Reluctance [Kojiyuu OS]


I t’s exactly 10 o’clock in the evening when my eyes happened to glance at my bedside clock. I waited as long as I could, yet I became impatient. The covers flew in a procession off my body, on my body. Lying one minute on my side, then on my back and then on my stomach burying my face on the fluffy pillows. My teeth gritted, as I clutched at the sheets and waited. But it was no use. With one quick motion, I threw my pajama clad legs over the bed and stood, arms covering around my breasts, squeezing them into me, as a shiver worked up my skin despite the heat I felt inside my body. I stepped forward, walking with soft steps to the bed on my left.

Oh, why did I do this to myself?

I walked quietly pausing at the edge of her bed. I blinked for a moment or two and finally focused on the lifeless form beneath the covers. Light from the streetlight outside had filtered through the sheer curtains and coated her. She was curled up in fetal position, and I saw the long curly light brown hair against the pillow behind her. Her shoulder was uncovered, and I recognized the small strap of the pink cotton nightie she wore. Taking a deep breath, I stepped in closer and silently climb on the side of her bed. There was a soft creaking noise as I settled beside her. I quickly looked at her, yet there wasn’t much movement from the lying girl, but I could see the tightening in her back. As usual, she pretended to still be asleep. I knew she expected me. Like every night.

I came.

Every night.



I came.

My eyes scorching through that back, that soft fair shoulder, that long silky hair. Just being that close to her, my heart was pounding a loud beat in my ears, and a flash of heat worked up my body. I felt it everywhere, between my thighs, between my breasts and in my mouth. I tasted her already.
I pulled up the covers and slid inside, watching her shoulders tensed even further, like always. I scooted up as close as I could without touching her. My nose resting close behind her hair, smelling the familiar scent of her shampoo. I raised two long slim fingers and traced the path of that strap on her shoulder, then slipped a fingertip beneath, stroking the warm skin now. I could tell from her body that her breath had quickened. I was learning to read every little nuance of response since she gave me so little. My finger swept down the length of the strap to where it met the rest in the back, and then I swept it back up and slid the string from her shoulder, leaning in and pressing my lips to that skin. My eyes closed as my lips felt her warmth and my body coiled up tight with anxiety. I opened my eyes to half look at the side of her face as I let my tongue sweep out over the warm silky skin of her shoulder. Of course, her eyes remained closed, but I saw her wet her beautiful soft lips. She had never let me kiss them. But she let me kiss most other spots. I let out a murmur as I planted a soft trail of kisses up her shoulder to the side of her neck. I swept her hair away from her ear and softly kissed the tender lobe.

She stirred and shifted. My eyes gazed down the front of her, over the prominent beautiful collarbone to the provokingly lovely swell of her breasts beneath the thin fabric with its tips were just poking up at the thin pink material. I ran the tip of my tongue along her outer ear as my hand slid in over her waist. She raised her arm a little to let my hand pass. Those little movements as cruel as they were, encouraged me. My fingers slid up the bunched fabric around her waist, up her ribcage and slid over one of those breasts. I felt her move again, back against me. My knee just arched up, aching to throw it across her to put pressure between my thighs and up against the heat inside my pajamas. But the last time I did that, she made me leave the bed. I leaned back, letting her turn onto her back. The dark brown eyes slid over me for a moment before she turned her head. My heart cringed inside. She didn’t like to look at me when I touched her. I pulled the fabric down from her breast, letting it catch just beneath it. The tips hardened in the air. I lowered my head, my long tresses falling against her skin and around my face as I flicked my tongue against one of them, closing my lips over it, warming it inside my hot mouth and suckled softly. She moaned quietly and let her arm fall over my shoulders. I jerked a little, always surprised when she let herself touch me as I continued pulling at it in my mouth, tugging it up and away from her body. Nostrils starting to flare as I struggled to breathe with that arm burning fire into my skin. I bit into it and groaned as her fingernails dug into my shoulder. She pushed at me. But down, not up and away. I flicked a glance at her and she was looking at me again.

“I told you not to come in here.” She said quietly.

