Was it a dream or not?


“Hmmp Jurina, please!”
Its okay Rena-chan, let me take care of you.”


I woke up as the weak rays of early morning sun breathed light into the room and forced me to open my eyes. Blinking to break up the sleep in my eyes, my visions automatically fixated towards the ceiling. My brain starts to process, recollecting the dream that I have had and felt incredibly mortified. It was like that dream really happened, as my toes and my fingers felt numb. I wouldn’t drown myself into it, if it was just an ordinary dream or a nightmare. This time, it was different. Embarrassing to admit but it was kind of… uhm “erotic”, and the worst thing was—it involves me and Jurina.

No. I have never had such a fantasy about any girl like that before. I had no idea how much I really desired Jurina, but now after having a dream like that, how could I face her every day at work? How could I keep my emotions in check?

An overwhelming sense of guilt came over me as I realized that Jurina was probably still asleep on the bed located next to mine. We often shared rooms in a hotel, yet this was the very first time that my dream was about her. I hope I didn’t make any weird sounds like the ones in my dream.

Ugh… I bet I did.

My mind raced with worry and anxiety as I tried to brainstorm solutions to all the possible situations that I might face.

“Good morning!” I heard a delicate voice said behind me.

I rolled over quickly. It turned out to be a little too quickly, as I was so near the edge of the bed already that my moved actually threw me completely out of bed. As I was falling to the floor, I catch a glimpse of Jurina’s smiling face beamed at me. My ass met the rather hard floor and my head bumped into the nightstand.

“Eh?! J-Jurina?” Oh gosh, it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a dream!

I was consumed by panic as I looked at Jurina who was in my bed. My heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest and flashes of the future raced through my mind; I’d lose my job as an idol/actress, get sued by Jurina’s parents and lastly end up in jail. When I leave jail, I’d have nothing. NO ONE. And I’ll be scarred as a sexual predator for the rest of my life. Damn, I couldn’t believe it! Jurina came into my bed when I was sleeping and… and… it was hardly by any means consensual sex!  I was seething with all these thoughts stirring in my head.

“Jurina, w-why are you in my bed?!” I stood up slowly while my right palm reached up to rub the growing knot on my head.

“Well, I heard you making noises and I thought you were having a bad dream so…” She calmly answered while fixing her semi-tousled hair and sat up crossed-legs on my bed.

“SO WHAT?!— you don’t just climb in someone else’s bed with that reason!” Panic was visible in my features.

“Whoa! Chillax will you!? Once I climbed in, you settled down almost immediately.” Jurina seemed too proud of this fact, while her eyes scanned me up and down as I stood there with my hands on my hips in my pajamas.

“Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me.” I immediately crossed my arms in front of my chest. “I am going to be in so much trouble, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“What are you talking about, Rena-chan? What trouble? What’s happening?” Her expression changed from smug to a slight confusion.

“Uhh… HELLO? Jurina, you’re in my bed!” I couldn’t believe her. This was certainly not the time to act coy with me. Taking advantage of me and then treating it like it’s no big deal!

I was furious and terrified. What was she playing at? My head was now pounding with frustration and confusion. Wha—? Jurina was really acting like she had no idea what I was talking about, or at least she had no idea why I was freaking out. I stood there, my arms still folded looking at her and examining her expression. That smugness had disappeared and now her darling face appeared. Merciful and empathetic.

“Rena-chan, what is it?” Jurina innocently asked, slightly tilting her head to the side.

She was wearing a off the shoulder gray-colored knit sweater, exposing her smooth and milky white skin. She’s not naked…?! In my dream she was naked as I felt her warm bare skin against mine… and me as well, my upper clothing was properly put on. I was so confused. What the hell was going on?

“So, you heard me and you thought I was having a nightmare?” It wasn’t an actual question, I was only trying to puzzle together the events that took place last night.

“Yes.” She firmly nodded her head, and still in her sitting position.

She looked absolutely angelic in the morning. I couldn’t help but noticed her subtle yet adorable bags under her eyes, but she still looked marvelous. The corners of her mouth crooked upwards as she smiled at me. My rage diminished rapidly, I couldn’t stay angry forever looking at this gorgeous figure in front of me.

“… and then you climbed into my bed.” Still putting the pieces together.

Jurina nodded. This time expecting me to recount all of the details, yet she could see I was struggling to find all the missing pieces.

