Their Love Story [OneShot]

If only I could bring you back to me.
I still want you by my side.
I promise we won’t say goodbye.
I never really moved on.

I want to go back,
to the way we used to be.
I want to feel your skin,
your lips so close to me.
I want to go back when,
I called you mine all the time.

I need you like the air I breathe,
you make me feel alive.
You’re the best part
of my everyday and every night.
If I could take it all back…



Their Love Story

They were lovers, before they became friends. They have tried their hand at being friends and eventually Matsui Rena lost her— to someone else.
Matsui Jurina was the epitome of the persona Rena wanted to be. Nice, caring and completely unselfish.

They’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship for so long, but it only gone to waste. For a while, a long while Rena tried to stay away from her. “For their own benefits”. But couldn’t afford to do that. Something in her just draws back to Jurina. No matter what bad has come between them, she was always drawn to the other Matsui. It’s baffling and Rena have never quite been able to put a finger on it.

If they happened to pass each other, they let their gaze linger on one another. Even when both of them were now with someone else.
The look they so often gave to each other was a look that the both of them knew all too well. The look of pure, primal lust. The look of longing for the other, because it’s been too long since they’ve touched or talked.

The look of, “I know I shouldn’t feel like this, but I still do and I can’t help it.” And the look of, “do I even want to help it?”

Jurina has been teasing her all week. The first afternoon Rena had really talked to her in months, she haven’t been able to hold any sort of conversation with her other than, “Please leave me alone. I can’t do this anymore.”

Only because, Rena knew when it came to Jurina, she was weak. So weak. The young maiden makes her weak.

The sunshine smile, the voice and the way Jurina’s tongue moves when she talks, the sweet things she does for her, going out of her way… all that are Rena’s weaknesses.

Back to the afternoon, Rena put it out there that they should catch up and told Jurina to meet her after they were both got out of work, and Jurina picked the meeting place.

After the working hours ended, Rena waited where Jurina told her. When Rena saw the short-haired girl approaching, she knew that was it. Rena knew that no matter what, no matter who was involved or going to get hurt from it, she needed her.

Jurina half-smiled when she saw the older Matsui, not entirely sure what to really do. Rena could read her just like she could do to her. They understand each other too well.

Rena knew Jurina was excited, but who could blame her? She was excited as well. She stand and half-hug Jurina, as an awkward feeling washed over her.

Jurina held out her hand. “Rena-chan, I brought you some homemade jam. Hope you like it.” She couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice.

“Thank you. You didn’t have to.” Rena said shyly. But she knew even though she was trying to be shy, her face lit up.

They walked in silence for a moment, until one of them broke the ice. How are yous and how’s work going, even though it has been a hectic week. It was always enough for them just to be around each other. They took the long way and cut through the grasses.

Then ended up in front of a high-rise residential apartment building, where Rena lives. Waiting for the elevator to take them to the floor where Rena’s spacious flat was located. As the elevator door opens, both Matsui were took by surprised as the two remaining occupants are shamelessly kissing and petting inside. The couple sensed that they gained an audience gawking at them, they both untangled from each other and briskly stepped out.

In Rena’s head, she was having a mental image of her and Jurina locked-lips inside that cubicle. It has been so long. Jurina was the last person she was with. And stopped talking after that for a while.

“We used to do that back then..” Jurina’s voice broke Rena from her lewd thoughts. A cat’s smile playing about her lips.

Rena just laugh. Trying to hide her thoughts even though she knew Jurina could read her like a book. Rena didn’t have to say anything for her to know what she was thinking.

Finally as they arrived at the front door, the older of the two swipe the card to open the door. Jurina walks in first and the door accidentally hits Rena.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve held it for you. I didn’t think. Are you okay?” Jurina touches Rena’s arm where the door hit.

“Yeah I’m fine it’s okay really,” Rena says jokingly. Meanwhile, she’s dying laughing, trying to brush off that it actually hurt a little.

“Are you sure?” Jurina gazed at her, concerned in her eyes.

“Yeah I’m okay. Thank you.” Rena smiled, though the part where Jurina had touched her, sent shivers down her spine even if it was only a light touch.

The way Jurina’s eyes scanned her, made Rena felt like melting. It’s horrible. They were not in a relationship anymore. Jurina had someone else and Rena shouldn’t even be thinking like this so she tried and stop.

They settled on a long couch and Rena apologizes for the mess because she haven’t had time to clean up. Jurina doesn’t mind though. Shifting stuff around while Jurina was sitting and observing. Rena decided to leave it and turned and just looked at her.

