Sweetly Bitten [JuriSaku]

The cold touch around her silky skin,

Caressing the nape of her neck.

Gazing intensely at her,

Captivating the soul of her mind.

The cold breath move around on her bare skin,

The piercing bite on her tender sensuous flesh.

Savouring the sweet taste of her blood,

Consuming the nectar of her life.



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The Boss’ Daughter [JuriMilky OS]


A/N: Hello..! I’m alive again.. XD
No. I don’t ship them. . . It’s just that lately I’ve been seeing lots of photos where Ju’s all lovey-dovey with Milky…
and *puff* an idea flooded my perv mind… 😀
…I had to stop writing my wm fics because of this… *cried*
Anyway hope you like this… (Milky-Oshi Pls. spare my life for doing this to her… *bowsdown 100x*

She’s a seductress, she’s a temptress.

She is wild, yet still a child.

She is fire. She is ice.

She is venom, and the antidote.

She looks so sweet. She looks innocent

She is young, but ageless and cruel.

She is…

The boss’ daughter

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Christmas Present


Christmas Present

T he house was filled with quiet darkness of night, with only a decorative lights came from the Christmas tree providing illumination. In just a few ticks of the clock, people all over the world would be celebrating Christmas.
As the tiny twinkling lights flickered over the walls, Matsui Jurina sat next to the staircase watching the ever changing shadow across her with a child’s delight. Her eyes however, while fascinated with the reflections, were continually drawn back to the figure that now moved beside the Christmas tree— “The red clad intruder” which also been the source of the noise that had awakened her earlier that evening….

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Do You Want Me To Stop? [JuriNyan OS]


Do You Want Me To Stop?

After our class ended, I walked up to her. She was sitting in a swivel chair behind her desk, looking down at some papers she was grading.
She didn’t seem to noticed me, at least not acknowledging my presence. Until I walked around the front of her desk then she looked up with a confused look. I gripped the edge of the chair and bent down to the right side of her neck. I moved her loosed curls aside and started gently kissing her neck.

She gasped then sharply whispered, “What are you doing?”

I slowly moved up to her ear then in a husky voice said, “Shhh… do you want me to stop?”

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