The Other Side Of The Mirror


Into the mirror, to the other side.
The reflective reverse of what we hide.
Clarity concealed behind the shine,
The darkness dwells on a borderline…

Matsui Jurina has a secret and lived in fear of this secret getting out.
At first, it just started with thoughts that weren’t right. She couldn’t be able to describe it any other way than that. Tiny thoughts that had her worried about her feelings.

So she did what she thought any normal person would do. She squashed the aberrant thoughts. She ignored them till they went away, locked them up in a deep dark pit at the bottom of her consciousness.

After awhile the thoughts went away. She was neither happy nor unhappy with this. As part of the conditions of locking them away she couldn’t feel relieved if they were gone. But then she began having disturbing dreams.
The tiny thoughts were manifesting in her nightly imaginings. She couldn’t allow this.

Again, she didn’t know how to deal with these images. They were no longer thoughts but pictures her brain was showing her. So after several nights of interrupted sleep and too much thought on her problems, she came to the conclusion of seeking medical help and medications.

Now she slept peacefully. But these thoughts turned images that did not want to be ignored. They did not want to go away. They wanted to be reflected up on poor Jurina’s consciousness. They wanted to be seen.

So they fractured. No that’s the wrong way to say it. Jurina began to fracture. Now the images were seeking her out while she was awake. And Jurina was totally terrified.

Now she was caught up in waking dreams where her other self would reveal her darkness. But Jurina saw that her other self only showed up when she looked in a mirror or reflective surface.

So she refused to watch her reflection on mirrors. The horrible images and the devastating emotions that came when she viewed herself in gilded frames terrified her.

She at first destroyed all the mirrors in her house, but found guests and family members who came to visit her are curious as to why she had no mirror in her bathroom.

Afraid of people finding out her dreadful secret she placed mirrors in her home but mentally noted where they were at all times so as not to be caught unawares.

Unfortunately it wasn’t always mirrors she had to deal with.

Obviously, she couldn’t drive with her condition. Public Transportation was the safest way to travel. So on one pleasant sunny morning while sitting on the train seat facing the window she noticed that due to the tinting on the windows and the sunlight outside it caused a reflection.

She felt her backpack start to race and her face paled then heated. She watched in stupefied horror as her reflection stared eerily back at her. It began to grin maniacally at her as it’s green colored eyes looked around.

The silent laughter could be felt hollowly in her chest. It stood up, and its tongue grotesquely licked its lips as it took stock of the other passengers.

This was it, the other Jurina, its image the same as her own. But its eyes are glinting in a deep emerald colors.

A girl who wears a navy blue colored blazer with black and grey plaid pleated skirt, had been sitting next to the reflection.

Jurina saw her reflection reached in to its backpack and pulled out a large knife, its serrated edges glinting evilly in the innocuous morning light.

It grabbed the long dark hair of the high schooler and before the real Jurina could blink, viscous blood sprung up from her throat, spraying other passengers and the interior of the train was saturated with blood followed by the death of the unlucky prey.

Jurina felt herself mentally screaming and tried to break her gaze away from the petrifying tableau taking place in front of her. She knew she had to pull her eyes away or she would be stuck watching this nightmare play through.

She prayed silently to her god for help, to let her be released from her horrifying sight.

Distantly she felt the train come to a shuddering stop; people began to move around her. She became jostled; she broke from the reflection and quickly looked around.

The young woman that had sat beside her had accidentally bumped her as she got up. Unharmed, the high school girl was now heading out the door.

Jurina looked up at the sign proclaiming the station and realized she had missed her stop. She quickly gathered her things and walked off the train and hurried to work. Her pulse still thundered in her throat, she could taste the fear in her mouth. She knew she had to put this episode behind her, letting it linger would only make her day worst than it had started out to be. She quickly placed the incident in the lock box in her mind and continued on to work.

Jurina reached home after a long tiring day. She was not only physically exhausted but mentally as well. She gingerly made her way to her bedroom where she stripped to take a relaxing bath.
She sighed contently as the warm water hit her naked skin. She was already beginning to feel more human.

As she felt her muscles unknot, she glanced up at her shower stall. Its glass surface was clean and shinning in the ambient lighting of the bathroom. Jurina immediately knew she had made a big mistake.

There, she saw her own naked reflection standing while the constant pounding of the shower poured warm water over her body. Her reflection has obtained its own form and it was standing right next to her. The other Jurina smiled in a monstrous way.

She watched helplessly as it inched closer to her side as its arms encircled her bare body. Its hand went up to stroke the side of her face then it slowly stuck out its tongue. The pointy tip teasingly running along the wet skin of her cheek, licking, while its green irises glances at her through their reflection.

