Rest Day


Rest Day

Sweat beaded and trickled down her face, tickling her throat and caressing her breasts as she screamed her release.

Her voice rang through the empty house, muffled only by the vacuum she pushed madly about.
She danced and twirled, ran and laughed. She could feel her long brownish hair becoming soaked by the excessive sweating. As her limbs were on fire, and she could feel only the music fueling the flames. Oh how she loves household works. Sure she was a member of a well known idol group in Japan, but today she had a solo concert and the imaginary stage was all to herself.

Possessed by the energetic song, she abandoned the vacuum and found herself leaping through the air while singing when the music suddenly stopped. So stunned, that her bellowing tune transformed to a pitiful yowl. Her graceful limbs were again her own. She caught the vacuum cord with her left foot and tumbled down to the floor.

“Oh my— Rena-chan, are you okay?!” Rena heard a familiar girl’s voice and saw Jurina ran to her. She was too shocked to respond.

Jurina was there, wrapping Rena in her arms and pulling the older Matsui to her feet. Jurina’s deep dark brown eyes quickly scanned Rena’s body for injury, and as soon as they found none, she fell into a fit of laughter. Immediately, Rena felt her hot blood colored her delicate cheeks.

“Jurina, what the hell are you doing here!?” Rena demanded. Embarrassed to have been caught having one of her dorky moments. She turned from the still laughing girl and stalked away without waiting for an answer.

“Wai… Rena-ch… I…”

Rena heard Jurina’s attempts at speech in between peals of laughter. This only angered her more, and ran to the bedroom and slammed the door. However, Jurina was right on her heels and by this time her laughter had died to an annoying chuckle.

“I’m sorry!” Jurina tried to apologized but she chuckled some more.

“Shut up, I know you are not!” Rena pretended to be angry, to somehow cover the embarrassment she felt and she kept her back to Jurina, not wanting to see that overly amused look on the younger Matsui’s face.

“Oh come on… I took the rest of the day off so I could spend some time with you. I didn’t mean to… to interrupt.” Again, came the uncontrollable laughter.

“Hey! hey stop it already!” Said Rena, and started to push past her, but Jurina grabbed her arm and pulled her closer. Then Jurina pressed her mouth to Rena’s ear, and the heat of her made the latter dizzy.

“I’m sorry okay? I just wanted to surprise you.” Jurina’s breath tickled her ear, and it sent tremors through her spine. Though she tried to oppose it, but her body went limp and she leaned heavily against her.

“You should’ve sent me a message or give some kind of warning. I didn’t give you the spare key to just sneak in like a thief.” Rena insisted weakly.

“I will next time. I promise, okay?” Jurina’s arms came around Rena playfully, as her lips gently pressed on the older woman’s cheek.
Rena immediately pulled away before Jurina took a chance to capture her lips. It’s too early for that.

“Okay, you’re forgiven … this time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you.” Jurina presented her killer cat-smile, and Rena could perceive mischief dances in her eyes.

“Oh yeah? Well you can start by setting the table.”

After that, all was forgotten. Though it was just the two of them, Rena had prepared them a feast fit for royalty. They ate, laughed and basically just enjoyed being with each other. They savored their little time together, even though it became less and less as their hectic schedules pulled them in. That night, it was all an illusion. Work, family and friends, everything was a dream and the two of them alone together was the only reality. As the night drew on, their general flirtations began to intensify.

Jurina’s hand reaching and caressing Rena’s arm, her fingers sent tiny electric shocks throughout the woman’s body. The look in Jurina’s eyes told that she knew all too well what she wanted.

Wanting to draw the evening out as long as possible, Rena rose from her seat and began to clear the table. Once in the kitchen, she filled the sink with warm water and dish soap. The suds slid in between her fingers.

