Christmas Present


Christmas Present

T he house was filled with quiet darkness of night, with only a decorative lights came from the Christmas tree providing illumination. In just a few ticks of the clock, people all over the world would be celebrating Christmas.
As the tiny twinkling lights flickered over the walls, Matsui Jurina sat next to the staircase watching the ever changing shadow across her with a child’s delight. Her eyes however, while fascinated with the reflections, were continually drawn back to the figure that now moved beside the Christmas tree— “The red clad intruder” which also been the source of the noise that had awakened her earlier that evening….

While Jurina silently observed the girls every movement, (The body’s shape was unmistakable.) the last conversations she had with Rena suddenly flooded back in her mind.


“What present do you want to receive this Christmas Jurina?” Rena asked, feeling a bit awkward at her own question.

They were at AKB Theater’s changing room, and Jurina was busy packing her things preparing to go home—to their shared apartment. Jurina was so glad at the thought that Rena was there to fetch her. The two of them were left alone in that room, as the other members left the place and went to their own personal destinations. After hearing Rena’s question, Jurina pause for a while, as if thinking of something.

“Uhm… as of now, I can’t think of anything yet.” She just shrugged her shoulders then resumed from what she was doing. “Why Rena-chan, are you planning on giving me some presents?” Jurina asked back and turn her face to Rena who was sitting in front of the huge mirror.

Rena saw a teasing smile plastered on the young girl’s pretty face, at the same time she could see her own reflection blushing and was trying so hard to hide it from Jurina by fixing her fringe.

“Just tell me what present you want.”

Jurina could sense that Rena began to feel uncomfortable even though it’s just the two of them occupying that room still, Rena cannot control herself from being self-conscious. So Jurina walked toward Rena’s direction, bent down a little and wrapped her arms around the older girl, in an attempt to lessen the uneasiness she felt. Jurina’s ministrations are becoming effective; Rena starts gaining composure upon feeling the younger girl’s warm embrace enveloping around her.

“All I want is to spend my Christmas with you Rena-chan.” Jurina glanced at her ever so shy lover through the mirror with a smile.

Rena returned her smile. But it didn’t last long; it quickly changes into a frown for the girl remembered something.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I have work to do ‘till Christmas day. So I guess, we can’t spend much time together.” Rena stated, she then pouted her lips like a fish that made Jurina giggled.

The younger Matsui found the expression so cute that she couldn’t resist herself and gave Rena a quick kiss on the cheek before the girl could react.

“It’s okay, we can start spending it together today then?” Jurina replied, showing off her tempting smile and hinting Rena that naughty thoughts were playing in her young mind.

Without any word or protest, Rena just leaned the side of her head into Jurina. Enjoying a peaceful moments in her young lover’s arms. Jurina could smell the oozing sweet fragrance coming from Rena, as she inhaled it and held it inside. The smell got sweeter and more intoxicating as she got used to it, inviting her lips to move into the smooth flesh of the older girl’s neck. Tantalizing soft fluttery kisses to that area.

On the other hand, the sensation of Jurina’s warm lips brushing on her sensitive neck, made Rena tightly shut her eyes. It sent shivers that coursing her entire body, and a hushed moan crept out from her mouth.

To Rena’s surprised, the chair where she was settled has been spun around by Jurina. In no time, the two of them were comfortably facing each other.

“I love you…” Jurina said, gazing intently at Rena to inform her that she seriously meant it.

Not waiting for an answer, Jurina placed her hand around the back of Rena’s head and pushed the older girl into her, capturing her lips for a gentle kiss. Their eyes slowly closed upon contact. In response to her lover’s endearing statement, Rena encircled her arms around Jurina’s slender waist, pulling it closer that cause the younger Matsui to be seated on her lap. Rena responded to the kiss intending not to stop, letting Jurina know that she wanted it too.

“Let’s get out of here now and continue this at home, shall we?” Jurina suggested between heavy pantings, after their mouths departed.

Their foreheads pressed together and Rena saw mischief dances in the younger girls’ eyes, after those words were said. Jurina really wanted to take it to the extreme.

“But… I can’t go home right now, Takamina-san will be holding a meeting for the older members and I have to stay here.” Rena replied, her chest heave up and down. Those intense kisses leave the two them absolutely breathless.

“Oh, I thought you are here to fetch me.” Now it was Jurina’s time to pout her lips. “Takamina organize a meeting for what?  I haven’t heard about that.” Jurina was absolutely clueless of what was that all about.

“Like I said, the meeting was for the older member only, younger ones not included.” Rena explains as she run her palm along Jurina’s face, heaping a few strands of hair that was covering her slightly sweating face.

“You have no plans of sitting on my lap all day are you?” Asked Rena, as she realizes what position they were in.

Thank God nobody accidentally walked in and caught them in that position. Jurina chuckled softly and stole one last kiss from her before pushing herself up and Rena was left amused by the younger Matsui’s playful gestures.

Sadly that day, Jurina heads home by herself, as Rena was held back at the theater for the “unknown” meeting.

The next couple of days were a mystery that Rena always leaves their apartment early in the morning and she got home late at night. She was so busy and every time she arrived home, Jurina was already sleeping. The two of them did not have a chance to spend quality time together to which Jurina found to be really odd. Like, what kind of job Rena was doing until late at night? They didn’t even have time to talk. Christmas was just around the corner and as usual Rena had gone out early, leaving the poor Jurina alone.

The young ace just kept herself busy by assembling and decorating a little Christmas tree. She didn’t know how to cook any sumptuous meal for a Christmas feast, so she decided to bake some cookies and brought melon pan for Rena to eat when she came home. Jurina accomplished the entire task that day and suddenly felt tired, she yawned quietly and made her way upstairs to the bedroom where she soon sleeps peacefully.