She’s so beautiful. Not the usual beautiful though. Not a supermodel, her short straight jet black hair suited her long face. Just simply beautiful. She looks tomboyish in loose casual see-through shirt with pink tank top inside and black tight capri pants then sneakers. It was her usual outfit after work. But she’s still look stunningly beautiful.

The color of Jurina’s irises are like soft, rich Belgian chocolate framed with long dark lashes, and it feels like they were peeking into Rena’s soul. Realizing she had been staring for too long and decided to join Jurina on the couch, as they sat semi far away from each other simply because they both know that if they don’t, they will be tempted.

Their self-control combined, was honestly slim to none. Sad but true. Especially when it’s just the two of them— alone. They only talked about how things have been lately and also about their work. Just catching up. Something they try not to do. It’s not, because they don’t care. It’s just they were familiar with themselves and decided it’s better to not do it. Keeping the temptations away. They’ve been bad for each other hopefully it changed. They knew a lot more now about each other and about themselves.

When they broke up, Rena focused all her attention to work and just let it consume all her time. Because she felt like it was the only way she could forget about Jurina and eventually numb the pain. She was so hurt, but they’ve been bad for a long time. Arguing all the time about useless things that could’ve easily been avoided. Rena still didn’t know why they did that to each other. She loved Jurina. And didn’t want to lose her even though she already had. She saw it coming long before it happened, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. It still hurts which is why she try not to “catch up.” It puts a strain on both of them and puts them both in a bad situation.

Jurina snapped Rena out of her thoughts again.

“I’m not gonna lie. I miss you.”

Instantly, Rena wanted to cry. The words hit her like a ton of bricks. She never expected Jurina would say it.

“I really do and I still have feelings for you.” Jurina starts talking again. “You don’t have feelings for me? I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.”

Rena just look at her dumbstrucked, not knowing what to say. Trying to think of her words before responding.

“Not even a little?” Jurina urged another question. She looks a little upset now.

Rena still just look at her all dumb like a deer in headlights. But after a long pause she turned, her voice sounding jarringly loud in the quiet room.

“Damn it Jurina, I do. ”

The words hurt Rena to even say. Mainly because she haven’t admitted them to anyone. To their friends. To Jurina. Or even herself. Until now. Rena tried to shake the feeling, but she couldn’t. Trying to tell herself that it wouldn’t and that Jurina being with someone else doesn’t kill her. Somehow thinking of Jurina with someone else and thinking that she’s not even thinking about her makes it easier. But the girl just flat out told her the opposite.

Rena looked down because she couldn’t bear to look at Jurina’s face right now. Not because she don’t want to, but because Rena knew she was not being able to fight the urge to kiss her, to touch her and to feel Jurina’s silken skin under her fingertips. Every time they have an intense moment like this Rena wanted to. Every time they put something out there that they shouldn’t, Rena wanted to. The urge was killing her and she saw Jurina bite her lower lip and Rena almost lose it.

Here’s the part Rena really hated. The thoughts if there weren’t other people involved, they could do this and not hurt anyone. Except themselves in the end. But of course it’s never that easy. There’s always something that’s in the way. And they always have to make that tough decision.

“I think about that too.” It’s like Jurina could read her mind and the girl automatically knows Rena thinks about sex. Their sex together was just simply everything. They were familiar all of each others spots and exactly how to get to them. They drove each other crazy.

Reminiscing their first time, was just so amazing. They had held off for so long and they just couldn’t wait anymore. The next thing they new, they were both on Rena’s bedroom kissing and moaning. Jurina just pulls away and looked at Rena.

“Are you sure?” Jurina asked her.

Rena was breathing so hard she could barely speak. She shook her head and managed to get out an extremely soft and raspy “Yes.”

Today, Jurina and Rena were in the same situation, where they were going to do it once again. Their lips collided and kissed like it was the last thing on earth that would save them. Jurina lips goes down to her neck and Rena almost reached the climax right there. No one has EVER been able to kiss her neck like Jurina does and actually get a reaction out of her.

Rena moaned and said a few, “Ah… that feels so good.” Didn’t know what turned her on more than Jurina could do it or that it was just because it was “Jurina” doing it.

Taking Rena’s clothes off, Jurina kissed her bare skin and just stopped and looked at her like she always does back then.

“You’re so beautiful.” Jurina blurted out, which Rena melted against her and kissed her soft pink lips.

Rena pulled back and whispered, “I want you.”


Rena snapped herself out of lala land. Jurina glances at the time on her phone.