My eyes flashed at her, waiting, dragging my cheek along the breast beneath me enjoying their fluffiness just like my pillows. Then I grinned and looked up to her. “Nyanyan, you don’t have to be ashamed.” I soothingly whispered. “No one ever has to know about us. Just… just look at me.” But she wouldn’t.

“Y-Yuko please… go back to your bed.”



Startled awake from her sleep, Oshima Yuko lay blinking at the light in the room. It was really bright. Groaning as she twisted her eyes away from the accusing clock, she stretched out her legs and arms grunting softly. Then she heard what woke her. The shower.

“Nyanyan is in the shower?”

Yuko chewed on her lower lip, eyes rolling back at herself, yanked the pillow over to cover her face and screamed into it. It was no use. She could see it, she could see her. Rising from her bed, she went to the mirror, looking at her face that was still flushed with sleep. Then busied herself combing her hair with her fingers, but she kept wondering how far along in the shower Haruna was. Yuko had watched her before. Once.
Glancing at the bathroom door, yet again she chewed on her lip, hesitating. It was open. Yuko groaned softly. The glass door of the shower was spattered with water and she could just see a blurry silhouette, but she knew the shape. She knew the soft swell of her breasts and could see the rivulets of water trickling off them. She could see the soapy mass slowly sliding down her thigh to her toes. Sighing softly, Yuko grasped onto the door frame for support as she watched the goddess-like beauty raise a foot onto the tub edge and begin to shave her legs. Yuko’s eyes dragged along the bend of Haruna’s back to her well-rounded butt, while her head tilting as if she could really see anything better.
The phone rang. Haruna jerked, and Yuko jumped as well; her eyes widened as she saw Haruna threw open the shower door and was standing looking straight at her—naked and dripping wet.

“I-I”… Yuko stammered. “I’ll get that,” and ran across the room to answer the phone, her voice a little high when she picked it up and got a bit disappointed when she only heard a computerized voice started talking and hang up. Cursing the phone and just staring at the device in her hand, Yuko realized the shower was turned off and afraid to turn around. She sensed Haruna was behind her, as she felt the heat of her. Her head twisted to half look over her shoulder, and then completely turned, starting to apologize. Yuko’s parted lips paused when she looked at Haruna’s still naked form, her hair wrapped up in the towel and she was half glaring at Yuko. That glare did not repel the squirrel-teeth girl. Sometimes, Yuko wondered if Haruna’s anger at her was part of the attraction she felt for the girl.

“You’re so beautiful.” Yuko whispered, instead eyes raking over Haruna’s body.

The taller woman did not respond. She just wetted her lips, and her gaze racing across the room as if to escape. Even taking a step back until she felt her dresser edge and leaned back into it.
Emblazoned by Haruna’s nakedness, Yuko took a couple of steps forward until her skin felt the heat from Haruna, her hand sliding in to touch the back if her left thigh and fingers trailing up her ass.

“And you smell good too.” Yuko said softly again, looking at her face, and her lips. Her full palm resting on her thigh now, squeezing it a little.

“Yuko don’t—” Haruna muttered, her leg twitching under Yuko’s fingers.

The shorter of the two just smiled wryly, “I know what you told me… but your body…”

“That’s just WHAT you do to me.” Haruna stopped; inhaling sharply then as Yuko’s fingers had slid to the inside of her thigh and was working up to her womanhood. Index finger finally pressed into wet lips, damp from the shower and something more slick.

“Yuko, please stop—” Haruna’s words blurted out between soft grunts as Yuko‘s fingers tickled along her slit. She was gripping the dresser’s edge and squatting down so her thighs were parted.

Leaning her face closer to Haruna’s plumpish breasts, smelling her scent, already tasting her skin. “I don’t know why you keep fighting me so much…” Yuko said languidly, as she let her middle finger slide between her lips beneath and nestled in the wet folds, softly stroking. Letting Haruna continue her nervous talk, and didn’t care what she said.

“Yuko I said stop. I’m going to be late for work.” Haruna groaned, as Yuko had slid her middle finger inside her.

