Love and Sex [Wmatsui]


Love and Sex

Love… It comes when you least expect it.

Rena lay nude on the fluffy white mattress. It has been the sexiest night of her life. Her body was so alive that a single touch would have set her aflame. Her legs were spread obscenely wide, forced open by the young girl who knelt between them. Long and slim fingers caressing and pushing along the inside of her folds, and then fingers gripping her left thigh.

“Please…” She panted, as sweat glistened on her skin. “J-Just a little faster. Finish me off.” Her hands clawed at the girls’ shoulders, and flexed her buttocks, trying to generate more contact, but the girl refused to grant her request.

The girl just smiled. Her smile was devilish. “I think we can keep you going a little while longer,” she teasingly said. “Let’s make this last.”

Rena could only groan in both pleasure and frustration.


That was her name, and it had been 25 hours, 38 minutes and 17 seconds since Rena had met her.


Rena was halfway through dinner when suddenly a girl rapped on the restaurant’s glass wall beside the table on where she was sitting. She waved heartily, and her cheeks red with cold. Rena’s eyes followed her, perplexed as she hustled toward the door, entered and stamped the snow off her snow boots clad feet. A biting wind blew in alongside her.

Waving off the waitress, she pointed into Rena’s direction. The girl wore a red with white sleeves varsity knitted cardigan sweater, rugged knee high denim shorts and black winter tights that implied a slender figure underneath. She pulled off her striped beanie hat as she approached, shaking free the long mane of silky black hair.

She was a cute young thing, adorable in an angel sort of way, and if there had been a man in the place, he would have instantly fallen in love with her. It came to mind, as the girl was making her way to Rena’s table

“Onee-chan, how long have you been here? I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting.” The girl greeted enthusiastically. She closed in with a hug and an air kiss before Rena could react, and then slid into the booth across from her.


“Uh… I don’t think—” Rena’s eyes started to roamed around. Thinking that someone might be pulling a prank on her.

Yet, the girl didn’t pause. “I didn’t think I was going to make it! I got caught up at the store, and there was a darling dress that I just had to try on.” As the waitress came over, she smiled widely. “Just a glass of water for me, please. I’ll look at the menu in a moment.”

She and Rena made an eye contact. The girl had a shockingly beautiful dark brown eyes, the kind that made one’s heart skip a beat when they made contact. They silently pleaded with her as the waitress departed.

“I don’t think we know each other,” Rena said flatly. She had no intention of being used.

The girl pulled the sleeves of her cardigan up to her upper wrists and then flexed her fingers. Leaning forward, she spoke softly and swiftly with worry in her eyes.

“Please. I just need to get out of the cold for a little while. I’m an artist. I’ll draw a portrait of you if you’ll just let me sit here for a few minutes and warm up.” She said, with the innocent and helpless look in her eyes.

Rena frowned. Examining from the way she dressed, Rena was sure that this person in front of her was not a panhandler, but the girl was close. Rena exhaled and glanced outside. It was pitch dark and dropping toward zero degrees. On this month of February, some areas in Japan are experiencing heavy snowfall and in just a few hours, thick snow blanketed the streets.

Rena admittedly was strangely swayed by the girl’s attractiveness. Biting against her better judgment, she didn’t immediately reject the plea.

“You don’t have a place to go?”

The girl’s head shake was barely visible, and she looked like she was about to cry. Rena eyed the waitress returning, then looked at the girl. She was perhaps 17 or 18 years old, her eyes bright, perfectly straight nose and her skin smooth. She didn’t look like she was trouble, but how could one tell?

The waitress set the water down. “Do you need a few minutes?” She asked.

“Yes, please.” The girl picked up the menu.

The waitress studied her, and then exchanged glances with Rena. Rena shrugged and nodded, and the woman stepped away.

Thank you, the girl silently mouthed.


Rena tried to reach between her legs. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She would have to finish this herself, setting aside all dignity.

Leveraged between her legs, Jurina grabbed her wrist and pulled it away

“No touching.” Jurina said firmly, her fingers still exploring Rena’s most personal areas.

“As a punishment, put your arms above your head. Don’t try to move.”

Rena groaned again in frustration, but obeyed. Why was she obeying? She was 6 years older. This was her hotel room. She was the one with the money and the power.

But she knew the answer. She raised her arms over her head and gripped the headboard. It felt so frustrating, and yet it felt so good.

Jurina smiled warmly at her obedience, and Rena had to smile back. Jurina was young and thin, perhaps even skinny. She was naked too, her breasts was well shaped and prominent on her slender chest. Her below the shoulder jet black hair was straight and silky smooth, dangling and wrapping over her ears, and she had to periodically tuck it back over her ears. Her hands danced between Rena’s legs, massaging her most tender jewel, running through her mound down to her slit, stroking her lips and thighs. Rena hadn’t orgasm yet, and it was something she’d never experience in the 23 years of her life. She squirmed in need.

“You’re so good at this,” Rena gasped. “How did you get so good?”

“Practice,” Jurina grinned. “Constant practice.”


The young woman looked over her shoulder at the waitress, then back at Rena. “Just let me get my fingers warmed up, and I’ll draw a portrait of you.”

