Sweetly Bitten [JuriSaku]

The cold touch around her silky skin,

Caressing the nape of her neck.

Gazing intensely at her,

Captivating the soul of her mind.

The cold breath move around on her bare skin,

The piercing bite on her tender sensuous flesh.

Savouring the sweet taste of her blood,

Consuming the nectar of her life.



The moon was full tonight, its light illuminating the world beneath. The glint of moonlight that streamed through the huge floor to ceiling glass window walls, was the only light in the otherwise pitch black room.

It was at that very moment Miyawaki Sakura entered the room. The young lady’s coffee-colored eyes lit up at the sight, stopping only for a moment to ensure the door behind her hung open just ajar.

Sakura glided like a nymph toward the slide open wall window, skirts fluttering about her, pink as the cherry blossom petals with sheer overlay brushing upon the white marbled floor.

Her skin shone in the moonlight. It was soft and fair but with a hint of rose that brought the room to life when she smiled. For without her, the room was just that, a bunch of stone blocks with ornate wooden furniture, and garnet drapes. With her, it was something worth remembering.

Sakura’s shiny jaw-lenght dark as night hair, sways with the gentle, cool breeze when she walked and gazed at the night sky from the wall of glass that opens onto a balcony, she let out an uneasy sigh as she gazed at the moon that was hidden behind a rack of clouds.

The 18 year-old young maiden looked about excitedly as if she was expecting someone to be there waiting for her, but there was nothing except the moon and stars for company.

A beauty to behold for sure, but a small consolation compared to the special person she hoped to meet on this evening.

Disappointed but undeterred, Sakura smoothed her skirt and sat down in front of the ebony polished grand piano. Pink lipstick tainted lips curled into a sweet smile, for Sakura knew that her lover, could not resist her song. At least, she never had before.

What Sakura did not know was, the expected guest had already entered the room through the balcony more than an hour before.

Lady Jurina stood in a dark corner like she had done thousands of times, concealed within shadow to stalk her prey. As a vampire, it was her way.

As from the clan of “Kyuuketsuki 吸血鬼,” even among her kind, Matsui Jurina had walked the Earth for centuries, leaving countless victims in her wake. Humanity long forgotten, compassion forsaken.

Jurina’s heart darkened with each victim taken. These were the sacrifices one had to make to survive as a creature of the night.

As Jurina admired Sakura from across the room, paralyzed by emotions that she had never known, she knew that this was one sacrifice she could never make. The beast raged within her.

It demanded that she satiate her wild hunger, satisfy the burning hellfires of lust within her. Jurina fought back her desires, drawing bloody tears from her mismatched blue and black irises. Only a monster, Jurina thought, would yearn to despoil such a lovely creature.

The vampire took one step forward and froze. Jurina was an unlikely beast. Though her true age is 738 years old, but to human eyes she looks only about a very alluring 19.

Her pretty face, pale skin, and long slightly curly brownish blonde locks of hair seeming to radiate in the silvery light the moon cast on it, melted the hearts of men and women alike.

Her lithe frame tempted even the most devout nun with the right suggestion. Her wardrobe, including the black studded riders jacket with flag print loose crop-top shirt inside, and skinny ripped jeans she wore tonight, was literally to die for. She could wear what she liked after all, for her undead body felt little pain.

In this moment, however, none of that mattered for Jurina. She was denied the luxury of her own reflection, the curse of her kind, so she scarcely remembered her own beauty.

She felt like an abomination compared to this pristine young angel gliding before her, and she believed she would have felt the same even if she remembered her face.

Jurina was in love, completely undone by Sakura, and that was before the young maiden even began her song.

Sakura sighed wistfully, unaware of the turmoil within the shadows of the room. She closed her eyes, took a moment to compose herself as the moonlight silhouetted her soft frame, and wished for Lady Jurina to appear at her side. Her song had to be perfect if she was to draw her lover out of the darkness yet again.

Perfection was no easy burden to bear, especially for an instrument so untested and new, but love inspired Sakura to curl her fingers atop those sleek piano keys. That was all the advantage she would need.

