Moving Closer…


A/N: Beware this fic contains:
Incest theme
Mature scenes
and 75% OOC (lol!)
Anyway, I wrote this fic last year, but I just posted it now… XD. I really want to write a wm fic where R and J are sisters…(hope you readers will like it, just forgive my grammar mistakes and other errors that you might encounter.



Moving Closer…


“Now you have only each other…”

A stray comment hit her like a thunder bolt. She had never felt so alone in her life ever!

Matsui Rena couldn’t believe at the suddenness of event in her life. That starting from today—onwards, she would be living together with none other than her sister Jurina. She couldn’t imagine the dreary years ahead. Years where she would be carrying a burden she didn’t want to.
She was looking forward to severing the umbilical cord with her sister, yet their parents had decreed that they were turning into a “Siamese twins”.
Matsui Jurina was her tormentor and an assassin who grinned as she smote. Rena gets easily aggravated whenever her sister’s around, and couldn’t last a day within Jurina’s presence…


“Rena-chan, this is your sister Jurina.” She recalled her mom gladly introduced a girl who wears a light pink blouse, jean shorts and knee-length socks that enhances her long-thin legs.

Rena was at the tender age of eleven, when her Mom and Dad brought Jurina into their home. She has a slightly wavy hair falling behind her shoulders and she’s a little bit skinny just like Rena at that time.

“We felt that we should not be selfish, and that you needed a companion at play.” Mr. Matsui added, while his hand was tenderly placed on the little girl’s shoulder.

A stranger…

An adopted sister…

Who came in to share with everything she has—her parents, their affection and the surname Matsui.
After Rena was born, the doctor had diagnosed that; Mrs. Matsui could not bear a child anymore. It was the very sole reason why they decided to adopt Jurina.

Years passed, yet the sister’s never tightened their relationship as siblings. They seemed to be total opposites in personality. And Rena also grew distant towards Jurina. She started to hate her sister in sight. As they grow older, Rena observes that; It’s not just Jurina grew up pretty and charming, but the girl had a knowledge on how to use her charm and beguiled everyone around her. Rena further noticed Jurina’s sickly sweetness towards their mother that made her a favorite, though their mom never openly showed it.

Back when they were kids, Rena remembered how even the neighbors who spotted them on the street would pinch her sister’s cheeks, smiled at her and told her how cute she was. However, Rena just stood there in sullen silence. She found herself taking refuge in silence, which seemed to be her only ally. Wherever they went, Jurina would seem to be the star, as her beauty and vivacity made Rena looked duller and quieter. In school where the sisters used to attend together, Rena’s friends also gravitated towards Jurina though they remained loyal to her. Whenever her sister’s around, it’s like Rena ceased to be an independent entity, she stopped being a single person, becoming half of a unit and inseparable in so many people’s mind.

Sometimes they would sit together outside their house, in the garden. While Rena would be lost in her own little world while reading, when she caught a chance and watched out for Jurina in the corner of her eye, she would notice that Jurina was looking at her direction with a smile on her face.
The eldest Matsui concluded that her sister would be plotting her next move—on how to humiliate her in public or to get her into trouble. To Rena, Jurina had a face that was innocent as an angel’s, yet under that she hides a heart as black as night.

Then, came a time when an unexpected happening brought a drastic change into their beautiful family life. The father of the family passed away, due to car accident. He was a good man who always loved and looked after his family with an absolute care. It was really hard for the three ladies to handle the tragedy, especially Rena. She had witnessed how their dad’s passing strangely affects their mother‘s health. Like, Mrs. Matsui suddenly aged overnight.

The sisters both knew that their mom desperately missed their dad and it was as though, she was pinning for him. They also knew deep within that she wouldn’t survived without him.
One evening, Mrs. Matsui called the girls into her room to discuss something with them. Rena couldn’t hide her tears as she heard her mom’s voice breaking, while she spoke of their future. Mrs. Matsui softly grasps both of their hands.

“My dear girls, your dad and I have always wanted you to be closed like a real sisters. I hope that you would be there for each other by the time that I was gone.” Their mom’s voice turned wispy, as though her thoughts were taking a burden at her emotion.

At that very moment, Rena understands what her mom was trying to say. Their parents had always known that she and Jurina dislike each other despite their efforts.

“She is the interloper!” Rena said to herself fiercely. “She should have tried harder.”

“Your dad has made out his will. We do hope that it will keep you together.” Mrs. Matsui was still talking, her voice made Rena snapped back to her senses.

“Big chance!” Rena scoffed inwardly, and found Jurina looking at her with a curious gleam in her eyes.

After the conversation that night; it only took a couple of months and Mrs. Matsui went without struggle, almost glad that she would soon to be with her loving husband. As their mom’s friends came and held their hands condoling with them, tears overwhelmed the eldest Matsui.

“Now you have only each other…”

A stray comment hit her like a thunder bolt. She had never felt so alone in her life ever!

The next morning, the family lawyer arrived at the Matsui residence. In his hand, was Mr. Matsui’s last will and testament. The lawyer began to read the statement, and both girls were shocked at the investment their father had left behind. Rena never realized how much work he had been putting away all these years, for her—for both of them.
He cleared his throat then carry on with the other enclosed inscription, as the next few words broke into them.