Rena reluctantly picked up her fork. “So you don’t have a place to stay? No friends or family?”

The girl shook her head. “Long story. I got left at a gas station a couple of days ago, and all my stuff was in the car.” She smiled wanly. “I guess we broke up.”

“Seriously?!” Rena’s ears pricked up. The girl didn’t know it, but she had hit a nerve. Rena had a sympathetic ear for stories of women being wronged.

“Yeah. At least I had my backpack.” She gestured toward the small daypack next to her. “It had my drawing stuff in it. The first day I earned enough money to get a hotel, but I didn’t get it the last night and of course no one was out today.” She nodded toward the weather, and then offered her hand. “I’m Jurina, by the way.”

Rena warily lowered her guard. “I’m Rena. Oh, your hands are ice cold.”

“I was able to stay in the library all day, but they closed at six.” Jurina flexed her fingers, which were slowly regaining pinkness. “I’m really sorry for this.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m eating alone. I guess I don’t mind having a little company.”

“Just let me know when you want me to leave. But I really will draw you a picture.” Jurina pulled an artist’s pad from her backpack, along with a packet of colored pencils. “Do you live here?” She asked as she began organizing them.

“No. I’m here on business trip. Just a few days.”

“I was supposed to be just passing through. I got blindsided. But as long as I have my stuff I can earn a little money and with that, I can get out of here in a few days.” Jurina added.

Rena’s eyebrows rose in silent approval. As Rena ate, Jurina drew, and the two ladies made small talk. After several days on the road alone, She actually found the conversation pleasant. When the waitress returned, Jurina asked for another glass of water. “I’ve actually just eaten,” she said, handing the menu back. The waitress shrugged and left.

Pursing her lips, Rena relented. “Do you have any money?”

For the first time, the façade of bravery broke. Jurina’s lower lip quivered, and she wiped away a tear. “Today was a rough day,” she said.

Rena’s gaze locked with her glistening eyes before she turned back to her drawing. Rena breathed out a sigh.

“Order some food. I’ll trade it for whatever you’re drawing.”

She could tell that the younger woman was conflicted, and for a moment Rena thought she was going to break down.

A dozen of emotions ran across Jurina’s face, before she finally said, “Thank you very much. I’m so sorry. I’ll pay you back. But I’m so hungry right now.”

Rena flagged down the waitress yet again. The woman glanced at the artist’s pad, which Rena couldn’t see, then looked at Rena with a bemused expression as if comparing.

“Yes?” The waitress glanced back again at Rena.

“I think she is going to have something after all.”

Jurina ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, a small side salad, and Rena forced her to order more. The young woman was so adorable, so sweet that Rena found herself wanting to take care of her and protect her. How could a man desert a girl like this on the side of the road?

Rena broached the question. “You said that you got left at a gas station. What happened?”

Jurina spoke while drawing. “Just a fight. A stupid fight.”

“Men can be jerks.”

Jurina shifted uncomfortably, and took a moment to answer. “Yeah. Um… women can be, too.”

“Oh. I thought you implied it was a lover’s quarrel.” Rena uttered the words, then saw the look of unease on Jurina’s face and realized her error. “Ohhh.”

“Are you going to kick me out?” She asked worriedly.

“No, no. Not at all. I’m sorry for my assumption.” Rena looked at Jurina with new eyes. This cute young thing were into girls?


Rena’s hips levitated off the bed, yearning for that final push.

“Unnnngh…” She grunted through clenched teeth. It was so exquisite, so exasperating.

Jurina was keeping her right on the edge of orgasm, but not letting her pass.

“Your breasts are so beautiful. I love how big they are. Do you want me to touch them?” Jurina ran a light finger from Rena’s breasts to the top of her waistline and back up again.

“I can tell that you’re turned on,” Jurina chuckled softly. Her thighs had forced Rena’s apart to an extreme degree, and she sat directly at Rena’s cleft, working her teasingly and persistently. “Are you ready now?”

“Oh, god. Yes. Please, yes.”

Jurina’s hands continued to ply Rena’s intimate region. Was she that skilled, or were all women naturally good at this? Rena had no experience to guess, but she knew that she’d never had better attention. She gasped and squirmed under the girl’s labors.

Jurina shifted slightly. “Ready?” she asked. “Let me take you over the edge.”

Her slender fingers increased their pace and pressure simultaneously. She worked Rena’s slick pearl directly, no longer teasing it. The fingers inside Rena, already filling and stretching her, began vigorously rubbing her in just the right spot. Rena hands firmly gripping the headboard over her head, grasping in ecstasy.

“Aaaaaahhhh….” She rasped, trying her best not to raise her voice past the walls of the room. Her stomach clenched, her hips rising. She froze to maximize the vigorous attentions of her suitor.

It took a full sixty seconds to work through the orgasm, sixty seconds of mindblowing spasms, and Jurina played her perfectly. In the end, Rena collapsed exhausted into the sheets, breathing heavily with the exertion of ecstasy while Jurina smiled contentedly above her.

“Am I good at this?” Jurina asked teasingly once Rena began to recover.

Rena couldn’t talk for a moment. “That was fantastic,” she uttered at last. “That was the best.” Slowly recovering her senses, she gazed up at the slim girl, studying her slender frame and youthful breasts. They were so adorable, so beautiful.