Mouth was brushing against her neck, tongue flicking out to wet, to taste. “And so am I.” Yuko murmured at her earlobe, teeth clasping it and biting in sharply as her finger slide deep inside and hooked to press at her upper wall.

Haruna moaned deeply, her knees buckling as she gripped the desk with whitening fingers. Yuko’s mouth parted to take more of her neck flesh inside, sucking it softly as her finger slowly pumped. Then without any warning pushed another inside her and was greeted with a sharp cry of pleasure.

Yuko walked a couple steps closer to her, feeling Haruna’s knee and thigh pressing between her legs. She pushed herself in until her hand met at Haruna’s crotch. The fingers slowly stroking in and out of her hot depths, while her mouth working a trail across the girl’s neck to the other side. Yuko felt Haruna’s body sliding weakly, so she slid her free arm about her waist, groaning as her breasts crushed into Haruna’s own, aching to rip up her top shirt so she could feel Haruna’s body against her bare flesh, but not daring to risk it.
Arching her wrist and started pumping faster, Yuko’s curling fingertips dragged up in those soft pillows of her upper walls, her teeth biting into Haruna’s neck hungrily. The tall goddess cried out, her hands rushing up to Yuko’s shoulder to push her.

“Stop moving!” Yuko hissed at her ear and shoved her back into the dresser, mouth quickly covering her lips, and tongue pressing inside.

Yuko groaned, because finally she tasted Nyanyan’s luscious mouth for the first time, her tongue sweeping as deep as she could, twirling around the girl’s own little muscle. Yuko’s whole body was moving along with her hand now, whole torso moving up into Haruna in a strong forward-backward motion.
The kiss was too much for Haruna. She tore and pried her mouth away from Yuko, her face torn in a grimace as her body was writhing at Yuko’s fingers. Haruna’s hand rose and pushed at the other girl’s face, pushing it away from her all the while her feet were coming up onto the dresser, parting her thighs wider. While Yuko gritted her teeth angrily, wanting to bite the girl’s fingers as her thumb swung up to press on her sex button and lunged forward with her arm, all her strength thrusting into Haruna. She was furious of wanting to make her ache.

Yuko’s head swung back in a moan as Haruna’s fingers slid into her mouth and the other arm swung around her, clutching madly as Haruna raised her hips and bucked back against her hand. Haruna’s fingers slid up into Yuko’s hair and she yelled out as her scalp stung fire when Haruna yanked at it. Yuko’s teeth bit into Haruna’s fingers as she clawed and clutched at her, as Yuko started to whimper madly. She knew Haruna was close. Yuko knew her body. Yuko knew it so well. Yet Yuko had never used fingers on her. It was always her mouth, always gentle, tender and trying to lure the girl into her.

Yuko pressed Haruna into the dresser, fingers still sinking in deep and her thumb frigging madly at her nub underneath. Grabbing Haruna’s chin and made the girl looked at her.
Haruna’s dark brown orbs blew fire at her briefly before they glazed over and her body started to shudder, convulsing. Yuko quickly put her mouth back on hers, wanting to feel that release move up her body, as Haruna jerked and writhed wildly beneath her in orgasm as the dresser creaked and groaned in protest beneath them as they shook it and shifted it onto the floor.

Haruna’s body arched sharply as it reached the crest before her torso twisted away from Yuko. The girl broke the kiss with a gasp. Then Haruna’s body went limp and groaned raggedly. Yuko was breathing hard, her heart pounding in her chest. Haruna’s inner muscles were still clutched so tightly around her fingers; Yuko just left them there a moment while she looked down at Haruna’s heaving body. Her flushed face was still turned away as she caught her breath.
Finally, Yuko slowly tugged her fingers free from Haruna and felt the girl groaned with ache.

“Haruna.” She whispered.

Haruna looked at her. Her hand reached up to push some hair from Yuko’s face and then she pulled away. “I-I have to go.” She said. Yuko slid away from her and watched her hopped down from the dresser. She smiled to herself in satisfaction as she saw Haruna twinge a little at the discomfort between her thighs. A smug look on Yuko’s face.

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