“—upon the death of my spouse, the entire remaining of our wealth and property shall be equally distributed between our two daughters, Rena and Jurina. On the condition that, they will live together under one roof for the rest of their lives…”

After he finished reading all the document’s content, Rena’s world collapsed about her. And she as well noticed that Jurina seemed shell shocked too, yet she quickly regained composure and turn on her fake charm then smiled sweetly at the lawyer. Who obviously melted under her charm, while Rena stared at them grumpily.

“Another scalp to her collection.” She silently fumed.

As soon as the lawyer left the house, Jurina shuts the door and they were alone. Just the two of them whom silently staring across the large living room—at one another as though sizing up a competitor before a prize fight.

“Well… it’s just the two of us then.” Jurina said. Her face impassive and her voice was cool as ever.

Rena gave her a smile. She was pretty sure that Jurina could pick up how happy she was to have her under the same roof.

“Yeah, us girls left with no one but each other. Just keep your nose clean, and don’t drag me in any trouble.”

Jurina smiled. Her own little smile, and a gleam showing in her eyes that Rena definitely doesn’t like.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head sis. I can take care of myself now. I won’t bother you if I get myself involved in any trouble.” She smirks and turns, swaying her behind, ascending the stairs to her own bedroom.

It was an irritating personality of her younger sister that always plagued Rena, yet she couldn’t say a word.

One Tuesday afternoon, Rena’s classes ended and she joined the group of students trudging down the corridors in the stifling heat and headed to the courtyard. She stepped out into the glaring sun and made her way towards the gate. There, leaning against the brick archway leading into the school’s property was Jurina and in front of her—far too close for Rena’s tastes was Serizawa Kenji—a senior student just like her. They met through a mutual friend. He was a good guy trying to be cool. Rena got easily attracted towards him because of his “soft features but still looks masculine” appeal.

‘Perfectly fit as a boyfriend material.’ Rena thought so.

“Why is she here!? And why is he with her?”  Rena noticed his tie was off and his short sleeved uniform shirt was open, showing his slightly damp under shirt. The heat was almost forgotten as anything other than further fuel for Rena’s anger. As she stalked across the courtyard, the sight provided her with new energy to fuel her fast paced.

Jurina spotted Rena as she approached; predictably enough the only acknowledgement of her older sister’s presence was brief eye contact before she rolls her eyes. Rena manages to catch the guy unawares however, and he starts briefly as Rena took his arm and gave him a tight smile.

“Oh, hey Rena. How’s it going? Enjoying the lovely weather?” He smiles casually down at her, his posture relaxing back from his previous lean towards Jurina.

“Oh yeah.” Rena responded with a wry smile. “The hot weather always made me want to go to the beach. Nee Kenji-kun, why don’t we go to the beach this weekend?”

Rena caught sight of Jurina letting out a soft sigh, looking out beyond the gate and into the distance.

“Yeah sure, and maybe we could take your sister with us.” Kenji said with a grin, eyeing Jurina once again.

“I don’t think my sister will like that idea, knowing her—she hates anything that messes with her fair complexion too much.”
Rena flashes her sister a little smirk, as Jurina’s eyes drifted momentarily over her. Impassive as ever.

“I don’t want my skin to be tanned, I’m afraid I can’t come with you.” Jurina responded, her voice was as disinterested as her face. “Regardless, I’ll catch you guys later. I’m going to be late for my study group.” She added, turning and starts off towards the library.

Rena gave Kenji’s arm a little squeeze, while watching her sisters back walking away from them. Now she just had to make sure to keep him away from Jurina. She’d probably steal him out of spite. Rena knew how a pretty face could drive boys wild. Surely, she was pretty… though she thought a bit on the thin side. Yet she knows her younger sister was drop-dead gorgeous.

When Rena got back home, her mood hasn’t brightened any. Jurina was already there sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine. She hardly even glances up and totally ignoring her older sister’s presence.

Rena glared at Jurina’s direction, not caring whether her sister sees it or not, before heading to her bedroom and shredding clothes. She changes into a comfy shirt and shorts, and then got back to the living room sitting on one of the couch across Jurina. The large living room was naturally quiet. The incessant crinkling and flipping through the pages of the magazine, as it echoed about the high walled room, causing the only sound other than the gears of the Grandfather’s clock.

Rena stared at Jurina for a moment; noticing the girl was wearing a blue stripped sleeveless emphasizing her skin, usually white as cream, her arms and delicate wrist leading up into her long graceful hands. With matching tight white mesh teeny shorts that exposes her thighs and long smooth legs. Jurina’s dark shoulder length hair hanging and slightly covering her face to the side, as she tilted her head while reading.

“I saw what you were doing earlier.” Rena started, sending another dark look her way.

“Hmm… and what was that?” Jurina asked, not even looking up. Still idly paging though her issue of… whatever it is.

“Stop acting like you didn’t know what I mean.” She’s not in the mood for her younger sister’s games. Playing innocent then sniping as soon as an opening appears.