She had never done anything like this before. She had never accepted the attentions of another woman, and she had certainly never offered them. But this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. Shyly, she asked for the world.

“Can I touch you now?”


Jurina ate quickly. “This is heavenly,” she said appreciatively. “All I had today was water.”

Rena had made the transition now from skepticism to worry. “Can you not call your parents or family? It seems like they could send you money.”

Jurina grimaced. “I’m sure I could,” she said. “But I can’t. I just can’t.” She shook her head emphatically, her hair spilling above her shoulders.

“Why not?”

Jurina searched for an answer. “Well,” she said at last. “It’s just pride, I guess. They disapproved of my relationship with Haruna, and I guess they were right. But if I call them…”

Rena smiled sympathetically. “I understand completely. I had to eat a lot of crow with my family about my ex-boyfriend. Was Haruna the person who left you here?”

“Yeah.” Jurina started to say more, but bit her tongue. Having finished her food, she picked up her art pad again and began sketching.

Rena gave her a moment, then pushed. “This must be scary for you.”

Jurina stopped sketching, her eyes staring through the paper. She looked back up at Rena, her eyes glistening.

“Why would she do this to me?” She asked.

Rena fought an urge to hug the girl. “You’ll be fine,” she comforted. “Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Jurina’s laugh surprised Rena, sudden and sad and wise.

“The whole thing was stupid.” She said, her pitch rising and her voice accelerating.

“She was my art teacher. She’s eight years older than me. It just kind of happened and she was terrible for me, but at the same time she was so amazing. I think maybe she was manic because one day she could make me fall in love with her and the next day she would destroy me. And I loved it and I hated it, and I loved her and I hated her. But she made life so exciting. Do you know what I’m talking about?” Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Rena nodded, remembering her own tumultuous relationship and everything that destroyed it. “Actually, I do.”

Jurina let the tears flow. “And then she left me here! Just drove away! We were moving to Fukuoka together! What am I going to do!”

There was nothing to say. Rena bade the girl to put the artist’s pad down and took her hands, gently rubbing her thumbs on the back of them. She let Jurina cry it out.

When the girl calmed down, Rena offered some words of experience. “Hey, it’s hard now. But you’ll be better off for it. I swear.”

Jurina sniffled. “If I survive.”

Rena looked at the young woman before her. If she was a man, she would fall in love with this sweet young thing. She wanted to embrace her, to protect her from the cruelties of the world. The tears only made her more endearing. “You’ll survive,” she said.

Jurina sniffled, and then wiped her nose with the back of her hand in a very unladylike manner. Rena smiled, and Jurina saw her and smiled back, blushing.

“Let me finish my drawing of you.” She said.

The talk became simpler, more shallow as the young woman drew, erased, and shaded, her eyes alternating between Rena and the paper. The waitress refilled their waters and looked over Jurina’s shoulder. Her eyebrows arched and she smiled with amusement. She again compared back and forth to Rena, piquing her interest.

Finally Jurina looked at the paper and nodded. “I think it’s ready. Want to see it?”

Rena nodded enthusiastically, quite curious even as she told herself not to expect much.

Jurina turned the pad around, and Rena’s jaw dropped.

The portrait was beautiful. It was absolutely a work of art. Rena’s features were expertly rendered, simultaneously accurate and idealized. It was clearly her in the picture, but a more perfect form of her. Rena objectively knew that she was attractive because she’d heard it all her life, but she had the self-doubts that any woman feels.

Somehow, the drawing captured all of her finest features and polished the rest. Jurina had given her an angelic expression and Rena nearly cried when she noticed the faint glowing halo above her head.

Wordless, her throat too tight to talk, she motioned for the paper. Jurina handed it to her.

In the harsh light of the restaurant she studied it, every pencil mark, every shading, every nuance. She lightly ran her finger over a rough spot in the paper, and realized that it was a dried teardrop.

“This is amazing.” She choked out at long last.

This girl saw her as a beautiful woman.

“Thank you.” Jurina responded then smiled slyly.

Rena took another moment to think. “May I ask a question?”


“Why am I nude?” Rena asked, her brows knitted.

Jurina had drawn Rena as she sat at the table, but with one key difference. In the drawing, she was nude, or at least topless. No wonder the waitress had smiled.

Jurina smiled whimsically. “I hope that wasn’t bad. But I like drawing boobs and I can’t draw clothes.”

Rena laughed genuinely and deeply, the first time she had laughed with such amusement after her break-up.

“Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.” She replied.

Rena looked outside. It was a frigid night, and the snow was increasing. The sign of her hotel was lit up in the distance.

Why was she scared to say this? It was nothing but a gesture of kindness, right? She took a deep breath.

“You need a place to stay right? Come and stay in my hotel room tonight.”


Jurina lay back on the bed, stretching her back and arching her breasts up. “Come play with me,” she purred her eyes half-closed in sensual relaxation.

Now it was Rena’s turn to be the explorer. She gazed upon Jurina’s body, so white and pure and beautiful.

