You And I Tonight


As soon as Jurina saw “her” walk through the door, She knew she had to have her.

I saw her enter the club. She walked slowly, as she looked very stunning in an untamed tousled hairstyle. The black riders jacket drape over her shoulders, she wore a “Hyke’ blue navy and white border long sleeve top beneath with long brown skirt.

Taking a few steps to sit at the bar. I look at her. She was a few seats away, but yet my heart have been immediately captured as I watched her every movement. I saw her whisper in the bartender’s ear.

He returns with a very dirty apple martini. As she raised the glass to her lips, she smiled as if one of her best memories has crossed her mind. She cast a glance in my direction, as she gets the feeling that someone was staring at her. Our eyes meet, I flashed her my seductive, tempting smile and accompanying dimple.

The night is still young, so I distracted myself and look around the room. My sight moved to the dance floor. It lingers for a while, watching the various people float around. Then another someone catches my eye…

I figured already knew who I’m going home with tonight, but if she’s going to charm me to go home with her, I might as well play hard to get. I watched the black-haired beauty on the dance floor for a while, wearing silver heals and a short black dress which hugs her figure and shows off her chest in just the right way. She’s with friends, and they talked and moved between each other on the dance floor. She doesn’t seem to have any partner there, even better.

Eventually my prey waltzes over to the bar with a friend, they call for a bartender and placed their order. I placed an order of my own, ordering a tequila for the both of us, asking the barman to hand it to her, he nodded and walks over to present the gift. When she points out that she didn’t order it, I saw the barman motion in my direction. I raised mine in a silent toast, she looked tentatively at the glass, picks it up, says something to her friend who looked at me, and walked over, holding her glass.

“And what tells me there’s nothing in here that I might regret?” The black-haired beauty says, a serious question.

I grinned, then glance over to where I last saw the person who captivate my attention earlier, seeing she’s moved over to a spot where she’s watching tentatively. Observing me making a move on the woman before me.

Looking back to the woman in front of me, it’s time to unleash my flirting skills.
I put down my shot, take the one I bought for her, down it as well, and order two more. She looks surprised, as I handed her the freshly poured shooter. This time she downs it with me, and I leaned in to speak in her ear over the music.

“By the way I’m Jurina, and I’m not looking for trouble, just a little fun on the dance floor.”

“Naana here.” She whispered, taking my hand urges me to follow her into the dance floor.

The lights flashed and the music heats up, so do things between us. On the other hand, I noticed that the woman from the earlier moved around between dancing at a short distance and the various couches and tables lining the floor, all the while watching me and my ‘friend’.

Naana and I danced together, soon against each other, as we moved to the rhythm and our bodies seem to synchronize on their own. I moved to dance behind her, she puts her arms up to the music, I followed her reach and sensually run my hands down their length, eventually down her side, Naana smiles, half looking at me behind her.

Whirling her around, and while caressing her to the music, I leaned in and kiss her. Once broken from the kiss, my gaze instantly scanned the room for the other woman, quickly landing on her, her eyes are locked on mine, but her face grants no indication of emotion.

I tensed a little, wondering what she’s thinking, but continue the dance with my new seduction, kissing in between beats of the music. Suddenly I looked over to where she was, but she was gone.

Just before I could turn to face Naana, I felt a tug on my shoulder, and swirled me around, with “her” right in front of me. The song shifts and with the beat she dances with the likes of stars, a freestyle rhythm out of this world.

She comes between me and the bewildered Naana, dances with her a little before saying something in her ear and basically shooing Naana away.

Poor Naana disappears rather quickly, no doubt upset. Not that I’m worried all too much as I’m suddenly swept into a new dance of passion and intensity by this woman.

After a few songs she looked me up and down with fire in her eyes, like she’s the hunter, and I was the prey. Looking around them and just walks away…

A little deflated, I tried to follow her. Following her past the club around the corner, straining to keep up with her through the masses of people moving around the club. As I came around the corner, I looked to where I was sure she went, but to my disappointment, I see no signs of her.

As I turned to try moved back to the dance floor I was abruptly pinned solidly against the door frame with a kiss. It started light and soft but the passion of the kiss grew as our tongues danced around each other. I felt her sucked my tongue deep into her mouth and I kept pulling it back and then letting it dart again deep in to her mouth as her arms pulled me close, I folded my arms around her pulling her to me tight. As I did, I felt a faint sigh of pleasure from her. To me, it seemed as if we kissed for hours until she gently moved away. The kiss that knocks the wind out of me and just about brought me to my knees by stealing all my strength…

I dazedly looked and smiled at her as she moved forward, planting a few kisses on my neck before moving to my ear to announce herself.