“Oh, you mean getting talked at—by that boy?”
Rena glared at her once again. Jurina’s eyes are now on hers, an eyebrow slightly raised as she flips another pages, not looking at the damn thing.
Rena’s lips tightened, eyes narrowed and her frustrations building.

“You know that I like him right? I saw how close you were getting.” Her sister made her furious, Rena was sure the wavering tone in her voice shows it.

“You mean how close he was getting to me. You really could do better.” Jurina replied. Calm, steady, detached. Infuriating.

“So you were saying that, you were just standing there innocently minding your own business and he randomly came up started talking to you!?” Rena asked incredulously.

“Essentially, whether you want believe it or not.”

“Why do you always do this?” Rena stared daggers at her, wishing looks could kill.

Jurina lets out a soft, long suffering sigh and placed down her magazine. Leaning her back against the sofa, crossing her arms across her chest and looked at Rena.

“I’m not doing anything.” She calmly responded.

“You’re after Kenji!” Rena nearly screamed at her, anger bubbling and rising in her belly every moment her sister remained so damn calm.

“Honestly Rena-chan, I’m more interested in you than in him.”

“What the hell is that suppose to mean!?” Rena couldn’t stand hearing Jurina says her name like that. So condescending and almost irritated, as if Jurina were explaining addition to a “retard” for the fourth time in a row.
Rena was getting irrational and pissed off, she was sure it’s showing like nothing else. She could also felt the blood rushing to her face and her clenched fists are trembling.

“Is it because he’s not good enough for you?” It was the first thing that springs to mind and Rena couldn’t help but spat it out at her.

Jurina sighs again, picking up her magazine beside her. “You’re missing my point!” Ignoring Rena like she was a spoiled child.

“She’s the one that’s always causing trouble and I’m the one that’s childish!?” Rena’s mind protested.

“Am I? What the hell is your point then?”

“Forget it. I am not interested in him.” She sighs for the third time.
For once, Jurina looked a bit pissed off. It was wonderfully gratifying for Rena, to get her sister a bit flustered and saw her cheeks reddened, along with the anger in her eyes.

“You are lying.” Rena smirked at her and she could see her sister seething.

“You think I’m lying!? I don’t want that idiot boy. Why can’t you get that through your head!?” She glared at Rena and abruptly stood up from the couch, stalking towards the direction of her room.

Rena was not going to let her sister got off that easily. “Oh really? Now I get it. My sister Jurina had another prospect? Tell me; is it one of my friends?” Rena felt like almost giggling with glee as she was tailing from behind. To the stairs and finally into Jurina’s bedroom. She was really having a great time seeing Jurina out of sorts, though she had no idea why this was pissing her off so much. But she’s riding high on the wave.

“Come on Jurina. Tell me who is it? Maybe I could help you add them in your collections. Just tell me what you like? ”

“Oh, do you want to know what I like? You want to know what turns me on? You don’t even know your sister. Shall I show you then?” Jurina spat back, whirling to face her older sister and her eyes blazing.

Rena looked at her straight in the eyes, giggling lightly. “Sure sis, show me. You have pictures around here somewh—” Her words has been cut-off.

Rena couldn’t resume from talking. Her eyes grew wider and her mouth left ajar, after witnessing Jurina’s abrupt actions. “W-What the hell are you doing!?” She asked with a startled expression.

It was very much shocked the reserved girl as her eyes transfixed to her sister. To drive her point home, Jurina unceremoniously peeled her clothing off. And the last was shimming out of her shorts, leaving her in a pair of underwear.

In just two or more seconds, Rena was given no other opportunity as Jurina pushed her firmly and pressed her body against the door. Rena had no time to defend herself and simply gasped out in surprised at her sister’s boldness.
Good thing that she was wearing a shirt or her back was mercilessly rubbed raw against the door, as Jurina’s body was so tight against her, making Rena hard to breathe. She could smell the sweet shampoo in her sister’s hair as the scent of it filled and tickled the inside of her nostrils when Jurina etched her face closer, and her lips suddenly melded into hers. So aggressive, yet so soft. Rena groaned as Jurina’s tongue speared slowly past both set of lips and began probing her mouth, and touches her tongue. Rena tried to push Jurina back, to stop her younger sister’s perversion, but had no leverage. She’s not that strong enough. Jurina’s hand sliding over her side, so light yet so urgent. Rena could almost feel every curve of her sister’s flesh pressing against her body. The fullness of her breasts, always bigger than hers, was smashing against her chest and Jurina’s hips pressing into her stomach, just a bit higher. The three inches Jurina has on her, making just the difference. Rena also felt Jurina’s stomach and chest heaved as she breathes.

The eldest Matsui was confused as hell, as her sister gathers her wrists above her head, pinning them up there with just one hand, holding it tightly as the girl continued her assaults. Feeling a jolt, as Rena realized not only Jurina shifted her hands; she as well pressed her thighs between her nether regions. Rena couldn’t help but squirmed against Jurina, the sensation between her legs tells her that—well she… was… squirming against her sister.