Moving in, she straddled the reclining girl’s waist and kneeled with her knees widely spread atop her. Jurina playfully reached up and wrapped her hands around the soft, full flesh of Rena’s breasts and felt her taut hard nips pressing against her palms.

Rena was too shy to immediately return the favor. Instead, she ran her hands lightly up and down Jurina’s slender arms, delighting in their softness. Even with the girl’s skinniness, she had the softest skin that Rena had ever felt on another person. But then again, she’d never ever felt a woman in this manner. Jurina was different, and she was fascinating.

Her hands moved further up to Jurina’s shoulders, then traced the line of her collarbone. Jurina released Rena’s breasts and laid back, her eyes closed and her pink thin lips curled in pleasure. Rena stroked up her throat, then her jaw line, and finally ran a finger across those luscious lips. Jurina’s lips parted, showing perfect white teeth and just the tip of a glistening tongue. Rena moved up further, gently caressing the girl’s earlobes. Her hands slid behind Jurina’s head, and suddenly she was bending down, molding her curves to Jurina’s slender shape. Their lips locking into a long, romantic kiss, their tongues intertwined, their breasts crushed against each other, and she was so warm and soft.

Rena felt as if she could climb the summit once again, just from the embrace. But after a long, passionate kiss she rose again. There was too much to explore.

She looked at Jurina’s lovely breasts, it was a perfect handful. Being a young woman, they were firm and rose straight up from her chest with no support. Much bigger than hers she guessed. They were still filling out, but were nonetheless round and firm. Rena slowly worked toward them, stroking Jurina’s jaw, her throat, her collarbone. Could she do this? Could she actually touch another woman’s breasts?

Rena reached down and touched Jurina’s stomach. The skin was soft and smooth. She caressed the stomach in a loving way. Her hands moved up slightly, and she touched the bottom of Jurina’s breasts. Her hands moved up further and she held Jurina’s breasts in her hands. She gently squeezed and massaged the supple mounds.

Jurina exhaled a moan. “Oh, yes, I love that. That’s wonderful.”

Rena licked her lips and girded her courage. She scooted down until she knelt between Jurina’s long legs, and the girl accommodated her by spreading them wide. Rena’s nostrils flared at the sight, her heart pounding in her chest.

Rena studied it. A lovely picture of womanly glory. She slowly ran her fingers across it. She gently stroked Jurina’s thighs and mound, gently running her hands through it. Jurina began moving her hips, becoming more and more aroused.

“Can I ask for something special?” She whispered.


It only took five minutes to get back to the hotel.

“Thank you so much,” Jurina said more than once. “I really didn’t know what I was going to do.”

Rena’s pulse was racing. Why was she doing this? This girl could be a killer for all she knew.

Maybe she’d just murdered her family and was on the run. Maybe she was a drug addict who would steal everything Rena had, while she slept.

Or for that matter, maybe she was a serial rapist pretending as an innocent looking teenager?

She looked over at the young woman beside her in the passenger seat of the taxi cab and swallowed her fears. Most likely, Jurina was just what she said she was: an abandoned girl who was helpless and vulnerable.

The car parked in front of the hotel and they went inside. It was a nice corporate hotel, and Rena had what was called a “mini-suite”. There was only one bed, but also a couch, and that was what she had offered Jurina. She felt a minor pang of guilt since the bed was a nice and roomy king size, but she had to set a limit somewhere.

“Wow, this is so nice!” Jurina said, looking around. Her expression was like of a kid being taken to disneyland. “It’s almost like an apartment.”

“I like this chain. They give you lots of room if you’re here for several days.”

“Wow, a couch and a desk and— look! You even have a fridge!”

“Make yourself at home. I need to get ready for some work meetings tomorrow, but I usually turn the TV on for background anyway. Feel free to watch something, or do whatever you want.”

“Do you mind if I take a shower and rinse my clothes out? I’ve been wearing the same thing for two days now.”

“Go right ahead.”

Rena pulled some papers out of her suitcase and sat at the desk as Jurina disappeared into the bathroom. Light spilled out of the doorway, and she heard rustling and movement. Then the shower turned on.

She tried to concentrate, but… why couldn’t she concentrate? Her mind kept drifting toward the shower. The light still shone through the doorway. Rena thought back— what did the shower look like? It was a walk-in, no curtain, just a clear glass panel. Why hadn’t Jurina closed the door?

Wicked thoughts entered Rena’s mind. Why did she bring Jurina here? She hated to admit it, but she knew that she wouldn’t have done it if the girl hadn’t been so attractive. Was it a natural instinct to protect attractive women? Or was there something else behind it?

She was lonely, and has been for years. After she broke up with her ex, everything was so silent. She’d transferred to the sales job because it got her out on the road and gave her opportunities to talk to people, but hotel rooms were just as silent.

Jurina was pretty. She was pretty and talented and she had a personality and a brain. Any man would have fallen in love with her on first sight.

Any man.

Rena had fallen in love with her on first sight, too. Those dark brown eyes melted her. She wasn’t into girls, not at all. This wasn’t about that. Sometimes you just fall in love with a person and the gender doesn’t matter. She’d had little unrequited crushes on women before, but it was just a normal girl thing, and this was the same. It was meaningless, more of a beauty idolizing thing than anything romantic. Everyone wants to be in love with an attractive woman.