“Do you have to leave now?” Rena asked.

“No not yet, I don’t want to leave yet.”

It had almost been an hour since they were together. Rena thinks about Mayu— Jurina’s girlfriend and how she’ll wonder where Jurina had been for an hour. Jurina stood up and Rena sat up on her knees and wrapped her arms around her. Rena got lost in the hug. The smell of her was enough to make her chest tighten.

“I have a package at the post office. Well I’ll just leave you now to get it.” Rena was excited, her new glasses had finally came in and her optometrist’s secretary didn’t even tell her they were in.

“It won’t look good if we leave together.” Jurina does have a point.

“Well I’ll go get food from the cafe and I’ll text you when I’m on my way down there. But I think it should be fine if we walk together.” Rena replied which Jurina nods in agreement.

A few minutes later, Rena sends Jurina a message saying, “I’m on my way,” after they go their separate ways.

Jurina also went to the cafe and spotted her standing behind the counter, looking at all the boxes of food Rena was carrying.

“Are you sure you’re going to be able to carry all of that? How about I bring you your glasses later?”

“Really? Thank you so much.” Rena said with a smile.

Later that afternoon, Jurina came back with the package.

“I can’t stay long but here you go.” She handed a bag and Rena could see her glasses box, but there was also a package of her favorite melon pan.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Rena starts to smile.

“I know it doesn’t even come close to making up for what I did to you. But I just remembered you loved these.

Rena smiled again as Jurina said this. The girl had always done little things like this for her and she never noticed how sweet they were until they stopped.

Rena kept going back to all the bad that’s happened between them. Then always starts to think about the good. The things that made them laugh and smile. The way they looked at each other. How they always wanted to be around each other.


Rena decided to call Jurina. She wanted to convinced her of how much she wanted her. They had done it before. Each time, Rena felt horrible. But during and before she felt like it was exactly what they needed. After the phone call, Jurina had decided to come over.

“Don’t act like that.” Jurina said.

“Act like what?” Rena questioned.

“Like you’re not trying to fill a void with him.” Rena gulped at Jurina’s reply, and took in what she was saying.

Jurina’s face was centimeters away from her. She had been talking to this guy for a while. Doing exactly what Jurina said. Trying to fill the void. Trying to get Jurina out of her head. Being with a guy was what she needed to do. What was good for her. What everyone wanted and expected from her. But she missed Jurina. She wanted her. She never stopped.

“What makes you think that?” Rena asked again.

“Because that’s what I’m doing with her.”

The words made Rena’s heart sink. Not because she felt bad in that moment, but because she knew Jurina was right. As much as she hated to admit it. They were.

“Stop being so scared.” Jurina caresses her left cheek.

“I’m not scared. We just shouldn’t.” Rena leaned at the touch.

The intensity was too much. Jurina’s lips were almost touching Rena’s own lips. Her heart audible as it beats nervously in her chest and she didn’t know what to do.

“Make the first move then.” Jurina provoked her.

Rena wanted to. She really wanted it. She wanted Jurina more than she ever wanted anyone in her life. Rena grabbed Jurina’s face and kissed her. All of the problems they had ever had was gone in that kiss. They didn’t stop kissing. Their lips never stopped touching. It was intensed. Intimate. Like always. With each kiss, Rena felt her insides turning. Felt herself getting more and more aroused each time their lips touched.


Rena snapped back to the present as she dialed Jurina’s phone number.

“Hello?” Jurina answered.


“Oh hi Rena-chan, what’s up?”

“Why are you whispering?”

“Mayu is in the shower.”



“This is a bad idea Jurina, I can call you back.” She attempted to clicked off her phone, but Jurina’s responsed stopped her.

“No. I want to talk to you. I miss you.”

Rena didn’t say anything and just held the phone againts her ear and silently listens.

“Rena-chan…” Jurina keep on talking after she heard nothing at the other end.

“You don’t miss me?” Jurina asked like an importunate kid.

“I do.” Rena sighed heavily. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Jurina heard Rena sighed again and practically moaned, “J—.”

“I love it when you say my name like that.” Jurina let out a soft chuckle.

“Oh yeah?”

“Uhm… Rena-chan, what are you doing? You’re breathing heavy.” Jurina asked suspiciously.

“Just thinking. I wish you were here touching me.”

“Are you touching yourself?!”

Rena didn’t answer, so Jurina continued. “Rena-chan. Don’t do this, she’ll be out soon.”

“I know you love hearing me cum for you.”

Jurina sighed in defeat. “All the time.”