Jurina’s mouth traveled down, over Rena’s chin and onto her neck as she kissed, sucked, nibbles and bites every area where her mouth landed. It was a total sensory overload and Rena reveled in the helplessness, it’s weird and it’s fucked up as part of her brain says. Yet she was past caring. She had been defeated! Her younger sister had won and her body was completely at her sister’s disposal. The feeling of wrongness suddenly disappeared, and now all Rena could think of was the feeling of her sister’s lips on her skin as her kisses leaving a cool trail on her burning skin. She unconsciously began to grind desperately against the hip and thigh Jurina has afforded her.

Using the space created, Jurina pulled up Rena’s shirt roughly, unveiling her sister’s uncladed breasts and leaned her upper body back as her mouth moved further south.
The older of the two lets out a tiny groan of protest when Jurina draw away from her, and stopped sucking and biting her collarbone, but she felt soft lips hovered over her left breast. Sucking the center tip into her mouth, gently biting down and ravaging the soft flesh of her breast. The groan turned into a gasping cry, and Rena barely noticed that Jurina began tugging her shorts along with the enclosed under clothing down. Jurina even manages doing it without too much of an interruption to her grinding. Rena shuddered when she felt Jurina’s bare thighs against her exposed wetness. She bit down her lower lip to avoid herself from screaming. Eventually, Jurina let go of her wrists. As the girl’s mouth moves off from her left breast, sliding over to the right one before kissing her way further down Rena’s toned stomach.

“Dear God, is she going to…? I can’t think of it.”

Rena’s heart was pounding in her chest and in her ears, it’s like every nerve ending in her body has suddenly comes alive and her skin became ultimately sensitive. Registering pleasure everywhere in any part of her body where her sister had touched. Plus the area surrounding, just by proximity.
Mass of hair brushes over Rena’s abdomen, down to her thighs as Jurina slowly goes to her knees in front of her older sister who never thought she’d ever been so turned on in her life. To have Jurina kneeling… wanting her… touching her and taking possession of every bit of her. Rena could feel it. As sure as anything else she’d ever felt.

“She wants me. This is her time to worship, to desire, to give everything she had and more.”

Rena was more than willing to accept it, as Jurina was met with no resistance when she nudges her way under one of her sister’s legs so it was over her shoulder and around her back. The elder Matsui mindlessly allowed Jurina’s total access, completely and willingly. Jurina slides her arm around Rena’s uplifted legs to rest a hand on her most intimate area, delicately spreading the lips beneath—and there was a terrible moment of anticipation.

“What will it be like? I’ve never let anyone… much less a girl… even less my pain of a sister.”

Then it happens, Rena involuntarily moaned her sister’s name incredibly out loud at the very first moment of contact. For Rena, it was like a phenomenal experience. She doesn’t just feel it. She as well sees it, smell it and it reverberates through her entire being. The heat and wetness of her younger sister’s mouth melded with her own, her tongue caressing the deepest folds, suckling that tiny protuberance like what she did on her breasts. Working the fingers of her other hand gently at the entrance. Lightly penetrating, yet never invasive. Exploring and working Rena’s entire body into frenzy of pleasure through that one small area. Rena was unable to stifle her moans and deep sighs that eminated rapidly from her lungs. Her hands buried into Jurina’s hair feeling the silky soft strands of liquid jet flowing between her fingers, caressing her face and neck as Jurina pushes her even farther.

The first orgasm hits her from out of left field. Rena’s body shivered and then goes stiff as her orgasm overwhelms her. It’s like the world was spinning and breaking apart, swirling into the darkness behind her closed eyelids. She couldn’t even whimper. Her breath swept out of her, glorious explosion of hormones going off on her brain.

Many followed that first, but Rena would be lying if she said she’d remember them all clearly. They made it into Jurina’s bed eventually, where soon the Matsui sister’s both collapsed. Exhausted both physically and emotionally, and then drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep curled around one another.


“It’s hot! Too hot to sleep.”

That was Rena’s first thought, as she slowly drifted upwards through the layers of consciousness. She was sweating, even though she was naked aside from the sheets.

“Why am I sleeping naked?” Rena asked herself, as her eyes slowly opened.

The smell of something strange filled her senses, definitely not a smell she used to. Rena reached out across the bed, and for some reason expecting to find something there. To her disappointment, there was nothing but an empty space.

She furiously rolled her head away from the morning light sipping in through the glass window. Her gaze drifted across the room to confirm what had happened the night before. A slight movement caught her eyes, in drawn to her sister Jurina, as the girl was sitting at the desk near the bed. The sight of her hits Rena like a punch in the chest and the memories of last night instantly flooded her brain.

“How can she be so beautiful?”

The question tears at her heart, making her feel like she was going to choked on the lump that’s rising in her throat. Jurina’s dark hair hung over her shoulders, as the soft yellow sunlight lending a bronze cast into her skin. The girl was sitting there motionless with a laptop in front of her. Through the slats in the back of the chair, Rena could see the curve of her younger sister’s back with a light sheen of sweat made her contours glisten.

Now Rena knew what she was expecting to find beside her. As Jurina’s sweet scent still lingers over the pillow and sheets.

“The sight of her sitting there naked, even if I’m not seeing… I feel like I’m going crazy.”