She thought back to the portrait and smiled. It was safely in her purse now, and would likely go up on her wall when she returned home.

The shower stopped and there was more rustling and movement. Eventually Jurina came out, clad in a towel that reached from the top of her mild cleavage to the bottom of her hips. She had another smaller towel wrapped around her hair.

“Oh, that feels so much better,” she said. “When Haruna left me, she took all my clothes other than what I was wearing. I’ve rinsed them out now and have them hanging up to dry. I hope you don’t mind.”

Eyes wide, Rena scanned the girl’s barely covered form. “No, not at all. Just feel free to, uhm, hang out.”

Jurina went to the couch, fluffing her hair with the upper towel. Rena’s eyes followed her as she walked, taking in the long, slender legs from her well-shaped thighs to her finely boned ankles and feet. That towel was very short. The girl flopped onto the couch, leaning her head back and sighing deeply.

“Last night I slept on a bench,” she said. “But I didn’t really sleep. It was cold and I was scared to death.”

The couch faced generally toward the desk, and Rena stared at the bottom of the towel. It was so high on the girl’s thighs that… that…

“That must have been terrible.” She said, stealing glances into the shadows.

Jurina absentmindedly pulled the towel down slightly, but barely had enough to cover her top half. “Oh, it was. No one bothered me, but I was all by myself, and you don’t know what could happen. I have no idea what this place is like.”

“Well, you’re safe here tonight. Are you done with the bathroom? I need to brush my teeth.”

“Oh, sure.”

Rena went to the restroom and shut the door for privacy. Her pouch or toileries was already there, and nothing was missing, which was a good sign. She got out the toothbrush and toothpaste and began brushing.

Jurina’s damp clothes were hanging on the shower curtain and, well, there was privacy, so Rena examined them idly while brushing. The girl’s cotton underwear were tiny, a floral pink low cut seamless boyleg style panty. Her brassiere didn’t match, being an off-white with sheer lace cups that provided little support. Rena looked at the size label. ‘F70’ Her denim shorts with an impossibly small waist, her undershirt and her sweater a medium.

Rena spat into the sink, rinsed her mouth, and went about her normal cleansing and makeup removal. After finishing, she rinsed, drank a little from cupped hands, and re-entered the main room.

Jurina was lying down now, curled up in a fetal position. Her breathing was very deep and regular, the pattern of a person who was deeply and soundly asleep. The poor girl must have been exhausted.

Rena approached quietly, coming from the direction of Jurina’s head. Her guest was still only wearing the towel, and she had converted it from a garment to a substitute blanket. It provided scant cover.

Very scant.

As people tend to do when they sleep, she had pulled the towel up toward her shoulders. Her hips were now completely bare, leaving her naked below the waist. Since she was in a fetal position, her top leg provided some cover, and Rena found herself gazing into the area beneath it, at Jurina’s lower belly. Her belly button was still covered, but lower, much lower. If her leg was positioned an inch lower, the view would be much better.
Crossing by, Rena ensured that Jurina was asleep, then furtively glanced again, this time from the direction of Jurina’s derriere. The girl had a fantastic ass, smooth and small and tight. It was perfectly formed.

Rena studied Jurina’s face. The girl was obviously deeply asleep, and Rena shamefully took advantage of that opportunity. Stepping slightly closer, she studied what she saw.

Tilting her head slightly, her adrenaline flowing, she couldn’t help but smile. Not many people got to see such a view. The girl was beautiful. Very beautiful.

She wanted to see Jurina fully naked, to examine her and compare. But the towel and her positioning were cruelly teasing. She couldn’t see any breasts at all. It was frustrating to get such a forbidden view and then have it be so conveniently obstructed. She desperately wanted Jurina to shift, to move her legs, but at the same time she knew that any movement would terrify her that the girl was awakening.

She shook her head. Why was she standing here ogling this young woman?

‘Rena,’ she thought. ‘You’re going crazy. You need a check up.’

She went to the bed, pulled off the top blanket, and covered it up to the person who made her feel strange. Jurina mumbled in her sleep and her expression became one of content. Bending over her, Rena was so tempted to offer a good night kiss on the cheek, but settled for a reassuring touch on the shoulder. She was a good person.


Jurina rolled over onto her knees and grabbed some pillows, piling them onto the middle of the bed. With a sheepish smile, she said shyly, “Come here. Come closer. I want you to do something for me.”

Rena smiled at the personal disclosure. “Alright… Just tell me what you want me to do.”

Jurina flopped onto the pillows, so that they supported her midsection. She rested on her knees in back, spread wide, and stretched her arms over her head, offering her perfect ass up to Rena. “Climb onto me,” she said. “I like to pretend that I’m being taken unwillingly.”

Rena moved up between Jurina’s legs and spooned her from above. She sighed contentedly at the warm softness as she settled her weight onto the younger woman. Her breasts crushed against Jurina’s slender back, her hips ground up against her ass, and she spread her own legs to further force Jurina’s legs apart.

“Place your hand on my breast.”

Which Rena quickly complied. “Like this?” Her left hand came around at chest height, pulling Jurina close and gripping one of her breast.