“I want you.” Rena said. Her voice has changed tone, it became seductive.

“How bad?”

“Ahh, Jurina… you already know.”

“I always want you. It’s always better with you.”

“What’s better?” Rena stopped and held the phone tightly.

“Making love..”

“You mean better than with Mayu?”

“I mean better than anyone I’ve been with.”

“What’s so special about it with me?”

“We’re nasty. Not afraid to try new things. Because we still have feelings for each other.”

Jurina’s breathing was so heavy at this point. And Rena was whimpering a little, thinking about how their conversations affects Jurina. Rena couldn’t tell if it was from the conversation they were having while her girlfriend was in the shower or if it was because Jurina wanted her.

“I want to taste you.” Rena heard Jurina’s breathing sped up. So she didn’t stop talking. “I want to slide my hand down at you and feel how wet you are for me right now.”

“I want that and so much more…” Jurina moaned and began to breathe hard.

“What do you want?”

“You. Your body pressed against mine.”

Rena’s heart felt like it would break free from the confines of her chest. “Come here.”

Rena heard a pause. Then heard Jurina’s beautiful voice again. The breathing vanished though.

“I’ll call you back. The shower cut off. I want you so bad but I have to go.” Then the call ended.


There was this cat and mouse game they play. They fight. They make up, and realize how much they care about each other and became too involved with one another. Then they break it off. They argue so much and it’s so bad it gets to the point they didn’t talk anymore. Then out of nowhere after barely a month of not talking. After Rena blocked Jurina’s number, and trying her hardest not to think about the 18-year old Matsui… Rena receive a message from her LINE.

‘Can we at least talk?’

‘I need to talk to you though. I know I’ve been more than an ass, but it’s only because Mayu did not want us to interact at all, so I did all I could to push you away which was dumb on my part because I know now I can’t distance myself from you… I’m wrong either way but it’s the truth.

After reading the message, Rena felt her heart sunk and she started to sweat. She turned on the TV to get it off her mind. Going back and forth in her head whether she should answer or not. Rena knew if she did, the only thing that will happen was— she will get hurt all over again. But she misses Jurina— a lot.

Questions started to flood Rena’s mind. What does Jurina means she can’t distance herself from her? What made her realize that now? Does Mayu know? She has to know. Especially if she doesn’t want them to interact at all.

Picking up her phone and dialed the number she knew by heart. Rena’s heart was practically beating out of her chest. After hearing Jurina’s voice answers at the second ring

“Hey Rena…”

Just the sound of Jurina’s voice makes Rena melt. Rena managed to get out a, “Hi.”

“I called you four times last night. I kept thinking about you. I figured you didn’t want to talk to me after what I did. I don’t blame you. I should’ve just told you the real reason instead of being an ass.” Jurina fired off.

“Jurina, why do you keep doing this to me?” Rena felt like crying.

“I know. It’s selfish. But Rena-chan I can’t deny my feelings for you. I can’t lie and say I don’t think about you. All the time.”

“…Jurina, please don’t.”

“I want to see you. I want to know how you’re doing and maybe we can get lunch and catch up.”

“Okay… I-I’d like that.”

They talked again later that night. All night. They didn’t get off the phone until 3 o’clock the next morning. They talked about everything, laughing at Jurina’s silly jokes and how they missed each other’s touch. How they missed just being around the other. Everything. Then out of a sudden, Jurina threw a bomb at her.

“I’m going to break up with Mayu.”

Rena remained silent at what she had just heard.

“Things just haven’t been good. I haven’t been good to her. I don’t want to keep being selfish. And there’s you. I never gave myself a chance to get over you. I think part of me never wanted to… Rena-chan, I still love you.”

“Well I don’t love you.” Rena could barely get those words out.

“You don’t?”

“I don’t want to.”

Both girls talked a little while longer before finally going to sleep. Tomorrow would be interesting.


Rena threw her attention to the phone when it buzzed, as she was attempting to unpacked.

The message read:

I’m on my way. 🙂

Rena’s face lit up. It would be another 15 or 30 minutes before Jurina would get into her apartment. She’s having a hard time on what to do with herself.

The next message came, 23 minutes later:

I’m here. 🙂

Her heart started racing and did her best, not to run down the stairs. But in the end, she couldn’t help it and decided to fetch Jurina downstairs. Taking the elevator instead, it was slow as usual. Rena opened the camera on her phone and made sure her hair wasn’t out of place. She looked fine. She was tripping for no reason. The door to the elevator finally opened.