Taking a second before she got up, crossing her legs over the side of the bed and pushing her feet to the floor. Rena didn’t bother to wrap herself and walked her way out of Jurina’s bedroom. Heading straight to her own room and into the bathroom.

The water was almost scalding hot as it rains down on her nakedness. At first, Rena just idly standing there, letting the water flow over her. Then eventually she started scrubbing.

“I have to get Jurina’s scent off of me. Out of my hair and off of my skin. What the hell was wrong with her? What was she thinking? That I would like it?”

Rena scrubbed her skin until it was raw and thought that she had washed her hair for like three times. But still, she doesn’t felt clean.

“I want nothing more than to get the feel of her off of me, but it was like her hands are still there. Jurina’s hands and lips are still moving over my skin.”

Rena shuddered with the memory of it and leaned her back against the cold wall of the shower.

“What’s wrong with her? What’s wrong with me? Fuck this! She’s still going to get a piece of my mind.”

Twisting off the shower knob, Rena was ready to confront her sister. Letting Jurina know what she thought of her sick little perversion. She wrapped herself in a towel and exited the bathroom.

The water dripping from her damped hair and the tapping feet on the floor foretold Rena’s arrival, as she aggressively approached Jurina’s bedroom. Throwing the door open and stepped inside, tirade half formed in the throat, but Jurina was gone.

“NO! She can’t do this to me, then just walked out and hide from the consequences of her actions like she always does. She can’t do this! What was it to her? Just another fuck to be ditched in the morning? I wouldn’t doubt it, knowing her.”

Trembling with rage, Rena slammed the door shut behind her as tears well up her eyes and she didn’t know why. Sliding down her back against the door, her heart twisting in her chest. The pain she felt punishing her for her own impotence. She hoped it was worth it for Jurina.

“I’m going to make her life a living hell. Just like the way she’s been doing to me.”

Rena couldn’t do anything but cry and cursed Jurina until she noticed the time. Now her sister made her late for class too. She immediately throw on her uniform and tried to hide the effects of her crying with the help of make-up and gone to school as quickly as possible.

“She’ll just have to wait. God I hate her!”

It has been an awful day, class after class, long and dull. Even when Rena spotted Jurina in the hallways, she had to keep her rage bottled up. She doesn’t want to humiliate herself by making such a scene inside this school. Even with that in mind, every time they brushed pass each other everything boils up into her throat. Rena had to choke it back as though it were a vile conglomeration of bodily fluids that seeped into her stomach and need to be expelled. Every time she saw Jurina, her mind’s eye opens, showing her snapshots of what they did. Things Rena wished she could easily forget. As for her sister, she’s still Matsui Jurina, as though nothing had happened. The same blasé look, the same slow dignified gait, the same disinterested stare and confident attitude.

“Am I nothing to her? Does she just not give a damn about any of it?”

When Rena thought about these things, she felt hot tears brimming at the edge of her eyes. Despair clutching at her heart, as she wiped the tears that were rolling in her cheeks. But why these things mattered? Her sister’s a freak, a pervert and definitely doesn’t care about her sentiments. Rena knew how Jurina uses people and dropped them.

Finally, class ends and Rena found herself in the courtyard again. She was so lost in her own thoughts and was unaware that she made it so far. Standing in the bright scorching sunlight, Rena casted her eyes about for an anchor, and pulled her out of her disorientation. As if God felt her need, the best anchor possible came walking through the gate.

Rena grinned like a goon and rushed to meet Kenji, as he saunters on in and flashed Rena a smile. Troubles momentarily forgotten as she sweetly smiled back. Soon they were surrounded by friends and everything seemed normal. With Kenji’s arm around her shoulders and gossips being passed around their little circle, Rena didn’t even noticed Jurina until she caught Kenji’s gaze wandering past her.

Of course, he would notice Jurina who was just beside her, listening to their friends chatter with that passive look on her face and smug gleam in her eyes. Fury and outrage swells and threatens to boil over Rena as Jurina gave her a faint smile.

“How dare she just wander in and disrupt my world like this?”

Rena settled in against Kenji’s side even closer, sliding an arm around his waist possessively and saw her sister’s smile faltered and fade.

“It’s my turn to smile. She doesn’t like that, does she?”

Every bit of attention Rena lavished on Kenji seemed to sour Jurina’s mood. Nuzzling his shoulder and playing with his hair. Every little move she did brings another crystal of ice into her younger sister’s eyes, and driving the girl farther back behind her pretentious façade.

“Does she think she has some kind of right to me? That she laid some sort of claim to me? I think not.”

Rena could see the fury simmering into her sister’s eyes, a mirror to her own. She detached herself from Kenji just a bit, lacing her fingers with his, as his arms dropped from her shoulder. Rena gave him a shy smile, excusing themselves from the grabbing circle of friends to take a little walk. The girl’s got the idea, as their departure was accompanied giggles and knowing glances.

However, Jurina’s eyes are locked on him, as though he might think she looked interested. Yet Rena knew better than that. The only interest she has in him was possibly to castrate him at this point. Jurina’s anger was like a sweet balm to the other Matsui’s heart and mind. Rena felt light-hearted and unburdened as they wander the grounds.

