying to quiet her.

“Jurina, shhh… don’t make this hard for me— for us, okay?” Rena whispered again. “Please don’t cry…”

In response, Jurina inched even closer to Rena, she buried her face in the hollow of her neck. Against her will, the feel of the girl’s warm breath on her throat began to do something to her. Rena felt the tremors rumbling deep inside her body, the unmistakable call of the all-too-familiar feelings she’d known. They were hurriedly building up and spreading throughout her body. Feelings she shouldn’t be having at this moment— hot, hungry and sexual feelings, but her arms pulled Jurina closer out of instinct.

Rena felt Jurina shifted and press her groin into her. It made her heart began to pound faster. She felt sure this was a bad idea, but found it was hard to take a stand against the girl’s advances. The darkness punctuated by the sounds of their heavy breathings as Jurina’s free hand slid under Rena’s shirt and found its way up to her smooth back.

Feeling Jurina’s nails dug into her skin, caused her to become startled. Rena tried to pull away, but the aggressive girl held her even tighter and began kissing her throat up to her jaw line. Pauses over one spot and bite her softly, then running her tongue over where she bit her. Before Rena knew it, her hands were tangled into Jurina’s hair, as the girl’s other hand slipping under the bottom of her shirt to the front. Sneaking underneath, grazing the bare flesh as they slowly began their ascent upwards, higher and higher. Rena flinched, but did not attempt to move away. Hand and fingers feverishly clutched Rena’s soft succulent flesh, relishing the treasure they’d so avidly been seeking.

Trying to tell you “no”, but my body keeps on telling you “yes”…

Rena had just exhaled when Jurina’s lips covered her. Taking her bottom lip in her teeth, then kissed her harder. She gasped in surprise when she felt Jurina’s tongue glided over her parted lips and low, hushed moan escaped her mouth when the younger Matsui darted it inside. Putting her hand on the girl’s shoulder to pushed her away. But instead of moving back, Jurina kissed her fiercely, pushing her back firmly against the soft mattress. Jurina ignored her struggling and kissed her again.

Trying to tell you “stop”, but your lips got me so out of breath.

Rena felt her own mouth and body responding. Unconsciously and uncontrollably as it had for so long, with longing and desire so strong that it made her ached. Jurina moaned deep in her throat as she felt Rena responded to her.
Even though Rena knew it was wrong, she couldn’t stop Jurina’s lustrous action. Part of her wanted to continue resisting, the other half said to give up. The latter side won, and she found herself rolling over on top of Jurina, kissing her while her hands stroking Jurina’s hair.

Their breasts mashing against each other as Jurina whimpered and pushed Rena up. Rolling the older girl’s shirt up to her neck, her mouth proceeded and greedily sucked onto Rena’s collarbone down to the valley between her breasts. Jurina’s mouth moved and snatched the hardened nub between her lips. Arching her body towards Jurina’s mouth with a strangled moan as she felt the girl’s teeth scraping the sensitive skin. With the tip of her tongue circling and flicking the protruding flesh.

Inside her head she was cursing Jurina, because the girl knew how much that turned her on incredibly, yet she was powerless to stop her. Pulling Jurina’s head closer as she continues to suck on her then pushed her back and bent to kiss her again.

Jurina responded with greed and desperation, her mouth pressed hard against her, and the roughness of her need, arises the heat on Rena’s body. The older girl could feel the desire burning her up, as she felt Jurina’s legs open wider and she slid between them. The shock of the girls hot skin against hers, making Rena gasped again.

Now she had nothing on except her shirt, and only now did her tired, overheated brain realized that Jurina was completely naked as her hands encountered a warm, soft, skin. Rena ground into her, feeling Jurina’s wetness against her own. Jurina grabbed her shirt and pulled it off over her head.

They kissed again, emotion exploded out of control as their lips and tongue frantically made love to each other while their bodies heatedly pressed together. Intoxicating lust, hunger, yearning and craving overcoming and consuming them. Jurina wrapped her legs around Rena’s perfect butt as she lifts herself up into her.