Soft Fingers danced along piano keys, striking with enough force to fill the four corners of the room with Sakura’s melody. She mixed high notes with low, sharp with flat, soft harmonies with heavy chords.

Sakura poured her emotions into her song, imagining herself hand in hand with Jurina atop a meadow in the dark of night with only the moon and stars to guide them. Her keystrokes were forceful at first, as if willing what she wanted to happen.

The melody became soft as she lost herself in her song. She no longer thought. She just played, letting her heart guide her fingers to find just the right notes to convey her feelings of love, of yearning, or compassion.

The melody grasped Jurina’s shriveled heart and pulled, leading her out of the shadows with an imaginary string. She felt like she was floating on air, her feet moving softly upon the stone floor. With years of predatory instinct, Jurina found herself looming behind her angel, still lost in the song and unaware of her presence.

The beast within had no answer for Jurina’s love, however, so she simply stood and admired for a moment, wiping the blood from her cheeks.

Sakura gasped when Jurina finally laid her palms gently upon her shoulders. Such was her surprise, Sakura nearly jumped out of her seat, but when she realized who had come to join her again, fright soon replaced with delight.

“Jurina-san!” Sakura cried out, her eyes alight with joy. She tried to get up, but Jurina gently held her in place, shushing her with a soft sensual smile.

“Careful my angel,” Jurina chided with a squeeze on Sakura’s shoulders. “We mustn’t alert anyone to my presence. I am your little secret, here to see my beautiful angel play her song.”

“I shall play something grand just for you,” Sakura beamed up at Jurina, lifting herself up so Jurina could slide beneath her, which the vampire did with a wry smirk. “I always play my best with you by my side.”

“Is that so?” Jurina asked as she wrapped her arms around the angel sitting atop her lap. She held Sakura in a snug embrace. “Let us see if that holds true when I am beneath you then.”

“Is that a challenge?” Sakura retorted. A naughty smirk tugged at the corner of her lip as she brushed her back against Jurina’s clothed bossom.

“Yes.” Jurina simply replied, happy to let Sakura brush and tease as she wished.

Sakura nestled herself in Jurina’s arms, leaning back against her as she reached out to play another melody. This time her fingers danced along the keys to a gentle and intimate tune.

With Jurina pressed close behind her, Sakura dropped the ostentatious chords for lighter notes, notes that twinkled in the air and faded away like the hum of a finger sliding upon the rim of a glass goblet.

A soft sigh escaped Sakura’s parted lips as she wet them with her tongue, closed her eyes and let the gentle song carry her away.

Eager to help Sakura along on her journey, Jurina caressed the young woman’s side.

The fair-haired vampire traced along her angel’s curves. She brushed her fingertips up from Sakura’s hips, along the sides of her belly, barely skirting Sakura’s breasts and pressing soft ripples into her dress. There was no heat to her touch, but Sakura felt a heat growing between her thighs, and she could not stop the small groan that escaped her lips at the sensation.

A mischievous grin spread over the vampire’s features, watching her little pianist sigh and coo as she freed her lovely shoulders from the confines of her dress. Sakura tucked in her shoulders, shivering in the cool night air, but Jurina’s lips met her skin with gentle kisses along her shoulder and neck.

“J-Jurina-san,” Sakura gasped as kisses sent a different kind of shiver coursing through her soft form. “How can I play our song when you fluster me so?”

“Giving in to the challenge so soon?” Jurina asked with a bemused smile. She brushed her finger through Sakura’s hair, gently stroking those soft, silky locks.

“Yes…” Sakura breathed, looking up into Jurina’s striking mismatched eyes. “Will you make me your own?… Are you hungry?” Sakura asked hesitantly, tilting her head so that Jurina could gaze upon the pale skin of her neck.

“I- I am now,” Jurina stammered. Her eyes widened at the sight of Sakura’s neck, ripe for the taking. She could hear the blood rushing in Sakura’s veins, calling to her. Whispering like the most tempting seductress, as hunger roared through her. Jurina leaned in to press a soft kiss to Sakura’s lips before gazing into her eyes once again.