They hadn’t gone farther when Kenji got an unexpected phone call. He excused himself and held his mobile phone into his ears. After the call ended, Kenji bid his goodbye to Rena reasoning that he needs to be at his dad’s office and did not give any hint or detail about it.

They parted ways and Rena headed back to the library for an unnecessary study. She did everything in order to avoid herself of coming home, she even texted one of her friend to hang out and dine out until late at night. Rena wanted to stay out late—or more specifically speaking staying away from Jurina.

Letting out a long sigh, Matsui Rena stared up outside of their residence. Dreading what awaited her inside, and she guessed she had to bite the bullet eventually. Her two feet felt like lead, as her hand held the knob to push the door to open. Stepping in, she had to steel herself and took a slow walk to the living room. Rena felt like she was walking to the chopping block and the executioner waiting with his razor sharp axe. But why? It was her house too. Why Jurina had this power over her, making her feel like she couldn’t return to her own house.

“This was my house too!” For the second time, Rena reminded herself.

She quickened her pace and by the time she reached the living room, she was almost running. Jurina was there just like the last time, but now she was lying on the long couch stretching out on her stomach with a book open in front of her. With the same attitude of not obligating herself in recognizing Rena’s presence, as her attention was drawn to her book, doing some homework or maybe just doodling as she reads. Rena stared at her with burning defiance, until their eyes met and locked as Jurina raised her head from her book. Jurina’s look was cold, close, distant and uncaring.

“The very essence of my dear sister,” Rena thought and did all her best for her defiance to be acknowledge, her independence. The fact that she would not be a slave to her sister’s whims and desire. Rena should’ve known better.

Once again, Rena was left with twisting frustrations in her gut and embarrassment rising in her cheeks as Jurina buried her nose back to her book, her look dismissing Rena as an overemotional and overdramatic child.

“How does she do this to me? She doesn’t even have to speak to make me feel like this, as though I wasn’t even worth more than a moment of her time.”

Jurina made her feel ashamed of what she did, of how she felt, as if she was the unreasonable one. Suddenly, Rena felt like she wanted to cry again, her frustrations jumping from her stomach to create a knot in her throat and made her eyes burned with shame. Somehow, Rena managed to hold it in, clamping down with all her strength and willing herself not to let Jurina saw her vulnerability. So she simply went upstairs to her bedroom. Minutes later, she slid into her bed, doing all she could to maintain control.

Lying there, staring up at nothingness, Rena’s room was enveloped with pure silence. All was silent until Rena heard a creaking noise coming from the door with faint light seeping through its crack, indicating that someone’s opening it. To her surprise, Jurina entered the room, as Rena’s eyes hadn’t adjusted enough to be able to see anything other than her sister’s vague form across her dresser. Then Jurina slid quietly into Rena’s bed, lying on her side facing her older sister. Rena doesn’t quite know what to think, but she didn’t trust this one bit.

The sisters stared at one another in silence for a long while. As Rena’s eyes adjusted and she could perceive Jurina was wearing a white button down shirt and PJ shorts. She didn’t have to see the detail to know that. Jurina was faintly illuminated by the feeble light of the moon outside the window.

“Why is her face so calm and her eyes so impenetrable? Its times like this I hate the most, and at time like this not even me— can read her. It makes me want to lash out, hurt her and get her angry; at least I know where I stand.”

“Why did you do that?” Jurina’s voice was soft but clear, utterly devoid of any feeling.

Rena had to ponder a moment before answering, “What did I do what?”

Searching Jurina’s eyes and found nothing. They seemed flat and empty as her voice, and it scares Rena in some fashion. Having her sister looked at her like that, felt unnatural. The irrepressible urge to do something or anything to get her sister back to normal, welled up inside her.

“She can’t do this to me; she can’t look at me like she does now. NO! NO! NO!”

Jurina rolled onto her back as though she’ll get up. This alarmed the eldest sister, she wouldn’t let her. Rena wouldn’t let Jurina leave her again just like that.

In one swift motion, Rena snaked one arm over Jurina’s waist and moved, so she was lying on top of her. Rena’s chest was on Jurina’s midriff section, and her chin resting lightly just below the girl’s collarbone. The youngest Matsui didn’t resist her older sister’s movement, yet she wasn’t reacting at all. Complete indifference. This feared Rena above any other response at all. She could feel the tears she held back springing into her eyes, threatening to spill over as her heart lurches in her chest.

“NO! I won’t let you leave.” Was all Rena could think to say, even if it didn’t make much sense.

There’s an air of finality in the room, cradling their words and lending their tiniest movements a staggering weight.

“Why not? You already left me.”

With that said, Rena saw in her mind’s eye the stare Jurina gave to Kenji. She saw the smile Jurina gave to her and also she saw the warmth in her sister’s eyes through the day that Rena willed herself not to see at that time. Her tears made good in their threat, as it spilling out and down her cheeks.
As what Rena done staggers her, she sagged against Jurina; laying her cheek on her sister’s chest and let her tears fall. If Rena was standing, she probably would’ve sunk to her knees. She couldn’t speak, as insidious weakness and revulsion washed over her. Silent tears turned into wracking sobs, as she curled against Jurina.
Rena’s body and soul begged for forgiveness, even if her voice cannot. Jurina’s arms slowly slid around her eventually cradling her as she cry, and fingers sliding through her hair.
Slowly Rena’s sobbing fade, leaving her exhausted and depressed. Doing her best to find her voice though all she could manage to produce was a ragged whisper.