Rena slid one hand down between them and touched the delicate spot where Jurina’s legs met. She could feel the heat radiating from it. Letting out a deep, but barely audible moan when her fingers felt how wet the girl had become. Wet and hot and slick and hard under her touch. Rena began stroking her lightly until Jurina’s hips were thrusting against her hand. Jurina bit Rena’s lower lip as she dug her nails into the older girl’s back.

Rena kept on stroking her, keeping the lightest pressure on her until Jurina moaned into her mouth, then Rena’s fingers slid inside her. The sensuous thrusting rhythm has begun, her digits moved in and out of her warmth, while rubbing the hard female bud with her thumb. Jurina’s hips were thrusting faster and faster and her nails raked against Rena’s supple back as she came hard, fast and loud.

Jurina shuddered in uncontrollable ecstasy with her nails dug in just deep enough to hurt. Rena backed away and tried to moved, but Jurina held on tight and rolled her over on her back.

The older Matsui was caught by absolute surprise because usually after an orgasm so intense, Jurina needed time to catch her breath. But not this time, apparently. Rena gazed up and looked at Jurina in the dark, as she hovered over and squirming on top of her. Unable to contain her ferocious hunger and her hair tickling Rena’s face.

Rena tried to open her mouth to speak, but the girl gently rubbed her hand over one of her cheeks and a thumb caressing over her lips to shushed her. Running her lips from Rena’s forehead down to her chin, then slowly made her way down Rena’s body.
Her soft lips brushing against her lightly and making an effort to run her tongue leaving a trail of cool wetness down, along Rena’s flat abdomen. Planting kisses over her taunt navel, circling her tongue around it, only to stick her tongue in it that sends shivers up Rena’s body. But Jurina didn’t linger about her stomach long, before she moved even lower. Rena’s mind began screaming, telling her to make the other Matsui stop before things went too far.

All reasons escaped, Rena’s mind goes blank as sheer desire took over when she felt Jurina brought her hands between her legs and rest them on the insides of her thighs. Gently, the girl pushed her legs wide apart and her tongue parted between the folds of engorged skin, flicking it back and forward while sucking it lightly. It made her head spin, she squeezed her eyes shut tight and gripping the sheet between her clenched fingers. The moans of pleasure became louder, revealing Rena’s need for more of this girl and more of her touch.

Jurina teasingly slid her fingers and lightly probed around Rena’s sopping sex. Rena’s hand clawed Jurina’s hair as she felt her fingers moved faster and deeper inside her. Rena felt her orgasm begin to build and she cried out then groaned as the wave of it washed over her. She felt her center throbbing, the walls contracting as spasm after spasm hit her.

Rena’s mind went into a pleasurable daze as she was lying on their bed. She felt Jurina kissing the insides of her thighs, then working her way up. Jurina slid back up on top of the girl with whom she shared years of joyous and heartbreaking memories and kissed her deeply. Rena tasted herself on Jurina’s lips and tongue, and then the young girl slid down next to her snuggling closer and put her arm over Rena’s stomach.

They both laid there as their bodies covered in sheen of sweat. Their breathing slowing down. Even Rena’s mind was racing, she couldn’t think of anything to say, and it seemed that Jurina had fallen asleep anyway. Just as her overworked mind began to shut down and her body started to relax, she heard the girl murmur against her shoulder.

“I knew you wouldn’t leave me.” Jurina said, in a throaty languid voice.

The room was filled with complete darkness and her eyes were closed, but Matsui Rena had presumed that Matsui Jurina was grinning like a ‘Cheshire cat’ after she uttered those words.

Soon Rena felt Jurina’s body went relaxed and she began breathing deeply, probably as emotionally drained as she was. Rena’s heart froze and she stopped breathing, but before she could say anything, exhaustion overtook her and she fell backwards into the darkness.

I’d be waking up, in the morning probably hating myself…
And I’ll be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell.


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