“Ohhhh, yeah. Perfect. I want to struggle, but don’t let me get away.”

Jurina grabbed her other hand, and then guided it around her hip. Rena found her soft mound, then moved south into the girl’s silky folds, locating her sensitive spot.

Jurina whimpered. “Oh, god,” she said in a high voice, then tried to bring her legs together. Rena’s legs, positioned inside, blocked her, and Rena began finding a rhythm in her frigging. Jurina squirmed and bucked, but gently enough that Rena had no problem controlling her. Seeing Jurina’s exposed neck, she leaned in and bit down. The homeless girl was going to have a hickey tomorrow.


It was a long night for Rena. She tossed and turned with Jurina on her mind. She lay still and listened, picking up on the girl’s deep, regular breathing. What was it about this person that she found so intriguing? She’d never had such obsessive impure thoughts before, at least not about a real person.

Rena thought about Jurina on the couch. What would it be like to invite her into the bed, the two of them lying together, warm and naked under the covers, kissing and touching and melding into one?

She brushed off those thoughts aside by shifting position and lay on her side, and then cover the pillow above her head.

The next morning, when she woke up, Jurina was gone. No trace of her, nothing missing, the blanket and towel neatly folded on the couch. She was just gone. Rena walked though the entire room, checked her purse and was relieved to find her wallet and the beautiful portrait intact, then took a photo of the bathroom mirror where “Thank you” and a pair of kissing lips were drawn in lipstick.

She showered and dressed for her day, quelling her disappointment, a disappointment that she didn’t quite understand. She had done a good deed for a person in need. That was all it was, right? Yet somehow the hotel room seemed empty, echoing with her loneliness.

She sleepwalked through her sales appointments, and in between them she idly looked up the location of the library and the train station. She had a silent lunch nearby. The cold front was still in force, the air frigid and heavy.

And then five o’clock came, and she decided that perhaps she should visit the library. Her pulse quickened as she walked inside. This was insane. Why was she doing this? She would not allow herself to seriously consider the answer to that question.

It took some searching, but Jurina was there. Hidden in the back at a small desk, she was hunched over a drawing as Rena approached from behind, wearing her familiar clothes from the night before.

Rena peeked over Jurina’s shoulder. The girl was drawing a self-portrait, an artful nude. It was as beautiful as Jurina was, even if the bare breasts were a bit larger than life. Rena studied them for a moment before crouching down next to Jurina and touching her back.

“Oh!” Jurina jumped and started.

“Hello,” Rena whispered, offering an uncertain smile.

Jurina seemed shocked. “Hi,” she said in a quiet library voice, a smile blossoming onto her face.

“How was your day?”

Jurina studied Rena, as if unsure of what to expect. “It was good. Really cold again.”

“Did you sell any portraits? That one is beautiful.”

Jurina looked down at the drawing. “I always have trouble with arms,” she said. “I did sell two pictures, though. I cleared three thousand yen.”

“Can I take a look?”

Jurina handed the pad to Rena. The figure’s pose was seated on the floor, slightly reclining, one knee up, the other curled around it. Just like last night, Rena’s view between her legs was conveniently blocked. The breast was in perfect shape, and Rena wondered how accurate it was. The figure’s eyes looked directly into Rena’s, a knowing smile on her face.

“You have an amazing talent.”

“Thank you.”

A pause hung in the air while Rena pondered how to move forward. “Can I trade dinner and my hotel room again for this picture?”


“I love the picture. And do you still need a room right?”

Jurina laughed with relief and gave Rena a hug. “You’re my guardian angel,” she whispered into Rena’s ear as they embraced.


“Nnnnnh…!” Jurina moaned and squealed as she fought underneath Rena. But Rena had leverage and the resistance was playful, so she easily kept control. Biting on Jurina’s pale neck, fondling her breasts. She concentrated mostly on her fingers between the artist’s legs. Jurina was so wet and slippery that it was almost hard to rub her with sufficient friction.

But Rena kept it up. Pressing her breasts into Jurina’s back, she leaned into her ear, almost touching it with her lips. “Are you ready, Jurina?” She whispered. “You’re so beautiful.”

Beneath her, Jurina was quivering with pleasure, whimpering as she drew close. Rena forced her legs further apart, thrusting her hips into Jurina’s firm little ass as she frigged.

“I’m almost there!” the girl said through clenched teeth. But it still took almost five more minutes of dedicated effort before she arched upward. She opened her mouth in a silent scream, spasmed in pleasure for several seconds, and then finally fell hard back to earth. As her body dropped limply into the mattress, Rena reluctantly released her grip on her and transitioned into a spooning hug. She lay atop the panting girl, gently kissing her upturned cheek and ear and jaw.

“That was wonderful,” Jurina murmured. “That was really your first time doing it?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Rena was luxuriating in the warmth and softness of her partner, loving on her with strokes and kisses.

“God forgive me…” She thought to herself, “but I think I’m in love.”

They lay together for several minutes, at some point pulling the pillows out from underneath so they could lie flat, Jurina on her stomach, Rena on Jurina, their bodies molding together.

Finally Jurina spoke. “Do you want more?”