“I’m sorry Jurina, I’m sorry.” Rena didn’t know what else she could say.

She couldn’t deny it. She did not just left Jurina. She ran away screaming from her sister. Still, they didn’t comprehend what they did last night. Maybe Rena was sick and maybe Jurina was totally fucked up in the head too. Rena couldn’t just ignore it, locking Jurina out and leaving her in the cold alone. They might dislike and hated each other sometimes, but they’d always had each other to hate. There was nothing worse than nothing

Jurina gently cupped Rena’s chin and tilted her older sister’s head up to looked at her. Rena could see Jurina plainly now, her lovely face, delicate features normally giving strength by her confidence and unbreakable will, sad and tired here in the darkness of her room. Jurina’s eyes. Her eyes are what pained Rena the most. They are not only sad, but also damn lonely. A loneliness Rena knew all too well. It was heartbreaking for Rena to see herself in her younger sister, and briefly she hated Jurina for letting her see it. Rena does all the time, but never her sister. It scares the hell out of her.

“You’re my big sister; I idolized you and want very much to be like you.”
Her shell was cracking, her walls crumbling down. This never happened before, not all the time they’ve been together. Never once in their life Jurina lost it.

“I’m not the crazy younger sister you thought. I just want you to notice me.”

Jurina’s voice was barely a whisper, and Rena could make out the wetness in her eyes. She’s breaking, and Rena had no idea on what to do. Jurina was not supposed to—but what Rena had to expect from her sister. She did nothing but tried to break her. Rena tried to break her, and when her sister crumbles down, she hated Jurina for being so much like her. Is it really Jurina she hated? Rena felt so lost, but she’s not alone. And she wouldn’t let her sister felt alone either.

With trembling hands, Rena cupped Jurina’s face and wiped her tears away. Her eyes searching for Jurina’s dark irises, until the girl allowed them to meet. Rena couldn’t say anything to what she saw in her sister’s eyes, and couldn’t do anything but will her sister to perceived response on her own. She wanted to tell Jurina it would be okay. This time she’ll be strong for her, but it wouldn’t do anything good unless her sister could see it, feel it without words and without lies. Jurina’s eyes had never told her anything untrue whenever she really looked.

“Why haven’t I looked more often? Why wasn’t I willing to see what’s been in front of me all along? Maybe I have to break her to get to this point. I don’t know, but I wish I hadn’t.”

Rena could feel her sister’s body trembling underneath her, and she could also felt the tremors of her loneliness and sadness taking over.

“Was it me that hurt her so badly, or did I just strike the final blow?”

Rena propped herself up on one elbow, and looked down on Jurina. She knew she had to be true to her—to herself and the promised her eyes had made. She couldn’t stand seeing her little sister like this.
Leaning in her lips, catching Jurina’s own ever so softly. For once encouraging her sister with love. Rena had had enough hate for one life. Feeling her younger sister’s crying began in earnest as she kissed her, letting her tears fall. Sometimes it was okay to cry.

Once their lips met they linger tenderly. Holding Jurina closer, as Rena’s kisses has transferred from her sister’s lips to her chin, then up to her cheeks and to her eyelids. Growing more ardent and adoring as Rena do so. So maybe she was pretty sick too. Jurina trembles like a leaf and all Rena could muster was to kiss her, endlessly kiss her. Finally parting Jurina’s lips with her tongue and acknowledging Jurina as more than just her sister.

Last night, the younger girl was in charged. She did as she wished and gave everything to Rena. Now, it’s Rena’s turn and she was kissing Jurina deeply, trying to suck the pain from her soul to let her know she was willing to bear the burden with her.
As Rena do so, she slowly began unbuttoning the night shirt Jurina was wearing, exposing the bare flesh of the valley between her breasts, down over the belly to the cute indentation of her navel. Slowly pushing the thin cloth that was her only remaining defense, the only thing that keeps Rena from having her sister completely and totally vulnerable in every way. Shifting on top of her, Rena kissed her again then began a slow move downwards over her chin and along her throat, feeling almost drunk with the taste and smell of her skin. Rena dived into the hollow of her throat, sucking and nipping at every curve and hollow.

Jurina’s gasps and soft moans were like music to Rena’s ears, as her hands traveled down over her sister’s sides as though they never know the feeling of another body before. Seeking to know and glorify Jurina’s body in every way possible, to elicit every last ounce of pleasure for her sister and herself. Spreading Jurina’s shirt farther, unveiling her perfect breasts as Rena kissed and nuzzled a path down between them. Rena halted, sat up for a moment, leaning back to gaze down upon her sister form. Jurina’s skin was pale and almost seemed to glow in the dimly diffused moonlight. Rena’s fingers wander back up Jurina’s sides slowly cupping the soft beautiful orbs that are her breasts. Her eyes, says everything that Rena needed to know; they made a wordless pledge of not only her body, but her heart and soul as well.