When Rena saw Jurina, her whole face lit up. Trying to keep it cool, but her face shows how happy she was to see Jurina. She knew she shouldn’t have been, but it was inevitable. The girls got back on the elevator to make it to Rena’s flat. Jurina was wearing a over sized white cardigan and a plain orange dress beneath.

Both girls tried their hardest to ignore each other when they weren’t talking. Obviously it didn’t work, because Jurina pads her way into Rena’s bedroom, and about to sit on her bed.

Jurina sat beside Rena. When she saw Rena’s face, she was about to get up but Rena raised her hand to tell her no.

“I’ll just sit on this side it’s okay.” Giving Jurina a half smile. Because Rena felt so nervous. She didn’t think anything was about to happen. It’s just she felt nervous. Jurina makes her nervous.

They made small talk. Chatting about their days, obviously avoiding how they feel or anything along those lines.

“Come up here.” Jurina commanded.


“I just want to be close to you. Come here.”

Rena eased close next to Jurina, as the girl cuddled her. Turning her body to the side so that her head was resting on one of Jurina’s breasts. She could feel her chest gently rise and fall with each breath.

“What are you thinking about?” Rena tilted her head up to look at Jurina.

“Nothing really. This is just nice. Laying here talking to you.” Jurina closes her eyes then smiled.

Rena started to get upset. Thinking about how they haven’t had this in a long time. Since before Mayu. She was Jurina’s girlfriend now and Rena understand that, but they still love each other. And that’s something that everyone around them should still understand.

“What’s wrong?” Jurina was looking right at her.

Rena avoided it, because her eyes are starting to get watery and she knows Jurina noticed it.


“Rena.” Jurina placed her fingers under her chin, tipping her face up to look at her.

“I-I just miss this.” Turning her face away from Jurina.

“I do too, but will you please stop that.” Pulling Rena’s face back up.

“Stop what?”

“Being hesitant.”

“I’m not being hesitant I just.. I know we shouldn’t.” A single tear fell down from Rena’s eyes.

“We wanted this.

“I’m not being hesitant.” Rena looked up at Jurina and leaned in.

“Yes you are.” Scooping Rena’s body, embracing her tightly.

Jurina’s sweet scent was engulfing her. That’s how close they are, it didn’t take long after their lips finally meet. Rena became aroused instantly. She was aroused when she first saw her. Rena managed to break the kiss but only for a moment. To look at Jurina, taking in her beauty. In that brief moment, the long haired Matsui started to think. She didn’t know what it was about this girl before her that keeps her coming back. Jurina pressed back her lips to Rena this time. The kiss brought something out of the both of them. Heat. Passion. Intensity. The truth.

Jurina climbed on top of Rena as the latter hand found her face, never breaking their kiss, pulling Jurina’s lips closer to her. Tongues caressed each others’ as their hands started to explore the bodies they knew so well.

The thing was, Jurina knew everything Rena liked sexually. Every fantasy she’ve ever had. How just the touch of her hand on Rena’s thigh made a wave of goosebumps washed over the older girl. How she loved her back being scratched while they were having sex.

Jurina’s warm lips found the sensitive area on Rena’s neck, causing a delightfully shivery sensation that rippled though her. And right there and then, every troubling thoughts had slipped away. They forget about Mayu and didn’t think about anything but this moment. To Rena, Jurina was in her arms. Right now, in this moment, the girl was hers. Once it was over she knew the girl wouldn’t be, but right now she was still hers. In a way she never stopped being her possession.

With every moan, sharp intake of breath, Rena felt their familiar rhythm came back. Their lips touched for a moment, before the short haired beauty lifted Rena’s shirt over her head. Jurina’s eyes slid over her and she could feel her gaze like a caress. Even before Jurina opened her mouth to speak, Rena knew what she was going to say, “You’re so beautiful.”

A slight smile crept over Rena’s face then caressed the younger girl’s cheek before their lips clashed again.

Sliding one of Rena’s bra straps off her shoulder before planting a kiss there. Jurina’s soft lips grazed back up to Rena’s smooth white neck. Teasing her, sucking and pulling on the smooth sensitive skin there. And Rena let out a gasp. She wasn’t surprised that Jurina was doing this, just surprised at how hot the girl makes her.

Rena took off Jurina’s clothing as well. Sliding the cardigan off of Jurina’s shoulders, then Rena slips her hands underneath Jurina’s orange dress and pull it up over her head.