“My friends call me Rena.” She says, eyeing me out again as she moved to face me, her nose barely an inch from mine.

“But you um…” She bites her lower lip, then lightly brushes her lips against mine, teasing me with a mock kiss, she moved to nibble my other ear, “…you can call me anything you want.”

I have shivers all over, people are staring at us in the doorway, and I suddenly became self-conscious…

Noticing, she shot a sideways glance as if someone’s just interrupted her, she immediately pulled me by the hand in one of the couches surrounding the club. She sat down in the only available space, but pulls me down onto her lap so my face was once again inches above hers. Hands running down the open skin of my back, slowly, tugging lightly on each string holding it close as her fingers reaching it.

“And you are?” She asks.


Rena’s grin broadens,

“Well,” Her eyes are piercing in a moment, “I will surely remember that…” She says with a raising eyebrow and a shrug, moving her hand to firmly cusp my behind on her lap.

“But how about you and me get out of here?”

I act reluctant.

“Come on,” Rena grinned once again, “spend the night with me.”

Captivated by her beauty, I leaned in to kiss her, only for her to moved past me at the last minute with jagged breath, and pulled me to my feet.

Like an obedient puppy, I followed Rena to her car. Before she opens the door for me, she took off her Riders Jacket and drape it over my shoulders.

“Where do you stay?” I asked with a sly grin.

“Oh not too far.” She replies.

“I hope not.” I commented, as Rena starts the ignition to the car.

I brushed my lips against her throat. Her gasp let me know just how much she appreciated the sensation. I kissed, nibbled and sipped at the soft, fragrant skin between her jaw and her collar bone. She sighs and the car hits a wheel spin on the way out.

I continue kissing any open flesh available to me on the way home, and restrains myself from reaching the supple flesh beneath Rena’s shirt.

Few hours ago…

“Are you ready?”

“Mou Rena-chan, gimme a minute!” Jurina yelled from the room.

She fidgeted with her sandal to get the strap in place when Rena came to the door.

“Honestly Jurina, what’s taking you so long!?” She says in mock frustration.

Jurina paused to look up at her standing, half holding the door frame, Rena always looks beautiful and mature when it comes to her choices of outfit. Makes Jurina wants to kiss her right there and then.

Satisfied that her sandals are finally secured, Jurina got up to do just that. She walked up to Rena and kissed her slowly, softly, intimately.

Seven years together and she’s still madly in love with the woman before her.

Tonight they were going to celebrate their Seventh-year Anniversary. As planned, they decided to go to the club where they first met and pretended they didn’t know each other.

Rena pulled back first and looked her up and down.

“It’s like you’ve dress to seduce someone other than me tonight…” Rena mentions.

Jurina smiled. For a change she have opted out of her cool boyish outfits for a thigh-high slit, backless dress. Her long brownish blonde hair was arranged into an easy french twist updo hairstyle. She have done her makeup right, and to cause a little mystery of her own.

“Well I wanted to try something different tonight.” Jurina commented, walking past Rena to get her purse.

Coming back to herself, Rena moved to the door which she holds open.

“Come on, the club’s gonna be packed by the time we get there.”

They drove to the club, Rena let Jurina out, which Jurina smiled and kissed her, saying “I’ll see you inside.” She left Rena closing up the car and make her way indoors.


When we got home Rena-chan removed my affections with gentle force, lets me out the car, opens up and shuts the door on the way in.

I came up to her from behind, moving my hands up her sides and front, kissing her neck and nibbling her shoulders, distracting her as she struggles to lock the door.

When my one hand slips inside her bra, she drops the key and turns to face me, kissing me firmly walking me backwards in the dark. As we approached the bedroom only a few feet away, she pushed the jacket off my shoulders and it fell on the floor. Rena unties each of the strings holding my dress up, each with what seems like agonizingly slow pace in contrast to the deep urgency of her kisses and motions towards the bed.

As she takes care of mine, I take care of hers, trying not to put too much distance between us as I tugged at her top. Raising her arms, letting it slide off her body.

Fully naked, I felt the edge of the bed just as I lose my balance, Rena’s on top of me in a flash purse her warm wet lips around my right breast, nibbling at my protruding tip. The sensations made me quiver, especially between the legs. One of her delicate hands stroked and explored my free breast as her nibbling continued to drive me mad. All I could do was lie back, while this nymph worshiped my body with a truly exquisite mouth.

As I just managed to unfasten the clasp on her bra, Rena pauses, raising herself above me. It’s full moon tonight, and the light pouring in from the open windows bathes the scene in a silvery glow.

