Darkness 2nd Part.


You and I will be walking hand in hand…

You and I will never going to end.

Just another moment in your eyes.

I’ll see you in another life.

In heaven where we never say goodbye.

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The Boss’ Daughter [JuriMilky OS]


A/N: Hello..! I’m alive again.. XD
No. I don’t ship them. . . It’s just that lately I’ve been seeing lots of photos where Ju’s all lovey-dovey with Milky…
and *puff* an idea flooded my perv mind… 😀
…I had to stop writing my wm fics because of this… *cried*
Anyway hope you like this… (Milky-Oshi Pls. spare my life for doing this to her… *bowsdown 100x*

She’s a seductress, she’s a temptress.

She is wild, yet still a child.

She is fire. She is ice.

She is venom, and the antidote.

She looks so sweet. She looks innocent

She is young, but ageless and cruel.

She is…

The boss’ daughter

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