Her breasts looks bigger than they had the last time. They were so perfect. While the long haired girl kissing Jurina’s neck, she let her hands wander to the girls’ creamy thighs. Locking their eyes as Rena pulled the last piece of clothing that hinders Jurina from being totally naked. Reaching it with both of her hands and pulled them down until she was on her knees in front of Jurina. All while keeping her eyes focused on her.

Pressing their faces again, tasting the texture of each others lips. Hungry. Wanting. Rena was moaning against her mouth. While Jurina slipped her soft hands around the other Matsui’s back unhooking her bra. Carefully slides the bra off of Rena.

Jurina was now kissing and nipping on her collarbone. Rena moaned again, just anticipating those same lips wrapped around her breasts. Anticipating that Jurina would go lower. Yet Jurina teasingly moves up to her earlobe and sucks on it. Swirls her tongue around it.

“Ahh,” Rena lets out. Her breathing gets heavier and short.

Her lips went back to Rena’s collarbone again then gently bite on the exposed skin. This time Jurina goes lower. Running her fingertips along the curve of the sensitive mounds with the barest of touches, then grasp one breast. They’re small enough to palm them but not too small because all of the flesh doesn’t fit in her hand. The other was attacked by her beautiful mouth. Her tongue licks around the peak. Later flicks it. Then wraps her lips around and suckled on it.

Rena’s body feels like it’s on another planet. She felt a knot in her stomach and her moaning becomes louder. Jurina could do this only and she could take her to the edge. Nibbles on her tiny nubbin and rolls it around between her teeth and does the same with the other.

Rena’s body was on fire. Her insides were turning into mush. The sweet spot between her legs starts gushing. The intensity was too much. All Rena wanted was , Jurina would slide her fingers down. For her to feel how bad she wanted her.

Kisses descending to Rena’s stomach. Soft, sloppy, wet kisses. Then Jurina took Rena’s legs and loops her arms underneath them.
Jurina’s lips found the inside of Rena’s thighs. And began planting long, sloppy, wet kisses there. Her lips come dangerously close to the elder girls inner lips. Rena shudder. Wanting them to. Wanting to feel the wetness of her mouth on the wetness of her passion.

“Stop teasing me please.” The word managed to slipped out from Rena’s mouth.

“But it’s so fun watching you squirm.” Jurina replied grinning, and places her hands to the sides of Rena’s lacy panties then slides them down.

Then went back up to Rena face and captured her lips. While Rena was getting lost in kisses, Jurina slowly moves her hand down and wets her fingers with the older Matsui’s own juices.

Pulling away from Rena, and pulls her hand to her lips and sucks the wetness from them. Slim fingers make their way to Rena’s lips which she took them into her mouth and sucked them while looking right into Jurina’s eyes.

“You’re so sexy…” Jurina purred.

“And so are you, gorgeous.”

“What do you want me to do?” Jurina asked and smiled coquettishly.


The pleading look on Rena’s eyes, already told Jurina of what she wanted. Yet she just wanted the older Matsui to say it out loud. She wanted to hear it from Rena’s mouth.

“Tell me, Rena-chan.”

“Slide your fingers inside me please.”

“Spread your legs for me.”

Rena did what she’s being told. Then Jurina does what she told her. Sliding her fingers down Rena’s mound and inside the deepest part of her. As Rena took in the deepest breath, while never break their eye contact. Jurina moans while their eyes locked in each others.

The rhythm starts to build up. In and out. Slowly. Agonizingly slow. They could hear the sloshing sound mixing their gasps and moans. But Rena wanted more. Her primal instinct was kicking in and she wanted it— so bad.

“Go faster please…” Rena whispered into Jurina’s ear.

Jurina gazed at her and shifts position a little bit. Sliding Rena’s leg over her shoulder and started going faster. In and out. In and out. So fast that Rena could hardly think straight.

“Jurina…”Rena cried out. As the younger Matsui slows down a little bit.

Jurina’s free hand wraps around her neck, and squeezes only a little bit at first. Then squeezed harder as their love making intesifies. Rena’s breathing was beyond erratic at that point, and she’s basically screaming.

Right when Rena was about to achieve her sweet relief, she grabbed on to Jurina and in her ear, Rena uttered her name over and over again. Letting the euphoria just washed over her entire body. So much so she almost passed out from the sensations.

“Rena-chan, are you okay?”

Rena tried to gather the words to speak. Yet they wouldn’t come out. Her mouth was dry. Eventually after a couple of seconds she managed to tell Jurina that she’s alright.

“That was only the beginning.”

“Oh, there’s more?” Jurina left eyebrow arched up.

“Always pretty girl. You’re insatiable.”