“I climbed into your bed and you settled down instantly. I told you everything was going to be okay and you sighed and went back to sleep.”

“That’s it? That’s all you said?” I clearly had remembered her saying a few other things, or in my dream. I was still so confused, I still needed clarification.

“Yep. You were out like a baby. Good thing too you’re tossing and turning would’ve kept me up all night!” Jurina said matter-of-factly.

“… and that was all that happened? We just… slept?” Now seeking confirmation that my worst nightmare was in fact not really happening.

“Uhh… yes…?” Jurina suddenly gasped out loud, made a fake shocked-face and covered her mouth with her hand. “Oh my God, haha! Rena-chan! Do you think something happened between us last night? Like we had SEX?!”

The words blasted into my ears and Jurina made it sound like the idea was so ridiculous. Seemed like my brain exploded and I could feel my face was now turning red as a ripe tomato. I was more embarrassed that she had finally figured out why I was fretting earlier.

“Well, what was I supposed to think by waking up next to you? I mean, you had your own bed right there.” It was hard to remain serious and composed. I felt silly and embarrassed.

Most of all, my pride was hurt a little bit. Was it so hard for her to believe, so inconceivable that it could’ve happened? I didn’t understand why she was acting like it was such a ridiculous idea. I felt a slight pain in my chest, probably from the huge blow my pride just took.

“Well, well, well…” Jurina now had her arms folded in front of her. That smug look returned to her face and her eyes widened with triumph. “Rena-chan, you weren’t having a nightmare were you?”

Again, I felt a blush came over my face as I lowered my head to avoid eye contact with the smarty sixteen-year-old girl.

“You know what? We should be getting ready now, coz’ we have a dance lessons to attend this morning right?” I intended to divert the subject to escape for more interrogations coming from her, and walked straight to the bathroom door then began twisting the knob. I know Jurina had followed my movements turning her head to me.

“Oh come on, Rena-chan, tell me how I was!”

“Forget it. I-I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” I closed the door behind me then leaned my back on it.

This was absolutely mortifying. I’m such an idiot… Jurina was right. It was absolutely an absurd idea. I couldn’t hide my embarrassment. If I hadn’t freaked out, Jurina would have never known what my dream was about. She would never know that it was the thought of her that puts me at ease before I drifted off to sleep last night. It would’ve been better that way and I would’ve kept it as my little secret. I could’ve handle myself when I’m with her and I was doing fine up until this point.

Now, how was I going to interact normally with her and maintain my composure? She had already proven herself to be a confident girl, and she was definitely aware of her sex appeal. Those awkward moments, sudden jolts of electricity, intense vulnerability, everything had to do with my restrained feelings for her. And now, she knew that I had hidden desires for her. She had solved her own puzzle. What was I going to do?

I need to get out of this room. There was so much tension and frustration floating around the air, it was choking me. I was choking at anything at this point, my words, my emotion. I really felt like an idiot.



The music suddenly stopped. All heads turned to the yelling person, and ME the name owner tensed up together with my eyes tightly shut as the voice roared like a thunder shaking the whole rehearsal studio.

“You’re making the wrong moves and you’re stepping at the opposite spot! Focus okay? Focus.” The dance instructor freaked out like she wants to pull all the hairs out of her head.

So many thoughts running in my head right now. It was the main reason why I couldn’t give enough attention to the dance lessons today. Although my body was present, yet my mind was absent and wanders in another dimension.

Unfortunately, the dance lessons were packed up early than the usual. The dance teacher finally had given up, before her neck veins severed due to frequent shouting at me for the countless mistakes that I had made. So I ended up apologizing to the instructor, then to the members for the trouble that I caused them.  I swear, I saw Jurina through the huge mirror in front of us smirking at me. I knew she was enjoying my current state as she already figured out the reasons of my great distraction.

I’ve been dancing for almost five years, learning  and memorizing a new dance moves were just a piece of cake for me. This was the very first time that I couldn’t focus on anything. Like right now, I accidentally bumped into one of the members that I did not bother myself to acknowledge who she was, while making my way into the shower room.  My mind was fully occupied right now. Since I woke up this morning until now, the thoughts of whether my dream was really a dream, or if it had happened totally creeps me out.