Rena smiled. She’d come down from her previous orgasm. She looked into Jurina’s gorgeous, long-lashed eyes. The girl’s charm was irresistible. Another one would be welcome.

“Are you willing?”

“I love watching you. Roll over and lie on your back.”

Rena rolled off of Jurina and the young girl pounced atop her, kissing her passionately. Her tongue invaded Rena, soft and assertive. Then she began moving down. Throat, breasts, stomach, hips. Rena felt soft fingers spreading her petals below, and her hips raised in sudden pleasure as a soft tongue enveloped it. Jurina was not just an artist, but also an expert in the art of pleasuring a woman.


Rena took Jurina to a very nice eating place at a very nice restaurant. It was the type of restaurant that she tended to avoid these days, because obviously it was the love month and they were always full of dating lovers and happily married couples. But tonight she was in the mood for a splurge.

“So how often do you travel for work?” Jurina asked as they shared an appetizer.

“Pretty often,” Rena answered. “I’m usually gone four or five days a week. I’m home on weekends.”

“That must be pretty hard.”

“Not really. I kind of like it.”

“Ah. So are you single? Or do you just like to get away from the kids?”

Rena smiled at the joke. “Single and sadly, no kids.”

“Are you dating yet?”

Rena laughed. “I’m trying to. But it hasn’t been very satisfying. I haven’t been able to find the right connection with anyone though. Chemistry is extremely important for me, no matter how handsome the guy is.”

Jurina laughed with her. “Yeah, yeah, I agree with that.” She raised her water glass up to her mouth to drink. “Maybe you should give women a try,” she giggled.

Her eyes were so beautiful; her lips were so sexy and so inviting. Rena’s thoughts both horrified her and thrilled her. She searched Jurina face for a subtext.

“Don’t tempt me. I might do what you said.”

Jurina laughed. Rena swore that she was about to say something else, but the waitress arrived with the entrees at that precise moment.

Once she was gone, Rena turned the talk to Jurina.

“So did you ever hear back from your … uh … your girlfriend?”

“Haruna? No. I think we’re done. Even if I heard back from her, we’re done.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Jurina wrinkled her nose. “I’m not. I was getting tired of all the drama anyway.”

“You seem to be adjusting well.”

“I’ve had some time to think about it. It wasn’t going to be a long term thing. And her leaving me here like this makes the breakup easier for me.” Jurina offered a philosophical smile.

“It was a terrible thing to do,” Rena agreed.

They ate and made small talk before Rena couldn’t hold off any longer.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

Jurina’s eyebrows rose and she shrugged. “Sure.”

“When did you know that you were … um … interested to women?”

Jurina laughed. She looked away for a moment, running a hand through her hair as she thought about her answer. “You know, I don’t think I actually made that decision.”

Rena’s quizzical look bade her to continue.

“I haven’t dated guys since. Yet, I assumed that it was proper to date guys. But Haruna came in and swept me off my feet. It was totally unexpected.”

“So it was a one-time thing? Will you go on a date with men?”

Jurina chewed over the question. “I’m not looking to get married,” she said at long last. “I’ll marry a man, I suspect. But I don’t think I would close the door on anything in the short term. Haruna put me through a lot of bad stuff, but she also opened my eyes to a lot of good stuff.”

“Like what?”

Jurina stopped cold for a moment, and then sadness appeared in her eyes. She focused on some distant place, her beautiful mouth melting to sadness.

“Just … passion, I guess. She made everything so exciting. She came in and she overwhelmed me. She wanted me so much that it was intoxicating, and so I wanted her back. I don’t know if a woman is better at it or if Haruna was just an oddity.”

“That sounds amazing.” This girl was just 17, and she’d already experienced what Rena had sought for her entire life.

“It was. Looking back, I don’t regret it a bit. Plus, it was like having a best friend that you also—” Jurina stopped cold, then glanced around. She leaned in and whispered. “—have sex with. And I have to tell you, the sex was absolutely amazing.”


Rena was a nervous wreck by the time they got back to the hotel. She knew what she wanted, but it terrified her. Why was she torturing herself like this? She would never have the nerve.

Jurina set her backpack on the couch and flopped down beside it. “Thank you for giving me the blanket last night,” she said. “I was so sleepy that I don’t even remember getting it.”

“I thought you would get cold.”

“I’ve been cold for days. Do you mind if I take it again? Will you be warm enough without it?”

“Well, I was thinking,” Rena said in measured tones. “It’s a king-sized bed. If you’re comfortable with it, just sleep with me tonight. There’s no need to sleep on the couch.”

Jurina smiled broadly, and a twinkle flashed in her eye. “I haven’t slept in a bed for three nights,” she said. “But I should warn you that I don’t have anything to wear. Are you comfortable with a naked girl in your bed?”

Rena swallowed hard. “Aaah… It’s not a problem to me. Like I said the other night, make yourself at home and do whatever you want.”

Jurina processed the information and grinned. “Perfect. Thanks again!”

Rena was ready for something new in her life. She wanted adventure. She wanted passion. She wanted to do something so daring, so out of character, that it would jolt her out of her rut. And yet she couldn’t ask. She wanted Jurina to give her a sign, to make the first move. She didn’t want to chase a poor innocent girl out into the street by making an unwanted advance.