Now, Rena decided to take matters into her own hands before Jurina decides to start making love to her again. Rolling on top of her naked partner watching her with hungry eyes. Taking in and admiring her beautiful body.

Rena initiated a kiss. Unlike before, but a sweet kiss. An innocent one. Kind of like the ones they had shared before they had ever had sex. Rena melted against the girls sweet-flavored lip gloss coated lips. Possessing them a little bit. Biting, sucking on the bottom one. Really kissing her. It was so intimate that Rena wanted to cry. Mainly because she knew this would be the last time. Somewhere deep inside, Rena knew this would be the last time she would strip Jurina’s clothes off of her.

Rena opened her eyes just as Jurina opened hers, and saw the look in her eyes. Probably the same that’s mirrored in her own. Longing for more than this. Wanting and wishing things had have worked out with them. That they hadn’t rushed into their past relationship so fast.

Rena quickly directed her attention elsewhere. Their breaths had quickened. She wanted to taste her. It had been so long since she last tasted her. Lips traveled down Jurina’s jawline, down her neck, and then she trails her tongue down the chest, in between her breasts. Swirling her fleshy moist organ around the girls hard rock nub. As Jurina gasped for a tiny breath of air. Rena adored them. Loved having them againts her body. Their rhythm was perfect. Their sex was perfect. It was just that their love wasn’t.

Rena didn’t just kiss and sucked on the girls breasts. That wasn’t enough for her. That would’ve been a downgrade to what they deserved. So she slid her hands over Jurina’s soft mounds of flesh. Relishing in the feel of them. The softness. The way they swayed. The way they made her even more sexy than she already was. More feminine. Jurina’s presence overwhelmed her.

When Rena moved down to Jurina’s abdomen, over her belly button… she glanced up at her for confirmation to go lower. It had been so long since she had tasted her. Right now, Rena wanted to more than ever. Pushing Jurina’s legs open and up to the exposed intimate shrine in all it’s glory. Rena was fascinated by it. It was a very special piece of anatomy, and one to be cherished. Brushing her lips in a tantalizing way to the girls’ inner thighs and placing wet kisses there. Swirling her tongue over the soft skin, as she could feel the glow of heat coming from it. Rena was destructed by a sudden moan and looked up to find Jurina’s head thrown back as her body glistened slightly with perspiration.

Then Rena decided to explore the center of Jurina’s universe, while the girl only looked down at her, pleading with her eyes. And Rena was determined to give her exactly what she wanted. Softly and slowly licking the delicate flower. They were always so sexy, and Rena felt like she could stay there forever. Jurina’s breathing became audible— it was so sporadic.

“R-Rena-chan…” Jurina managed to say.

“Yes?” Rena looked up to her.

“Please…” Was all Jurina said.

Rena never broke an eye contact as she continue working. Jurina squeezed her eyes shut and let herself feel everything Rena was doing to her. The more the older Matsui licked, the louder she got. And it got to a point where Rena didn’t even know Jurina could be that loud.

Rena loved her reactions and loved her taste. Jurina groaned as fingers began to penetrate the entrance of her mysterious passage, and Rena could feel her legs starting to tense up. So Rena sped up her in and out motions while her mouth presses harder with her tongue working faster. Jurina couldn’t stand it and tried to run from Rena, but she pulled the girl closer to her mouth and her fingers then continued her sensual assault. Keeping it up until Jurina’s moaning was uncontrollable and sensing her muscles tighten. Jurina screamed in pleasure and let go, while Rena watched as her orgasm took over her body.

Her legs were wrapped around Rena’s neck, her head thrown back, eyes closed shut, her fingers gripping the sheets. After as few seconds she reached for Rena’s face and pulled her up to kiss her, so she could taste herself too.

“You’ve been practicing?” Jurina said, joking.

“Was it good?”

“The best.”

“Well I’m glad I could help.” Rena smiled and kissed her again.

Jurina sat up and wrapped her arms around Rena. As the other Matsui looked at her to see if something was wrong.

“Are you okay?” Rena asked.

“I’m perfect. I just want to hold you. Just let me hold you.”

Rena stood up as Jurina swung her legs off the bed. Rena stood between her legs and just let the girl hold her. Jurina’s lips grazing a whisper-soft carress againts the flesh under Rena’s breasts to her ribcage.

Rena gazed at her quizzically, “Round two?”

Jurina remained silent and scooped Rena and let them both sat down on the edge of the bed with Rena on top. It had been a while since they did this one. Rena was excited. This was made evident with the wetness growing between her legs.

