Merry Christmas [Wmatsui OS]


Just a short WM oneshot.
Merry Christmas to ya’ll….


Merry Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…

Who does she think she’s kidding? Except for Matsui Rena, there were no creatures inside her household to stir— at least no mammals.

Akane— her former lover and they been living together for almost two years— had moved out three weeks ago. She didn’t mind her going so much, but Akane took the cutest terrier in the whole wide world with her. They had a long hard custody battle over Ruby— her beloved dog but in the end, Rena had to let them go. Akane was the one who brought the dog when she moved in, so she got to take her when she left.

So here she was alone again, for the holidays. Rena had ordered a bucket of fried chicken (courtesy of Kentakkii) with mashed potato as side dish and choco brownies as desert. So she didn’t have to get her kitchen messy.

Under the Christmas tree were the grab bag gift from work and the fruitcake her mom sent her each year, without fail. Usually, she gave the cake to the group of misdirected Christmas carolers who landed at her doorstep every Christmas Eve; they deserve a holiday treat too.

It’s not that she hadn’t had invitations from several friends to spend the holidays with them. But Rena always felt in the way when she visited all those happy couples. Last year, when she still had a significant other, she spent the holidays with two pairs of her closest friends.
But now that she’s single again, she insists on spending Christmas alone. Is that logic or what?

Rena sat in the window watching it snow for a couple of hours before going to bed. And heavily torturing herself by listening to, “Christmases When You Were Mine…” By Taylor Swift, playing in the background. It was indeed a sad Christmas for her.

In Tokyo, the snow turns gray within hours, but just now, in its pristine whiteness, it was enchanting. Several of her neighbors were heavily into window lights, and the soft mounds that covered the garbage cans in the ally reflected a holiday spectrum of colors: red and green and gold.
The windows were iced up, and the streetlights where halos refracted through the frost. For a while, Rena forgot about being alone and depressed on Christmas Eve. When the upstairs tenants turned off their lights, she sighed and finished her cup of hot choco and went to bed.

Several minutes later, Rena wasn’t sure what had woken her; sort of a rattling sound coming from the living room window. She turned over, and thought, “Oh it’s just Ruby playing with the sash.” Then she froze. Ruby doesn’t live here anymore.
So Rena quietly got out of bed and grabbed the baseball bat behind the closet, her dad’s Birthday present when she turned fifteen.
She tip toed as stealthily as she could to the bedroom door, and accidentally stubbed her toe on the dresser.


Rena quickly clamped her palm in her mouth, preventing herself from screaming out loud. She inched to open the door and crept around the bend, raised the bat to bring it down on the intruder’s head. But she stopped.

Her big brown eyes widened as they caught a glimpse of Santa Claus’s creamy smooth bottom only covered with micro mini red skirt that was now riding up showing half of her nicely-shaped buttocks as he bent to close the window behind him.

“Aren’t you supposed to come down the chimney?” Rena mockingly asked, with great originality. Her sight-seeing proceeded down to Santa’s creamy white pair of legs to her red shiny shoes.

Santa screamed in a girly tone and spun around. Rena smiled to herself as she noticed that this Santa had a nice set of boobs as some flesh oozed out from the tight tube top, making a magnificent cleavage.

“You scared me to death.” She accused.

“I scared you?” Rena incredulously asked. “For your information, this is my apartment.”

“Well yes I know. I did knock, but I guess you were asleep.”

“You guessed right. Can I ask, you know just formy information, what you were doing out on my fire escape?”

“Well, I kind of locked myself out.” The girl responded with an awkward smile.

“You locked yourself out of my apartment?”

“No, out of mine. By the way, I’m your new neighbor.”

“I didn’t know Ms. Claus moved in next to me.” Rena answered still being a bit sarcastic since her adrenaline was running around her bloodstream. And then there was the stubbed toe adding pain signals to the proceedings.

“Oh the costume. Well, I was cosplaying as Ms. Santa for our Christmas party tonight.”

“Well, at least you don’t have to worry about the fake beard this way. But isn’t it kind of late,” Rena squinted at the clock, “three o’clock? I thought Santa made rounds at midnight.”

“Oh Merry Christmas. Well, the party ended at 2 AM. My friends dropped me home and left.”

“Uh… Okay? I can see how all that can take some time and all, but how did you wind up on my fire escape?”

“Well, I guess my keys fell out of my bag at my friend’s car, or at least, I hope they’re at her car. There was an old man downstairs just going out with his dog, so he let me in.”

“Gee, Mr. Miyamae was walking his dog this time of night.”

“I think I’m going to like you a lot.” The Santa cosplayer told her smiling.

“Why?” Rena asked rather puzzled.

“Because you didn’t say anything about the fact that he shouldn’t let a stranger into the building.”

“Well who wouldn’t let Ms. Clause into the building on Christmas Eve? Particularly…” Rena quickly tried to figure out if it was politically correct to call this creature pretty. No maybe lovely was better considering her expressive eyes and the alluring smile, “Particularly such a lovely Ms. Clause.”

“Thank you.” She shyly dropped her eyes, and her long, dark lashes cast shadows on her cheeks. Her pale cheeks tinted with a noticeable faint pink blush.

“I’m very sorry for breaking into your house; my name is Jurina by the way.” She slightly bowed her head “I got upstairs and reached in my bag, but no keys.” Jurina continued. “So I thought, maybe I could get in my window. I went up to the roof and came down the fire escape, but my windows are locked. And, well I didn’t want to have to climb up again, and I wasn’t sure I could get in the roof door again, so I started knocking on your window.”