Rena heard the door opens and then closes, yet she did not turn around. She knew that if she did, she would be in Jurina’s arms in no time. Instead, she kept her head down and her eyes focused on the pile of dishes in front of her. Though she felt the other Matsui’s presence before she could touched her. Jurina’s body was less than inches away from her, and the girl’s sultry voice rang in her ear.

“Do you need some help? I mean, you cooked. I should clean.” Jurina didn’t wait for an answer, as her arms snaked from behind Rena. She traced her hands down Rena’s arms and into the sudsy water, intertwining their fingers. Her body pressed against the tensed woman.

Rena felt Jurina’s young breasts in her back, her pelvis pressing hard into her behind. The plate she was holding accidentally slipped in her hands and clattered to the floor as she felt soft and warm lips on the back of her neck. Rena tried to turn around, but Jurina pressed hardly into her, sandwiching her between the sink. Jurina kissed her neck again and began to slowly knead the tops of her arms.

“Wh-What are you doing?” Rena stuttered and asked

“I would think that was obvious,” Jurina chuckled. “I’m seducing you, and I have no intention of stopping.”

Rena’s heart began to pound so loud, and she wondered if this girl could hear it. She could feel the girl’s hot breath on her neck and hands massaging her shoulders and arms, and then slowly sliding around to—Oh my God.

The impish girl was now touching her breasts. Jurina’s dripping hand found one of her perky mound beneath her shirt. Rena didn’t know what to do. Should she try to turn around again and stop the whole thing? Should she…. Oh God…. should she let it happen?

Water slid over her slim belly in tiny rivulets, creating an erotic sensation. She was beginning to feel little tingling aches in between her legs. That familiar warmth began to seep into her bones and make her crave for more. She heard a soft moan, but didn’t realize that it came from her own mouth.

Jurina laughed softly and pressed her body against Rena’s back harder, and the pale skinned girl was pinned to the counter. Rena brought her hand behind Jurina’s head and pulled younger girl tightly against her. Without releasing her hold on, Jurina brought her other hand to Rena’s hip, rubbing it softly.

“I miss you…” Jurina whispered.
Rena breathed heavily as she pushed against Jurina, trying to turn around. Jurina’s arms tightened and held her fast. Then, her hand slid on Rena’s hip beneath the top of her skirt.

Her hips bucked in response to Jurina’s hot flesh pressing against her thigh. The tips of her fingers drew circles on the top of her leg and belly, coming close to, but never touching. Noises of frustration poured from Rena’s mouth and the seventeen year-old girl intensified these by taking the older girls ear lobe between her lips and tongue. A deep, guttural sound came from Jurina as her fingers finally slipped between Rena’s legs.

Rena was dripping wet, and the fingers easily slid home. Her knees buckled at first contact, and Jurina caught her and pulled her onto her feet. The girl’s fingers tightened and Rena arched against her. Weak with desire, Rena surrendered herself to Jurina completely. Now it was Jurina’s turn to be impatient as she turned Rena around quickly and kissed her fiercely. The sheer intensity of it, stole Rena’s breath away.

Without breaking any contact, Jurina pulled the older Matsui into the living room, into the hallway, and finally to the bedroom. Now Rena was lying against the scented sheets, with Jurina’s body weighing down on her. Shamelessly, Rena wrapped her legs around the girl’s slim waist and pulled her closer, desperate to satisfy her needs.

They stayed like that for a long time, kissing and petting each other. Sadly, their lips drew from each other to pull Jurina’s shirt up over her head. Rena’s garments were removed in a similarly rapid manner. Again, they came together only to become more aroused by the contact of flesh. Their bare chests pressed against one another, soft female flesh intertwining. For hours they stayed like that, legs and arms intertwined as their mouths joined. It was as though the sex itself were not their goal. Their focus seemed to be conveying to each other just how much they needed one another through voiceless song. When Jurina did finally separate herself from Rena, she knelt between Rena’s legs and stared up to her with eyes half lidded. Rena returned her gaze.