In this moment Rena accepted the truth that she also loved Jurina, perhaps she should. In knowing that Rena felt complete and she knew that Jurina was the only one that could make her feel this way. They thought that they understand that now.
Smiling gently, Rena leaned down and closed her mouth into Jurina’s left breast, first sucking then lightly nibbling and flicking her tongue over its quickly stiffening peak. Earning a moan from Jurina that was reverberating through her chest more than Rena heard it. She quickly switched to the right peak, lavishing equal attention on each in turn. The smoothness of her younger sister’s flesh and the softness of her skin were marvelous. A true wonder to be explored and worshipped.
Rena was far from satisfied with just the breasts though, and her mouth greedily wanders around them. Around the supple sides, down to the barest beginning of their swelling from her chest, then down over her ribs and the flat expanse of her stomach.

Jurina’s navel draws Rena to her midline, nibbled and licked in around it, adoring the feel of her sister’s hands in her hair. Caressing the flare of her hips gently gripping and stroking them before hooking her fingers onto the waist band of Jurina’s lower clothing, slowly dragging it down to exposed yet more of her, and Rena’s lips and tongue soon followed her fingers. Jurina squirms and writhes as Rena traverse the line of her hips and slid down over her thighs, dragging her undergarments farther down as Rena’s mouth requires access.

Rena could feel the heat of her sister’s body rising, her hips lifting to ease the removal of her underwear, granting Rena a glimpse of her sacred spot and allowing her heavenly scent to permeates into the older girl’s senses. Rena’s kisses wandered between Jurina’s navel and the mound between her upper thighs, as Rena slid a hand up her inner thigh, marveling at the warmth she could sense at the other girl’s core. It takes a lot of willpower to keep her head from ducking between Jurina’s thighs. Instead, Rena let her fingers trail ever so slowly upwards, finally coming into contact with the slicked, hot center after what seemed like eternity. At first, she was just merely let her fingers sliding the crevice, feeling her sister writhed and strained for greater contact.

“She’s so soft and incredibly wet.” Rena’s mind mumbled

It’s a nearly frictionless touch, simply gliding over Jurina’s tender parts. Jurina’s gasps and soft cries took on a more pleading tone and Rena could no longer resist her pull. Sliding her fingers deeper into her sister’s valley and allowed her lips to find the placement, as Jurina impales herself on Rena, taking her fingers inside her and grinding on them. Rena was so lost in the sensation and it’s almost surprising when the top of the younger girl’s cleft meets with her chin. Jurina again cried softly as Rena dropped her mouth to the scant few inches necessary, to truly taste her. Near where her chin had rested and found the neat little bud. A perfect place for sucking, and Rena do so without inhibitions as lost in her sister’s sweetness as she was.

Rena kept on thrusting and exploring Jurina’s insides with the aid of her fingers. One of Jurina’s hands gripping the sheets while the other holds Rena’s head in place as her writhing reaches new heights, and her chest heaving as she pants for more air. Rena could do nothing, but marvel at her sister’s beauty in utter abandon as her mouth and hands continuing of their own accord. Jurina’s frenzy works to a fever pitch when her orgasm reached its peak and her slickness coated Rena’s hands.

The elder girl was totally mesmerized in her younger sister’s power as she emits a guttural cry, primal from some dark parts of her soul, and her insides clamped down on Rena’s fingers. Her sister was like a primitive goddess, pure, animalistic, loving and brutal.

The ringing sound coming from the mobile phone sounded shrilly and startled the both of them. Rena straightened herself up in bed; she already guessed who was calling her at this hour, and having a second thought of whether she answer it or not.

“Why won’t you answer your phone, maybe it’s important.” Jurina’s voice broke into the darkness.

“No one is more important other than you.” Rena sweetly replied.

She pulled up and stripped her own night shirt, then crawled back into bed beside Jurina. With a smile, Jurina immediately pulled her into a lingering kiss, letting her hands wander Rena’s naked form sending a thrill up in her spine. After the kiss has broken, Rena held Jurina closer and never wanted to let her go.

“Maybe this is what our parents meant by living together under one roof for the rest of our lives.” Jurina said, softly giggling and settled against Rena under the covers.

Their giggling continues long into the night, and they fell asleep snuggling in each other with a smile that never left their faces.



18 responses to “Moving Closer…

  1. You slowly bring back my WMatsui feelings. Matsui sisters are the best, and I like they love-hate feelings for each other and the bittersweet atmosphere in this fic.

  2. Ah~ My love for WMatsui is finally back. I really love the incest love-hate theme to it. It’s been a while since I’ve read something this good.

  3. This is just too much for me… god…. how I miss this couple, cause lately everyone say that wmatsui are breaking up. The smut scene was intense and sexy love it! ^^

    • Yeah.. they’re slowly drifting apart… 😦 but did you see how they acted towards each other in the *line presscon? (almost cried in happiness)… anyways, thank you for reading and commenting… so glad you like it!!! XD

  4. Just finish reading all of your fics a few months ago , and i keep coming back just to read it again or see if you updated . I love all of your fics, continue making more . I’ll be waiting . Thank you and Have a nice day ! ( i don’t know where to comment so i just post it here)

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