“Wouldn’t it have been simpler to ring my door bell in the first place?”

“Well, yes, but I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Well, what do you want to do now? Do you want to call your friend and ask her to bring your keys over?”

“Well, actually, you know it is kind of late and all. I really don’t want to ask her to come out in the snow at this time of night. I was kinda hoping, you know, now that I’ve met you. I was kinda hoping I could crash on your couch? If it’s not too much trouble?”

“I would be charmed to have you crash on my couch.” Rena answered in her most gallant manner. Then that she noticed Jurina was shivering.

Santa Jurina was a wearing a over sized military green baseball jacket. The front was unbuttoned and wide open, showing the cosplay outfit beneath. The sexiest red Santa inspired tube top, that barely covers her breasts, then a red micro mini skirt accentuated with a red ruffled see-through fabric. A wise kind of outfit for this winter season.

For that matter, so was she. Rena also noticed that she was wearing a thin fabric PJ’s.

“Uh, would you like something hot to drink before you go to bed?” Rena asked as she edged towards the bedroom.

“Oh that would be great. The fire escape so slippery and it took me so long to climb down from the roof that I think I’m permanently frozen.”
Rena had a thought about how much she would like to defrost Santa Jurina while she slipped into her bedroom, and grabbed an extra blanket and pillow from the closet.

“Here,” She said handing Rena the bedding. “Do you want me to find you something to sleep in?”

“If that’s not a bother to you. We were of the same built, I guess.” Jurina answered, her eyes teasingly wandering over Rena’s body, while the house owner blushed a deeper red and fled into the kitchen.

After Rena put the kettle on, she got out the two Christmas mugs that she received from Akane as a Christmas present last year and put them on a tray. Then got out three packs of the melon pans, which the bakery outside always bakes for the people in the building around especially the holidays, and put them on a plate.
She opened the cupboard and rummaged through her stock of green tea and started brewing for both of them.

“Here we are.” Rena said, as she placed the tray on the coffee table. Then sat on the couch and was pleased when Jurina sat next to her instead of on the “best chair” recliner she had left for her.
Rena poured the tea and offered honey and lemon, both of which she had forgotten, and which Jurina politely declined.

“So Jurina, what do you do for a living?” Rena started her interrogation.

“I’m a toy maker, of course.”

Rena did a double take; Jurina was smiling, but Rena couldn’t tell if she was joking or not.

“And, I suppose your last name is Clause?”

“Actually, it’s Matsui.”

“Oh and are you from the North Pole?” Rena asked again with a smile formed in her lips.

“No, my hometown is in Nagoya.”

For a while, they just sat enjoying each others body heat and sipping their tea. Rena realized that Jurina was rather well suited for the role of Ms. Clause filling out her costume beautifully. She was really… really enjoying the good view that this Santa clothed girl had provided her. She also concluded that Jurina was like an idol cut out from a December issue, gravure magazine.

“So, now you know my name and what I do, how about you?” Jurina asked back, and scooted closer to Rena.

“Well, my name is Rena, and I work for a newspaper.”

“Really, are you a writer?”

“Eh, no, I’m there computer person. You know, I put the stuff on the web for them, and keep the network going and all that.”

“Oh, so you’re a high-tech dyke?”

For a minute, Rena was confused. How could Jurina tell so quickly that she was a dyke? It’s not that she try to hide it or anything. But they’d just met.

“What made you say that?”

“Well, you have been flirting with me haven’t you?”

“Well, yeah. I have been.” There Rena went blushing again. She guess it’s the season.

“Well, since straight women usually don’t flirt with me, I just assumed that you were a dyke.”

“Do… do a lot of them flirt with you?”

“A few.”

“Does that mean that you’re a dyke too?”

“Not necessarily. I could just hang out with them.”

“Oh.” And Rena suddenly thought Christmas got lonely again.

“But, actually, I am.”

“Oh.” And suddenly Christmas was very merry indeed.

“You don’t seem to have any mistletoe around here.” Jurina asked again, her eyes roamed about the four corners of Rena’s apartment and halted at the door.

“Oh we had some last year, but my dog ate some and got sick.” Rena replied and chuckled at her own silly comments.

“We?” Jurina’s vision went back to Rena.

“My ex and I. She moved out a few weeks ago. She took Ruby with her, so I guess I could get more mistletoe.” And Rena looked around as if some might materialize, because she sure wanted to kiss Santa J.

“Well, it’s the thought that counts.” And then to Rena’s delight, Jurina grant her silent wish and kissed her.

The first thing Rena felt was the Jurina’s chest pressing against her, through the costume. Jurina had lovely, soft, full, luscious breasts, and they felt incredible through the velvet of her top. It was a long breathless interval later that they pulled apart.

“Merry Christmas Rena,” Jurina wished her again.

“Merry Christmas too,” Rena answered. “I guess I should let you get some sleep huh?”

“Well, you know, us Santa’s usually don’t get much sleep the night before Christmas.”

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… Well, unless it counts in bed. Guess you could say they were stirring. The freezing weather outside had been forgotten, as they shared a steamy night together. Actually by now, they weren’t wearing much of anything. And if eight tiny reindeer landed on the roof, they sure were too busy to notice.


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