All the while Jurina could feel her body heating up while its mocking laughter echoed in the room.

Jurina shut her eyes tight. It helped her break the connection to it. She instantly open her eyes, twist the shower knob off and dried herself with abrupt movements.

She ran from the room and crawled into her bed. She reached out a shaking hand to her pill bottle. She swallowed a sleeping pill and silently lay under her covers, quivering from fear and revulsion.

And somewhere deep inside she was trying to quash the arousal that was unexpectedly heating her body. The swift pill pulled her under and in no time she was fast asleep where nothing could frighten her or harm her.

The next morning Jurina woke refreshed and planned to enjoy her day off. Her stomach told her how she missed her supper the night before, so she pulled on her clothes and went out to the kitchen to eat a breakfast of champions.

As she was eating her simple meal, her mobile phone rang and she glanced at the display. A big smile covered her face as she answers the phone.

“Hey Rena-chan, how are you doing?” She asked.

Rena, her sister was a few years older than her, but they were close even as adults and hangs out if neither had a day off from work.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over? It’s been a long time since we had dinner.”

“Oh, yeah sure! I would love to come over. Do you want me to bring anything?” Jurina inquired.

After Rena replied in the negative and they chatted for a few minutes, they hung up. For the first time in a few days Jurina felt better about her life and was genuinely happy.

Jurina spent the rest of the day cleaning her small apartment, getting ready to go to her sisters and generally avoiding all reflective objects.

She arrived at her sister’s house on time. They enjoyed talking and catching up while eating.

Rena too lived in an apartment but she had a stable high paying job than Jurina and was able to afford a better living space.

They were laughing and joking when Rena told her she had something to show her.

Jurina smiled as Rena told her she bought something new for the house. She was always out shopping and making her digs, as she called them, looking good and completing her style.

Jurina walked inside with her and Rena told her it was in the bedroom. They walked in and Jurina looked around, not seeing anything that was out of the ordinary.

She looked at Rena inquiringly.

“Come on let’s sit on the bed,” Rena grinned and took her hand.

Jurina smiled in return as they sat on the bed. She couldn’t help it, her humor was infectious and the laughter that she was holding back was making her lips twitch which made her want to laugh too.

“Now you have to close your eyes and no peaking. OK?”

Jurina nodded and closed her eyes. She gently maneuvered her back on the bed where she was now laying on her back instead of sitting on the bed. Somewhere inside of her she began to worry what she was doing.

She was concerned about what Rena was going to show her as well.

“Ok, now you can open your eyes.” Rena said with a smile.

Jurina slowly opened her eyes and gazed up into a mirror covering the ceiling. She could see the shock in her eyes as her beloved sister lay next to her grinning from ear to ear.

Jurina could see Rena’s lips moving as she continued to talk, but what worried her was that her reflection was now looking at her sister.

Its gruesome smile twisted its lips and then it sinuously licked its lips.

Jurina lays there without making any movements and watched as her reflection sat up and began to crawl towards her sister.

She silently screamed for it to stop. She didn’t want to watch her sister get bloodied by this fiend. She didn’t like to think about the girl on the train or how the other Jurina might do to her dear sibling.

The reflection ran its hands up and over Rena’s chest and up to her face. Rena seemed to be enthralled as the other Jurina leaned in and began to kiss her.

Jurina was too shocked to try to get out of the waking dream. She watched as the kiss grew, clothes were removed and echoes of passionate moans and sighs reverberated through her mind.

Jurina’s evil reflection straddled Rena’s lap and ground against her. Rena in return lifted her hips. Rena was cupping the other Jurina’s breasts as it threw its head back in ecstasy.

Jurina watched the erotic scene unfold, ignoring a part of her that was aroused by the sight of her body though not her mind making love to her sister.

The other Jurina smiled mischievously at her beautiful sister. It poked out its tongue and then began flicking it quickly across the tip of Rena’s right breast.

Rena’s moan was loud in the overly quiet room. Sounds of sucking as well as Rena’s moans were echoing in the bedroom.

The evil Jurina stopped and then slid down further her sister, smirking as she placed her palm against her sister’s inner thigh and began to gentle rub in a circular motion.

Rena’s breathing starting to quicken and every so often she’d let out a little gasp. It was obvious even from a spectators point that she was close to orgasm.

As Jurina watched the couple in their coital sprawl, she became aware of the uncomfortable throb in her own womb.