Slowly and deliberately, Jurina drew patterns into her skin, touching here more than there, harder then softer. Every inch of her skin was singing. Rena’s hips were moving up and down, begging for Jurina’s attention. But the younger Matsui was just grinning playfully. She enjoyed making the older Matsui wait. Soon Rena was close to tears, her want for her blocking out anything close to reasonable thought.

“Maybe I should tease you for a while…” Jurina’s voice was playful, but her expression was stern, and pitiful mewling was all Rena was capable of.

“Or maybe you’ve had enough…” She chuckled.

Leaning down, and covered Rena’s body with hers. They mirrored each other, allowing their skin to meet from head to toe. Jurina kissed Rena’s forehead, her nose, lingered on her mouth and traced her lips with the tip of her tongue. Then she moved lower, kissing Rena’s throat and nibbling her collarbone. Hands moved ceaselessly up and down Rena’s sides. Their bodies were now slick with perspiration, as Jurina slid lower. She parted Rena’s legs with her knee, and pressed it tightly.

Rena was immediately soaked. Sighing softly to herself as Jurina took one of her perky tip into her mouth. Rena moaned at the sensation of teeth scraping ever so softly.

Jurina brought her hand to Rena’s other breast, as she continuously kneaded her moist flesh. Desperate for a release, Rena pumped herself against Jurina’s leg, feeling her orgasm build. When her breathing became rapid, Jurina drew away, and Rena whined in protest.

“Uh-uh-uh… not yet…” Jurina said smirking, and flashed a wink at her.

“My God, Jurina. Stop teasing me, will you? Hurry up…” The words found their way out without Rena’s assistance. She was too lost in where Jurina was touching her.

Leaving Rena’s breasts, Jurina left a trail of kisses down her belly. Then dipped her tongue into Rena’s belly button. A jolt ran through her and she thrashed against Jurina’s chest, smearing the girl’s breasts with her juices.

Firmly, Jurina grabbed Rena’s hips and pinned them to the bed. Rena felt Jurina’s hot breath between her legs and looked down to see the other Matsui inhaling her natural perfume with relish.

As Rena writhed beneath her, Jurina’s strong arms held her down. Rena wanted to scream at her when she felt the tip of the girl’s tongue barely touches her secret pearl. Jurina kept this “almost contact” up for several minutes. Rena wanted to sob frustration. Just when she thought she would lose consciousness, Jurina drew it entirely into her mouth, sucking it hard and rough. Immediately the orgasm came. It was over quickly, but the younger Matsui didn’t want to let go. She continued sucking hard. At first, it was almost painful and almost too much for Rena to bear. She tried pulling Jurina away, but Jurina refused to budge. Soon her body responded and matched the rhythm. Before long, she was coming again and again. Her mind shut out the world, and colors danced before her. Brilliant reds, oranges, deep purples and blues. It was the moment when a sunset could be a sunrise, or vice versa. It was when time no longer mattered, and all that existed was the beauty before her. When Jurina finally stopped, Rena was trembling with pleasure in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Her body no longer felt real. Felt like, she was a constellation of stars that all went super nova at the same time.

Jurina’s lips covered her, and she let the girl kissed her deeply. All of her strength had so diminished, so she couldn’t respond to it. Then Jurina wrapped her arms around her lover protectively.

“I wish we could spend more time together.” Jurina muttered, her voice was thick as she squeezed Rena tighter.

“Me too, I wish we could just lie in here as much as we want.” Rena replied, and nuzzled her nose against the crook of Jurina’s neck.

“I love you… Rena-chan.”

“I love you too… with all my heart.” Rena forced the words out of her exhausted body, drawing on the fullness of her feelings for Jurina. She passed out… and when she woke, Jurina was still holding her, as the other Matsui’s deep breathing told her that she slept.


5 responses to “Rest Day

  1. It’s not like a smut fic, not at all, it’s more than that. It’s sensual and beautiful, I love it so much. Really thank you for this!

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