I looked into her eyes as her breasts fall free, she lifts each hand one at a time just enough for me to pull the restraining fabric clear and tossed it to one side.

I wrapped my arms around her, and pull her into a deep, lingering kiss, our breasts pressings against each other. Flesh caresses heated flesh as our bodies collide into divine unison.

She began kissing down my body, from my neck, to shoulders, collar bone, slowly down my chest, lining the undersides of my breasts with kisses that makes me coo. She moved further down still, to my stomach, my navel, till eventually she caresses my thighs with her lips.

My legs part for her instinctively, my own scent filling the room. Granting Rena access into the innermost part of my womanhood. She looked up at me with an expression of the most intense lust as her tongue slowly slid along my crevice, penetrating within, her mouth smothering my sacred lips in an intimate french kiss.

Through my swimming senses, I was fully aware of her every motion. She licks slowly up the one side, then painfully slowly up the other, the whole time teasing me, blowing gently on that ever-sensitive bud. I moved my hips to try manipulate her touch, but she skillfully maintains her course. I run my hands through her hair.

“Rena-chan… don’t tease me! Please!” I beg.

I see the hint of a grin in the moonlight as she maintains her taunting, she loves hearing me moan, sigh, and plead.

Then, suddenly, without warning, she unleashes a thrilling attack on my tiny pearl. My back arched upwards as the powerful quakes of my orgasm overtook my sexual epicenter, shaking my entire being with spasmic contractions as I repeatedly screamed her name over and over in a lustful chant.

Within a minute it’s over, as I exploded into a shuddering climax, without warning to me or her. My hands clutching desperately at her hair to keep the divine sensation that was her tongue on the sweet prize.

Swiftly she’s up and upon me, wrapping me in her arms kissing me passionately, letting me taste my own juices on her lips. I struggle furiously to remove her lower clothing, virtually tearing them from her, using my legs to pull them the further distance that my arms cannot reach from within her embrace.

I throw my weight sideways, toppling her over and pinning her to the bed, holding her hands down with my own.

“You are sooo beautiful,” I whispered in awe. Rena smiled her relief. “You take my breath away just looking at you!”

“You can do more than look.” Her voice had grown husky, teasing, and full of desire.

I grinned like the Cheshire Cat and kissed her. Then I worked my mouth down her sensuous neck and chest until I could shower the skin of her breasts with richly deserved kisses, nips and licks. She sighed and groaned as she fingered my hair and guided my head. I used one hand on her breasts, caressing the free one or holding the one under my mouth, as the situation dictated. My other hand stroked her soft, smooth skin.

One of the things I adore about making love is how the passage of time ceases. I have no idea how long we lay like that. But I do recall the effects. My lips had surrounded her left breast as my tongue strummed her erect bud. My fingertips rolled the right tip, still slick with my saliva. Her breath came in ragged gasps and her chest rose off the bed towards me.

“Oh, God, J…”

I grinned to myself. If I could have patted my own back, I would have. Both hands played Rena like a fine violin. I took no chances and continued my intoxicating task.

“I wanna fuck you so bad…”

I positioned my own sex above hers, nibbling her ear and looking in her eyes before yet another desperate kiss, lowering my hips to hers so that our lower lips kissed as much as we are. Fire courses across my skin as soft flesh engulfs soft flesh, and I could feel our buds cause friction against each other. Stars clouded my vision and my thighs clasped onto her legs. I grabbed her shoulders and urged her to thrust harder into my body.

She kissed me again, arms and legs and bodies entangled in a rhythmic mesh of heat and passion as our bodies and desperate cries for release seek escape in each other’s grasp.

Rena whimpered into my mouth. We rubbed against each other as our nectar blended in molten pleasure. She arched her back.

“Oh, sh—!” Rena struggled to catch her breath.

Before long I’m shuddering, trying to withhold my orgasm.

“I… I’m gonna cum…. I can’t… hold….”

She stops me with her own cries.

“I’m gonna cum too…!” As Rena says the words, she bucked against me and screams, triggering my cries of my own.

We kissed ferociously as we ride the waves of our climax, only to enjoy the soft sweetness of the slick melding of skin on skin between our thighs. We lie in each other’s embrace, kissing, until we both came again, this time more gently, with soft caresses.

Spent, we lie together, enjoying the afterglow of our lovemaking, exchanging sweet nothings to each other as if we were lovers who’d just met.

I looked her way, she looked back, sleepily, I kissed her softly.

“Happy Anniversary Rena-chan, I love you…”

I love you too…” Rena says, barely audible as a near-whisper.

And so we drifted off in a pleasant slumber.


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