“Do you mind if I shower again?” Jurina asked. “It’s time to rinse the undies.”

“No, go ahead.”

Rena set her work papers on the desk as Jurina headed into the bathroom. Once again, she left the door open and Rena could hear the rustle of clothing being removed. The water turned on.

Rena imagined the slender girl’s stripping down, bending over to remove her underwear, her breasts dangling and swaying. She wanted the passion that Jurina had felt. She wanted to be with someone. But that’s not what she was. She was a guardian angel. Her job was to protect Jurina on a cold winter night. Rena sighed as she reminded of the first time they met, Jurina addressed her as “onee-chan”.

Jurina’s art pad was on the coffee table next to the couch. Rena looked toward the bathroom, and then idly picked it up. She loved the girl’s work, and now had a nude of Jurina to go along with the nude of herself. She wanted to see it again, study it, because that was the closest she would ever come.

She flipped it open to the back, and smiled at the drawing. Jurina was gorgeous, and the expression on her drawn face was a beautiful and sultry come-hither look. Rena’s body reacted by just viewing at the portrait.

She turned the pad back a page. What else had Jurina been working on?

She froze; her eyes grew wide like saucers.

The drawing, like all the others, was beautifully rendered. Jurina was on her back, her legs wrapped around Rena’s waist, her wrists tied to the bed frame. Once again, she made Rena look beautiful as they consummated the kiss. Rena studied every aspect of the drawing; the romance of the lips against each other, the eroticism of breasts pressed together, the symbolism of the bound wrists.

Rena stood up and unbuttoned her blouse, then went to the direction of the sound of running water.

Jurina was rinsing herself when Rena entered the bathroom. Rena caught Jurina’s eye, and the girl’s eyes widened as she gazed upon the older girl’s nude curves.

Rena’s memory flashed an image that she would hold for the rest of her life.

Looking through the clear crystal door of the shower, water flowing down to Jurina’s naked slim body, to her smooth fair skin, to her shiny breasts, to her toned abdomen and down to the spot where Rena wanted to have a better view since last night.

The two women drank each other in. Rena’s heart was beating like a hummingbird.

“Would you like to perhaps explore a new friendship?” She asked hesitantly.

Jurina smiled broadly, her eyes bright. She nodded, tucking her wet hair back behind her ears and placing herself on full frontal display. She curled a beckoning finger.

Rena moved forward and opened the shower door. Stepping in, she forced the young girl up against the wall, trapping her wrists above her head. With the warm water flowing upon them, the two women kissed long and sensuously, their slick bodies rubbing against each other.


Rena slowly awakened, responding to the muted light of a cold winter morning. She was warm and comfortable, nestled up and spooning Jurina’s naked body. She sighed and pulled the girl closer, touching as much of her as she could, burying her face in the sweet scented hair before ever so lightly kissing the slender neck below. Her top hand wandered, tracing the length of the thigh, the curve of the hip, the flatness of the stomach. Slowly, carefully, she moved up to Jurina’s heart.

Jurina shifted slightly, beginning to awaken. She hummed contentedly, then pulled Rena’s hand to her mouth and kissed it.

Rena’s heart bloomed, holding Jurina’s body tightly to her and never wanting to let her go. It maybe cold and snowy outside, but with this cute young thing next to her, she felt even warmer.


16 responses to “Love and Sex [Wmatsui]

  1. This is so well written :OOOO ( you used wmatsui pairing yay )
    The love part was so cute and sweet and the sex part was so gah!
    I’m so glad that they’re people like you in the wmatsui ship LOOL XDDD

  2. My new favourite fic. 🙂
    I never reading a fic what so sweet and hot at the same time. Just like Jurina’s character in the story. A innocent, cute young girl and a seductive women.
    But i love Rena’s character more. How she waiting Jurina to take a first step, how she feel uneasy and embarrassed but at the same time she felt the longing and wanting…
    Sorry but I getting into a fangirl mode, I just like this so much!
    Oh, and I like the way how Jurina seduced Rena from the beginning. I mean, the way how she find Rena it’s a little suspicious for me.
    From my perspective, when she saw Rena in the restaurant, she know immediately what she want and what Rena want, even if it’s seems impossible. Moreover, she left the bathroom door open on the first night…
    Okay, it’s better I stop now before I write an essay… 🙂
    Thank you very much this amazing fic!

    • Thank you🙇! Thank you🙇!

      ..let me tell you a story about how I came up with this fic…
      so I was at home watching an old vid… Ju and Yuko’s so long drama..hahah
      as I continue watching, the idea came up to me when I saw the scene where Ju found Yuko in the restaurant.. did you watch that do you?😁
      …. sooo happy reading you lengthy comment.. you are one of the person who boost my motivation into writing…✌

  3. this too much.. i felt like there was any stricking pain in my spines everytime i read this fic. every part of this fic really give me those desires.. superb !!

    i’m your fan screechingsoul-san !!

  4. GOSH THIS IS GOLD!!! Man it’s have been a while since I got so concentrated reading a one-shot like this one. I love you stories they’re full of passion and intense feelings and you’re able to put all this in just one chapter story, that’s amazing! Thanks for the hardwork >:3

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