Now Jurina got back to her senses, and her eyes was still glued to the person who woke her up from that sleep.  A female figure dress in red and she was crouching down beside the Christmas tree with a large bag beside her that she was rummaging through. Studying her, Jurina would see her often referring back to her list. Then back to her bag looking for something and coming back up with a lovely little frown on her face. Jurina watched her, examining her lithe figure and the way her clothes fit over her body, especially her tight behind.

Keeping her naughty thoughts aside, Jurina stood up from her hiding spot and carefully walked to the girl’s direction. Seemed a little confused of what and why the girl did this. The clock strikes twelve, and now it’s Christmas. The Santa clothed girl had her back turned as Jurina approached and was quiet enough that the girl didn’t seem to notice her, even as she came up and stand right behind her back.

“So… is this the work that you’ve been telling me Rena-chan?” Jurina spoke, and watched as the girl’s body tensed up for a moment.

Stopping in the middle of reaching into her bag, Rena stayed in that position for a moment and turned around slowly.

“Oh! H-Hi Jurina.” Rena answered as she faced Jurina, seeming a little embarrassed.

‘Rena-chan looked so cute in that outfit.’ Jurina thought, as she saw her close up.

“Now I know why you’re so eager on asking me what I want for Christmas.” She said while her eyes wandered all over Rena.

“You’re not supposed to see me, but I was having trouble finding your gift so—.” Rena trailed off as she seemed to realize she’d been blabbing a bit.

“That’s because I didn’t tell anyone what I wanted until now.” Jurina replied.

“Takamina-san said that she was uncertain on what to get you, so she just told me that I am the one to deliver your present, but I can’t find it here.”

“I want you to be my present Rena-chan.” Jurina hurriedly got closed to Rena and launched a surprise hug, to which Rena’s face turned almost red as her outfit.

“Jurina… I’m not sure if I can… I’ve got to deliver these presents to the other young members on my list.” Rena smiled back shyly at Jurina’s attentive stare, though showing curiosity toward the proposition.

“I know you’ve got a job to do, but doesn’t that job also entail getting me what I want?” Jurina suggested playfully, as she tightened arms around Rena’s body.

“Yes but—” Rena paused from talking; an idea came into her head.  “Wait, I’ll have to call Takamina-san first.” She snatched her phone from her side pocket and dialed a number.

Jurina loosened her embrace, for the older girl’s convenience. After a little wait, Rena seemed to finally got hold of Takahashi Minami and explained what the 16 year-old girl  wanted.

“Uhm… yes, but what about my other task?  . . . You should have told me earlier.” Rena lightly scratched her left cheek and listened intently on the phone.

“Uhh… okay, I got it.” She brought her hand up her forehead and shook her head in embarrassment. “Sorry for bothering you, Merry Christmas to you too, bye.”

As the call ended, Rena slipped back her phone on her pocket and meet Jurina’s puzzled gaze.

She accepted this job because it’s the very first time that the older members agreed to organized such a unique idea of visiting the younger member’s household to dropped their presents for Christmas.

“Aaah… Jurina, I guess I am to be your Christmas present they are sending. Takamina-san is sending—” A knock sounded at the door. “—someone over to finish my task for me.” Matsui Rena trailed off as the door opened.

A tall, slender and short haired woman dress in similar clothing as Rena, peeked around the door.

‘Eh! Mariko-sama? How did she get in here so fast?’ Jurina asked herself.

“I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Mariko questioned, as she caught sight of the two.

“No,” Jurina responded, “not yet anyway, come on in.”

Mariko walked in and got busy gathering up Rena’s bag containing of gifts. Her eyes scanned the list. “Oh good, there aren’t that left to do.” She turned and was on her way out when Rena spoke on her retreating back.

“Uhm… thanks, and sorry for bothering you with this.” As Rena said this, she could feel her self-conscious level risen up again.

“Oh it’s fine with me, it’s Christmas anyway. I can’t think of any gift to Jurina aside from you. Just enjoy yourselves and… Jurina,” Turning her attention to the grinning girl. “Be gentle on Rena okay? Take it slow…” Mariko’s smile grew a little broader as she left.

Jurina chuckled, as she closed the door behind her and made sure it was shut tightly against the cool winter air.

“So what now?” Rena asked, she had trouble meeting Jurina’s mischievous gaze for more than a second.

“Well, since my present is here…” Jurina teasingly puts her index finger under her chin. “I must now open it.” a Cheshire-cat grin imprinted on her face, then she sauntered slowly back over to where Rena stood.

Jurina instincts were telling her right now to jump at the older Matsui and start ripping her clothes off. She drew Rena right up against her, and pressed their bodies together. She lowered her mouth down to the latter’s lips and let her hand roamed over Rena’s back, blatantly grabbing her behind a number of times.

She slowed down on her kissing and unfastened the two buttons of Rena’s red Santa dress, like a kid whom excited to open her gift, and because of the air’s coldness, Rena’s pale skin got even whiter, her neck and her chiseled collarbone. Jurina’s fingers resume working on the next buttons in urgency. But before she could go for further unwrapping, Rena grabbed her eager hands to stop her.

“How about we take this in our bedroom hmm…?” Rena suggested with a quirky little smile on her face.

With that, Jurina’s radiant smile came in view, as her eyes shining with excitements. She hurriedly took hold of Rena’s wrist and pulled the girl along behind her, as they made their way upstairs to their bedroom.

Merry Christmas to all !!!


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