She couldn’t let this continue. She had to get out of the dream. She silently screamed as she reached out to stop the dream. For the first time she tried to confront her reflection instead of running away.
She focused on the mirrored images of the other and herself, she reached out and felt herself being pulled upwards. She concentrated not on the uncomfortable feeling of distortion but on confronting the thing that had ruined her life and state of mind.

Jurina felt the blackness that comes with unconsciousness descending on her, she tried to resist it, but it was futile. She passed out and knew nothing.

Jurina woke up in a large white room. She looked around and found out that she was alone. The walls and floor were padded. One wall was mirrored.

“Hello…?” She called out.

Glancing around her, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye. From the mirror came a cracking noise. She watched as the mirror splintered, spider webbing etched through the glass as it seemed to shatter from with it.

Out stepped the other Jurina.

They sized each other up in silence. Jurina twitched nervously as she looked at her clone. It seemed to have no problems with the situation.

“Where am I?” Jurina took the opportunity to ask.

“You are in my world now, J.” It laughed and from somewhere came the sound of shattering glass.

“Where’s that? What is it?” Jurina asked, trying to draw it out. Fear making her nervous.

“Well, you entered my world.” The evil Jurina smiled, “I wondered how long it would take before you would try to seek me out,” it began to circle around the room.

Jurina moved with it, keeping it in sight. It noticed and laughed the shattering glass laugh again.

“No worries, J, I do not wish to harm you,” It smiled, or tried to but Jurina only saw evil lurking in its face.

“Why would you not hurt me?” She asked.

“Well, I can’t hurt you without hurting myself, and that wouldn’t be fun,” It smirked,

“I don’t understand what you mean,” Jurina inched away from it as the other came closer to her.

“It’s okay, you’ll understand soon enough.” It replied, it raised its hand and caressed Jurina’s cheek, it leaned forward and place a quick peck on her lips.

“But you turn a blind eye on me and what I want. It’s not healthy.” Before Jurina could react, the other back handed her.

“I am so going to enjoy this.” It laughed mockingly.

Jurina cried out in pain as she flew through the air and crashed into the padded wall.

“Now you will see what you really should have seen, instead of ignoring it.” The other Jurina said as it walked to the mirror. It stepped through.

Jurina watched in silence as the mirror knit itself back together. Silent tears ran down her face as she viewed what she now realized was her prison.

“Jurina! Wake up damn it!” Rena yelled at her sister as she lay prone across her bed.

Rena shook Jurina again as worry spread through her. She watched as her sister gasped in her arms. Rena gently laid her down as she came too.

Rena saw confusion clouded Jurina’s eyes before clearing as she looked around.

“Are you all right? Should we get you to a hospital?” Rena asked.

“No, no, I’m fine.” Jurina raised herself up and glanced around again. “I’m fine, Rena-chan. I don’t need to see a doctor.”

“What happened? It was like you zoned out then passed out.” Worry filled Rena’s eyes as she watched her sister.

“I haven’t been sleeping well.” Jurina replied sheepishly, “I must have been more tired than I thought I was. Your bed was so soft and comfy I must have fallen asleep.” She said with a grin.

Rena smiled in return. She helped her up and walked her out of the room. They continued their visit without incident.

“Are you going to be all right, Jurina?” Rena asked her as she was about to leave.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Jurina smiled at her, “I’m going to go home and get some sleep and I’ll be just fine.”

Jurina left Rena’s house and went to her own home. She laughed up at the stars twinkling above as she walked to the bus stop. She waited patiently but couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off her face. She was free at last and couldn’t wait to do what she always wanted.

“You really shouldn’t have kept me bottled up, J.” She said out loud. A few people waiting for the bus with her looked at her warily.

“I am going to have so much fun!” She grinned at the people around her. They cautiously stepped away from her as she boarded the bus.



Their Love Story [OneShot]

If only I could bring you back to me.
I still want you by my side.
I promise we won’t say goodbye.
I never really moved on.

I want to go back,
to the way we used to be.
I want to feel your skin,
your lips so close to me.
I want to go back when,
I called you mine all the time.

I need you like the air I breathe,
you make me feel alive.
You’re the best part
of my everyday and every night.
If I could take it all back…

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DARKNESS [Last Part]


Yes it’s the last part…
it’s been so long since I posted something here.. (sorry)
thanks for visiting and reading 🙂
hope this part will not disappoint you.. *bows*


So lay now.

You can count on me tonight.

When you close your eyes,

I’ll be right by your side.

No need to worry.

It’s all right, I’ll be just by your side.

I’ll never leave you till you sleep tonight.

Cover you with my arms and hold you tight.

I’ll keep watching you.

I promise, I’ll never leave…


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