The moment the warm sudsy water streamed down and hit my skin, all the stress and racing thoughts dissipated. The fog in my mind began to clear. Minutes. Minutes passed. That was all it took and the same thoughts and feelings rushed through my mind and body all over again. I was so frustrated, and turned the shower off. Wrapping my body with the towel and slammed my back at the tiled wall.

The sex on the other hand, real or imaginary was great. As awkward as it made me feel to think about it, I really did enjoy myself no matter how much my brain fought my body. Subconsciously, my hands began tracing the same path that Jurina did. As my thoughts drifted, the images from the night before began to replay clearly in my mind.


After the enjoyable and exhausting handshake event that was held in Nagoya ended, Jurina and I have to travel back to Tokyo. It was late in the evening when we arrived at the hotel room provided for us. I guess, I really underestimated how exhausted I actually was. As I instantly flopped myself down on the bed after taking a shower and changing into my pajamas. On the other hand, I saw Jurina entered the bathroom after me. Glancing at her empty bed, asking myself if she was okay. I assumed she was also as drain as I am. Thinking of Jurina finally puts me at ease and I was soon sleeping like a baby and having a wonderful dream.

In my dream, Jurina came into my bed quietly while I was sleeping and she slipped inside my bed. She must’ve taken off her clothes before climbing in, because I felt her bare skin touched mine and it was so soft and warm. As for me, I really don’t know how I was released from my upper clothing. I shuddered with chills that shot up my spine and let out a sigh. Jurina inched her way closer to my side of the bed and soon her face was nearly resting on my shoulder. I mumbled something incoherent in my half-asleep, half-awake daze.

“Shhh… Rena-chan, I’m here. It’s okay.” I heard her whispered.

With that, she began tracing her fingers up and down my arm leaving goose bumps in their path. My body began to shiver and trembled at the sensation she was giving to me. Her hand moved up towards my collarbone as she continued touching me with feather-light strokes. I could feel her soft lips lightly touching the skin on my shoulder not directly kissing, but sliding her lips across my naked skin. This sent more electric current to my brain and my chest as my breathing became more rapid and heavy.

“Shhh… let me take care of you.” Jurina’s whispers were now closer to my ear, I could feel her hot breath against my earlobe also getting faster and heavier as she let out a sigh and began nibbling on my ear.

Jurina teases me with light and gentle touches, as her fingers continuing to touch my skin ever so gently, making their way downwards to my breasts. Finally, in my dream, I snapped out of my daze.

“Jurina? Y-You shouldn’t be here.”

I began to squirm and moved away from her but her hand quickly grabbed onto the sensitive tip of my breast and she yanked it hard.

“Ohh…!” I cried out. It hurt like crazy but my sex believed otherwise, I could sense a pool of warm moistness growing between my legs.

“Hmm, I think some parts of you disagree, Rena-chan” Jurina released my breast nub that she has been holding onto so tightly, her hand slipped down my stomach and she cupped my upper thighs in the outside of my pajama. I’m sure she could feel my wetness through the fabric.

“Mmmm, see? This part wants me to keep going.” Jurina’s teasing chuckles tickled my ear. Then her mouth latched onto my earlobe again and resumed nibbling though this time a bit harder with her teeth. She pulled and tugged at my earlobe and she released a light moan into my ear that caused me to gasp.

“No… Jurina… you can’t. I can’t—”

Her hand now found its way beneath the fabric of my underwear towards my center and her fingers parted my entrance which was already leaking freely, as she began to tease it with her feather-light strokes.
Inside I was in turmoil, this was so wrong for Jurina to be in my bed and even worse for me to allow her to do this. Her touch was so gentle. I could feel my resolve shattering more and more with every long, slow stroke she made up and down my core. I knew my secretions coated her fingers as she found my opening that was now throbbing with desire. She barely had to push her finger inside me because it seemed my inner walls were ready to swallow her finger whole.

“Oh… God!”

I gasped and let out a loud moan as she began to slowly slide her finger inside me as far as she could reach. She pushed a second finger and began to pump her arm in and out. Her long index finger remained straight reaching into the depths while she slightly bent the other finger upwards, so it caresses the rough special patch of my inner walls.

“Hmmp… Jurina, please!”