“Are you sure?”

“I love you.” Sakura declared with more certainty on the subject than Jurina had known in her seven hundred thirty eight-year life. That was more than enough for the immortal seductress.

Closing her eyes, Jurina inhaled deeply to catch the enticingly sweet fragrance of her blood. Fangs rapidly descended in a tidal wave of emotion. Jurina smiled to Sakura who had given herself to darkness. Razor sharp canines gleaming in the moonlight as the vampire displayed her true self in all of its undead glory.

For her part, Sakura put on a brave face. It was hard not to be afraid of a vampire. Even wolves and bears hid from such creatures, but love was stronger than fear. Sakura was determined to make it so. The raven haired beauty nodded, displaying her neck for Jurina once again, and this time the temptress did not hesitate.

Tips of fangs brushed along Sakura’s delicate flesh, sending shivers rushing down her spine, pangs of anticipation erupting deep within her core. As Jurina gently punctured her skin, drawing a sharp gasp from Sakura’s inviting lips while the vampire’s tongue made sure none of Sakura’s precious blood went to waste.

The young woman squirmed against Jurina, unused to the primal urges that came with a vampire’s kiss. Her lover gave her a reassuring squeeze just as both fangs slowly descended deeper into Sakura’s vulnerable neck.

A haze of pleasure fell over the short-haired maiden. She sank back against Jurina, watching the older woman slurp blood from her neck like a chalice of vintage wine. Vision clouded, inhibitions shattered, Sakura knew that she could never resist Jurina’s kiss even if she wanted to. She did not want to. Whether it was the supernatural powers of the vampire bite or the powerful feelings of her love, Sakura could no longer be sure. All she knew was the bite was bliss, and she never wanted it to end.

Jurina sucked Sakura’s precious blood as slowly as she could manage, wanting to cherish this moment for all eternity and more. In one arm, she held her angel nice and secure, so the young maiden felt safe. The other trailed within Sakura’s dress then traveled downwards to meet her quivering core.
Jurina tickled, prodded and parted Sakura’s sacred petals then slowly slid two fingers within.

A moan of pleasure slipped from Sakura’s throat, a sound of ecstasy that lingered in the air, as the dark haired girl shuddered, rubbing her thighs wantonly against Jurina’s hand.

Her eyes went wide with lust. and her moans spilled out into the air as her lover drank deeply from her neck.

Jurina smiled, lips pressed tightly into Sakura’s neck. Understanding the woman’s needs, she curled her fingers deep within Sakura’s womanhood. Jurina guided Sakura through her throes of passion with soft strokes, plunging deep within her with each thrust, and teased her with the slightest wiggles.

Fangs withdrew and Jurina licked away the wound just as Sakura’s petals clenched about her fingers. She smiled, and watched her little angel regain control of her body. Sakura gasped. She writhed and clung to Jurina. She coated Jurina’s fingers for all she was worth.

Jurina coaxed it all out of Sakura until the dark haired beauty could hardly move. When she finally withdrew her two fingers from Sakura’s core like she had done with her two fangs just before, Sakura let out a low groan, nuzzling up against her wonderful lover. Jurina licked her fingers clean.

“I love you too,” Jurina finally said with a comforting smile. Sakura beamed with delight, and Jurina couldn’t help but grin. She scooped up Sakura in her arms and whisked her away.

The door closed behind them, leaving the moonlit piano in their wake. Jurina navigated the dark passageways with familiarity. It was no trouble for a creature of the night.

Eventually, they found Sakura’s bedroom. Bemused, Jurina set the young woman down on her bed. She tucked her in, and kissed her on the forehead. Her little angel had fallen asleep in her arms long before they even got there.

A/n: thank you for reading… 🙂 ahh… it’s been a long time. This is my first post for 2017.. XD hope I could post more fics this year esp. wmatsui fics… haven’t moved on from them.. XD


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