“You want more?” Jurina asked.

Rena bit on her earlobe before whispering, “Always. I could only have sex with you forever and I would forever be satisfied.”

“I could too.” Jurina half-smiled and half-smirked at her, but Rena could see a hint of sadness in her eyes.

Like they knew the whole time that this would be the last time the two of them would make love like this. Like they knew before they did that, that would never happen. Her brain had just caught up. It was the last time. They never said the words out loud though. That would’ve been too hard.

Jurina picked Rena up as she wrapped her legs around the girls’ slim waist, as they were looking right in each others eyes. Rena knew what Jurina had in mind, as she walked her over to the desk nearby. Before setting Rena down, Jurina knocked over everything on it. Rena was mad she had just cleaned up.

Jurina started at Rena’s earlobe, sucking it, causing her to moan audibly. Then warm tongue made its way to Rena’s neck, to the hard line of her jaw, then dipped her tongue into the small cleft in her chin. As Rena’s hand and fingers clutching her shoulders. Jurina’s efforts to try and leave a mark were made evident the next day. Moving her hair to the back so that she could kiss Rena’s left shoulder blade. Her hand snaked its way over Rena’s breast and down to the open legs, then fingers explored between her legs and finally meet its destination.

“Jurina. I don’t think I can—”

“Rena-chan, are you sure? But your body is telling me a completely different story.” As she said this, her fingers were making their way to the most private parts. Delving deeply between the damp folds of skin between her legs.

Rena threw her head back and shut her eyes to enjoy this feeling in all its entirety. Raspy, breathy voice struggled to get the words out, “It always betrays me.” Which Jurina just laughed out loud. Obviously focusing on giving her the most powerful orgasm she have had all day.

Jurina just kept hitting the same spot over and over. Putting just enough pressure on it, Rena felt a fire building up inside of her. Feeling her juices dripping down onto her thighs, to Jurina’s fingers, and into the desk. Yet Rena didn’t care right now. At that intensed moment, Jurina murmured some words that Rena hadn’t catch up. Her eyes suddenly shot open.

“What did you say?” Rena said, as Jurina stopped the motions between her legs.

“I love you.”

Rena closed her eyes. She couldn’t believed at what Jurina had said. This has to be a bad dream and she’s gonna wake up any second.

Opening her eyes again, she could see every vulnerable bone in Jurina’s body that came with those three words. The sadness that came with those words. The hurt that came from and with those three simple words. Rena knew all Jurina needed was, to tell her it was okay so she did. Jurina sniffled like a little girl, stray tears coming from her eyes.

“I-I didn’t mean to… I-I’m sorry…”

“No Jurina don’t cry, it’s alright.” Bringing her hand up to the girl’s beautiful face and said it again. Not only assuring her, but herself as well.

“It’s alright.” Kissing the crying girl softly, and embraced her. Repeating those two words. Trying to make Jurina and herself believers of them.

“Did I ruin it?” She asked wearily.

“A little, but I still want you to keep going. If you’re up for it.”

As their lips touched, slim digits slid back into Rena and up to that spot. Rena groaned. Trying to get her mind off of what Jurina had just said was hard. Moments later, Rena felt that same fire as before. But this time, a little stronger. Goosebumps and chills overtook her whole body. As Jurina put a lot of pressure on that spot, while sucking on her neck. Rena’s hands held the nape of Jurina’s neck pressing her closer. It was too much. Rena couldn’t handle it anymore and let go.


“About what I said earlier, I meant it Rena-chan… I love you.” Jurina said afterwards then laid her head down on Rena’s stomach.

Jurina needed to say those words. Yet Rena wished the girl knew what those words would do to her. It takes her back to that dark place she never want to be deep in again.

Rena lifted her head and looked Jurina right in the eyes as tears filled her own with the terrifying truth.

“I never stopped loving you.”


“So how did you know it was over?” Ikoma Rina asked Rena curiously, while she sipped on her coffee.

She was the sole person whom Rena told about their sad love story. Rena knew she needed to answer, but didn’t want to admit it was really over. Even though she knew it was.

“You know every time, even after we weren’t together anymore, I would see her. And every time she would tell me she missed me and I looked into her eyes… I knew she meant it.”

Her friend looked at her with solemn eyes. Rena could tell that she could see the hurt all over her face. Yet she continued.

“Until one day I saw her and she didn’t say it and I knew then and only then that she was gone. I had lost her.”

Rena knew she had lost Jurina long before her last “I miss you.” But just didn’t let herself accept it until now.


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