My moans became more violent with need and her arm began to pump faster and harder. Her mouth found my neck and she started to lick and slurp up and down the side from my collarbone to the jaw line. She took a bit of the skin on my neck in between her teeth and bit down excruciatingly hard. The pain I felt combined with the sudden rush of overabundance of fluids flowing out of me. My hips were bucking wildly and my back arched as far as I could stretch. She thrust as fast and as hard as she could and I came with such force screaming her name and dug my nails into her back. Each spasm of my body caused me to dig and scratch harder until finally I came down from my orgasm.

Jurina’s mouth remained on my neck as she gently kissed the area where she had bitten me. She slid her fingers out with an audible smacking sound from the juices that had just been expelled out of my body. She lowered her head and sucked in both fingers and licked the sweet nectar off her fingers. The sight was so erotic but I was too exhausted to really appreciate it. My body crashed back onto the bed and I immediately went back to sleep with Jurina still lying next to me in my bed.


My flashbacks ended, leaving a foreign sensation that resonated inside my body and I could feel my stomach flutters. Shaking my head constantly, I tapped my face and erased those replaying thoughts in my head. I immediately exited the showers before I could do anything stupid to myself.

Oh god, I’m such a pervert!

A sudden jolt of warmth rushed to my head as my heart skipped a several beats after pushing the door to open and found Jurina standing outside the cubicle. I was rattled seeing her wearing nothing but a piece of white towel just like me, enveloping around her lithe figure. She was staring straight at me with a smile painted on her face, as if she was waiting for me to get out. That cat-like smile of hers was so alarming, it’s like she was having a malicious thoughts playing inside her mind.

“…?! J-Jurina what are you doing here?”

I want to smack my own head for the stupid question. This shower room is for everyone, what else would she do here? Damn, why couldn’t I calm down when she’s around?

“Just checking in to see how you’re doing, and… I noticed you didn’t talk to me today… are you mad at me Rena-chan?”

Oh no please, don’t look at me like that. She had a way of looking like a cute innocent girl one minute and sexy temptress the next.

“NO! It’s just uhm…”

God please help me, my mind runs out of any alibis. It’s only the two of us in here. I didn’t want to be alone with her out of fear. Fear of what she’d do, and more importantly fear of what I would do.

“Oh! I forgot, I have a meeting today… I need to go—” I need to get out of here now.

“Hey, you seemed so uneasy today, am I making you nervous, Rena-chan?”

She had this knowing look on her face like she was in on secrets. The corners of her mouth angled upwards and her eyes turned sultry and sexy.

“Uhh… no, I was just in a hurry that’s all.” I did my best not to stare at her.

I heard her scoffed. I know she was not convinced with my reply. Yeah, I’m not good at lying and making excuses.

“You’re avoiding me, and I notice that you haven’t looked at me once. I may not good at studying but I’m good at reading people you know.” She said this proudly and her smile grew even bigger.

I took a deep breath and looked at her with new found composure and resolve. “I’m afraid you’re mistaken, Jurina.”

Lies, I was lying through my teeth. Of course she’s making me nervous. My heart has risen into my throat as I had to choke down the horrible untruth.

“What’s the matter? You still haven’t got over with the thing that happened this morning aren’t you? I am your girlfriend anyway, there’s nothing wrong when we do “that” thing. It’s only normal to want to touch the one you love. I know you’re just holding yourself back because you still treated me as a kid. Does the age difference still bothering you?” Jurina moved in even closer to me.

“Yes bu—” I want to cover my mouth but it was too late, my unconcealed actions already betrayed me. “But I promised not to touch you until you become an adult.” Hey wait a minute, Jurina was the one who touched me in the first place.

“I’m glad to hear that, but do you notice what you did to me last night?” She turn around, presenting her back to me and run her fingers along her right shoulder blade. There I saw a scratch marks decorated the flawless skin of her back.

“That’s what you get for crawling into my bed without my permission.” I stated in a low voice .

“But you like it, am I right?” As Jurina said this, her face was now inching closer to me.

I was frozen in place, staring as our nose touches. I could feel her soothing calm breath. Is she gonna kiss me? OMG what do I do? We stood facing each other and I was fumbling idiot just standing there.

“Do you really wanna know what actually happened last night, while you were sleeping?” Jurina said in a tantalizingly suggestive voice.

She was completely in control and I stood there like a mannequin waiting to be positioned and moved whichever way she pleased. Jurina hold me firmly by the shoulders and pushed me, making me stepped backwards inside the shower, then shut the door behind her using her foot.

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